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Idea for Game this Saturday.
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TOPIC: Idea for Game this Saturday.
Idea for Game this Saturday. 2 Years, 11 Months ago  
So my group has been following a specific plot line in our campaign but I thought I would mix it up a bit this weekend. As of now they are traveling to a little village on their way to track down someone.

On the way I am going to have them encounter a small band of Orcs who have an injured soldier captive. Hopefully they will take the hook and save the soldier. As it turns out he was heading to the same village before he was captured. As they arrive the townspeople rush out to greet the soldier - he is a hero amongst these people. Because of the party's good dead, they gain the trust of the town vanguard - particularly their leader. The innkeeper will put them up for free.

In the middle of the night, however, they will hear a scream coming from across the street at the butcher shop. If they go and investigate they will discover that a waitress by the name of Brianna has been killed and her body has been nailed to the wall with her arms outstretched. Some of the townsfolk will view the party with suspicion, even go so far to accuse them of being the murderers (maybe there is a tavern brawl). Luckily the town vanguard doesn't agree (namely for saving their local hero).

The next morning there is another murder. The body displayed at the General store. This time it Garvis - a local farmer. Now, some of the vanguard are beginning to get suspicious. Their investigations have turned up nothing. If the party chooses to move onward they will be arrested and held. However, if they choose to aid in the investigation they will be allowed to move around freely.

Next the body of Inara is found at the Inn. Notice a pattern? The killer puts the body on display at a location that begins with the same letter as the victims name - he also kills in alphabetical order. Hopefully, the party will figure this out after a few murders and begin guessing where the next location will be. This will lead to a combat encounter with the serial killer who they will discover is the very soldier they brought to town - only he is uninjured.

If they get him to talk they will learn that he has always enjoyed killing. Prior to joining the military he only killed and tortured animals. However, after his first kill in war he discovered that killing people yielding more thrills. After a recent war (that the party is already familiar with as it was led by the campaign's main villain) his talents and motivation for killing were discovered by a powerful necromancer (the main villain of the campaign) who admired the soldier's dark art. However, the soldier became obsessed with the necromancer constantly asking to be transformed into some manner of ghoul - to shove him aside the necromancer told him that he would transform the soldier into an undead monster if the soldier returned to his small village to terrorize it. He gave him a device that siphons energy from a recently departed souls (in reality it is nothing more than a small ornate box) and once full (after 10 murders) they will have the materials they need to begin the ritual. The necromancer is confident that the soldier would be caught by his own people, humiliated, and then executed.

Hopefully this little intermission will renew the character's hatred for the main villain (the necromancer) and they will proceed with trying to find him.

I would love some input about how to make it smoother. I thought about making a secret kill room somewhere in the village for the players to find. The soldier will have a charming demeanor and will come off as a nice guy until he is discovered. Then he will begin to ramble about the details of his murders with glee.

I combined the MOs of the following real life serial killers:

1. Ted Bundy (pretended to be injured)
2. The Alphabet Murders
3. Ed Gein (the morbid displays with the corpses)
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