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The saga begins
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TOPIC: The saga begins
The saga begins 2 Years, 11 Months ago  
"Word has come down, highness."

When a King's messenger arrives, it is common for conversation in the hall to drop to hushed whispers and quiet asides. But at this remark, all conversation stops. Feeling the stares of his fellow dwarves boring into him, as though there were some secret as to the reliability of the information or means of victory he was unwilling to share, the messenger approached the throne. He yearned to abandon just that much of tradition that required him to approach the King with appropriate dignity and reserve, that is to say at a slow and even pace. He wanted to run, either into the room or out of it. But he kept the honor of his family, his office, and his King, and endured the long slow march.

At long last, he reached the throne. If it were possible for the complete silence to grow still more quiet, it did. The King's eyes on him were all the prompting he knew to expect.

"My lord," he whispered, knowing that the echoes of his message would reach the ears of everyone in attendance. "The scouts have successfully breached the eastern face of the Mountain. Their tunnels have made contact with the Northeast Corridor. They..." His throat threatened to close, his heart pounding in his ears. "They have entered the Corridor, and they hold it. They have sent word for us, my lord. We may march upon the Mountain, prepare our staging in the Corridor..." He thanked the gods for the silence of the hall, and the superb dwarven craftsmanship that allowed even his thin squeak of a voice to reach the King's ears. "Prepare our staging, and re-take the Mine."

The cheer that erupted was a gunshot, but its impact was less profound than the subtle smile that crept across the King's face.

"We will return, then."

The messenger returned the smile.

"Return word. We will prepare our forces to march, and send word to the Advance Guard on the ninth evening of April. Then we will begin our journey."

The cheer abated, as though the difficulty of the task were now a very real, pressing force felt by all. Joy was mixed with apprehension. Sensing this, the King turned his attention from the messenger to the greater crowd.

"In Spring. In Spring we re-take the Mine."

(... if you liked this story, watch the Cool Photos forum for the transpiring of the dwarven adventure -- retaking the caverns, starting some time after April 9!)

(oh, and "gunshot" isn't anachronistic -- these are GW dwarves I will be using, for the most part!)
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Re:The saga begins 2 Years, 11 Months ago  
Drew me right in - well done and bravo good sir!

When do I get to roll up my character???
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