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Reaper prices
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TOPIC: Reaper prices
Reaper prices 2 Years, 11 Months ago  
Stopped by my FLGS the other day to browse for some Reaper minis now that I've gotten the painting bug....

WTF happened to Reaper's prices? There's a character called someone the Pious" and even though it's JUST A GUY, the figure costs $10.99! I checked the Reaper site, just to confirm it wasn't gouging on the part of the shop. It wasn't.

Many, if not most, of Reaper's new human adventurer types, are REALLY expensive. There's a monk who goes for $8, there are fighters regularly selling for between $7 and $9. Wow. I realize the days of $2.50 Reaper minis are long gone, and even the $3.99 figures are in the minority now, but seriously - they are now just within sight of GW prices! GW has some really nice Storm of Magic and Vampire Lord plastic hero figs for $10-$13, and I remember staring wide-eyed at the heroes GW wanted $7 for back in the day.


Well, if nothing else, it puts DF prices (and price increases) in perspective! The hobby ain't what it was in 2001!


Based on this shopping excursion, it feels to me that GW plastic boxed sets are probably the best deal going now. Sure, you can grab cheap minis on eBay or buy lots of poorly painted minis and strip them, but for basic "hitting up the local gaming shop to grab some minis," the cheapest bet seems to be those plastic sets. You end up paying WAY less. And for bulk monsters, it's just about perfect.
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Re:Reaper prices 2 Years, 11 Months ago  
I've had great luck at miniature-giant when buying reaper figures.
I've also picked up some great lots for cheap on ebay but of course that isnt
the same as cherry picking exactly what you want.

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