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From a Players characters point of view. Story
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TOPIC: From a Players characters point of view. Story
From a Players characters point of view. Story 2 Years, 12 Months ago  
This was a recap from one of my players. Yes he likes to write.It was from a module I ran for my group.We shelved the HEROS and broke out some low level characters for this adventure.My friend is a writer and loves input on his work.The module is called "the sunless citedal" 4E but I converted to Our house version. ENJOY.

From a players characters Journal.This is a recap of a gaming session.

Adventure Outline: Our original party consisted of: Dorrin the Dwarf Fighter, Everyn the Elf Archer, Soryn the ½ Elf Mage, Dreg the Dwarf Cleric, Glok the Gnome Illusionist, Trista the Elf Fighter and Alana the ½ Elf Cleric.

We came to the town of Oakhurst (pop. 600) in search of an engineer who could help us rebuild the air bellows in a distant mining area that we hoped to explore (see players’ notes). Rumors led us to believe Drugan the Master Engineer was residing here in Oakhurst, but when we inquired at the Boar’s Head Tavern about him, Boryn the tavern master informed us that Drugan and his Gnome assistant Galrik Tinseltoe had disappeared while exploring a region to the south of town known as the ‘Sunless Citadel.’ We learned that the old road leading to the Sunless Citadel passes through the Ashen Plain, an area which legends claim was once ruled by an ancient dragon called Ashardian, who rose to great power before finally destroying his own arrogant worshippers. Another legend regarding the Sunless Citadel tells of a vampire who was impaled to the ground by a wooden stake that later grew into a tree of good and evil. A strange old druid named Belok may be utilizing this tree to grow enchanted apples that he later sells to a local buyer, possibly the Hurcrele family. How these golden apples might be connected to the recent disappearance of the Hurcrele children remains to be discovered.

Tavern Master Boryn has referred to the Hurcreles as the wealthiest family in Oakhurst, though considering its scant population this may not indicate the Hurcreles are fabulously wealthy but merely that the family is a little better off than the rest and has made some philanthropic donatons to the town. Most recently, Kerawyn Hurcrele, the matron of the family seemed to have her own interest in Drugan the master engineer’s disappearance, so she financed a party that included some of her own progeny to find the dwarf. This search party included Sharwyn the Mage (her daughter), Talgun the Fighter (son), Karakas the Ranger (son) and a Paladin known as Bradford, also managed to disappear while searching for Drugan and his assistant near the Sunless Citadel. They have currently been missing for more than a month, but if found alive each of them is worth 250 GP; if found dead, their signet rings must be collected for a half-reward of 125 GP per ring produced.

We decided to outfit ourselves in Oakhurst and break a trail by dawn, following the Old Road south to the legendary Sunless Citadel where Drugan was said to have been prospecting at the time of his disappearance. We acquired a small wagon in the market for Buttercup, my loyal pony to drag along with a small portion of our belongings and the stout little horse took her load without much complaint. Our journey south proved uneventful and we soon reached an area known as ‘Split Rock’ before sunset. This massive boulder was fractured in half many years ago either by lightning or from some powerful form of sorcery, but now it’s nothing more than a smooth-edged, graffiti-strewn monument that serves as a wind block for the campfires of passing travelers. Soryn the Mage was successful in translating some of the scrawled messages, but they seemed to refer to times long past. We agreed to go about establishing a camp before nightfall, taking turns at watch by climbing atop the great boulder and scouting around the periphery of our small campsite for impending dangers. During my watch the wind began to stir up, creating an eerie howling effect through the Split Rock. Suddenly a pair of strange twig-like shapes came tumbling toward our encampment at an unnatural rate of speed, neither of them any larger than the average hedge, but it seemed unnatural that the wind could be compelling them toward our camp from differing directions. I managed to clamber down and alert the party just as these twig creatures fell upon us, but our superior steel quickly outmatched their brambly appendages, and with a few deft strokes of ax and sword they were dispatched easily enough. A vague rumor involving mutilated and slashed cattle back in Oakhurst led us to believe these creatures, called ‘Twig Blights,’ might have been responsible for the carnage.

With morning’s light we departed the Split Rock and negotiated the last few miles to a great sunken ravine where the Sunless Citadel was rumored to lie. We discovered a short length of rope left dangling off the cliff’s edge into the darkness below, encouraging us to believe the Hurcrele party may have gone this way. The wagon and my own pony, Buttercup, were secured in a copse of trees where the beast could reach its feed, the harness left slack to allow for ‘break-away’ in the event we failed to return. With those arrangements made we entered one-by-one into the great chasm. The leftover rope ended on a wide outcropping twenty feet below the cliff’s edge. After cursory inspections, we found a set of stairs carved into the cliff face leading downward. Along our journey of crumbling staircases and narrowing platforms, we were accosted by Dire Rats that leapt out from the dark crevices, attacking with their feral teeth and threatening to drive us over the cliff’s edge, but at last we secured ourselves together with our own ropes and despite the odds arrived at the bottom more than two hundred feet later without losing any of our lives.
Finding the Sunless Citadel was an easy task, for we quickly discovered its rubble and ruin all around us in this shadowy abyss. The remains of a broken old wall led into a stone-littered chamber interspersed with rat droppings, and pinned to the far wall were the remains of a human skeleton. Exploring the south wall, we found a small murder hole in this chamber with two skeletons in a small holding room beyond. Once we entered the holding room, these skeleton archers animated and gave the fighters a brief challenge before being rendered into broken heaps of bone by our blades We made a mental note to prepare ourselves for these abominations in the event we found need to enter the chamber again; then we moved on to the two doors in the chamber’s west wall. Electing to open the left one first, we came into a broad hallway with another door in the far south-west corner. This door proved to be ornately carved with an impressive dragon-head motif, but according to Soryn the Mage, it appeared to be magically locked. We elected to return to the skeleton chamber and try the door on the right, which opened into a long ten-foot wide hallway with doors to the north, west and south on the hall’s farthest end. The north door led to a rubble-strewn room of no importance, but upon entering the south door we discovered an odd contraption devised from a large 100 gallon barrel and a series of iron pipes coming out of the ground and leading into the barrel at various angles. The barrel spigot was decayed from ages of rust and misuse, but nothing more than spring water seemed to be leaking from it. Then we heard the splashing of something inside and we decided to take up defensive positions in the adjacent hallways while Everyn the Archer fired an arrow into the fragile barrel, causing it to burst on impact, sending a river of clear water gushing into the hallway. A bizarre fish-like creature emerged from the wreckage, something we would later identify as a Water Mephyt. This enchanted beast wasted no time in directing a powerful stream of water from its mouth, blasting a few members of our party for minor damages, but we overcame the vile thing with relative ease and left it bludgeoned and flayed well beyond recognition, ensuring ourselves that it would not return. With only the west door left to take, we entered a large 60’ by 40’ chamber occupied by a set of large, gruesome torture blocks and an odorous waste pit along the east wall. Atop one of the torture blocks, a small trembling creature was huddling in fear beneath an animal hide, muttering something about a lost dragon and the fear of facing his mistress’s wrath. As we drew closer, we spotted a small rat-filled alcove in the south wall, but the foul rodents appeared to be securely penned inside, so we continued slowly and quietly toward the small figure. Startled by our approach, the creature rose up and revealed itself to be a harmless kobold. Fortunately he spoke the common tongue, identifying himself as ‘Meepo’ and claiming the role of ‘dragon-keeper’ for his clan. But the dragon wormling in his keep, which he frequently referred to as Kraflax, had been stolen by the goblins and now Meepo was left with the task of informing his mistress, the kobold-queen Usudril, that the goblins had made off with their sacred dragon guardian. He begged our audience with the queen and we agreed to follow him to the kobold-queen’s throne room. A long westward hall space brought us to the sacred place, an impressive hall more than one hundred feet in length and supported by a series of massive columns encircled by lifelike dragons carved from the living stone. Adorning the west wall was an immense throne fit for a noble of the highest stature, with the kobold queen sitting atop it and looking rather slight and childish with her spindly legs hanging loosely from the throne’s edge. A massive metal key was mounted into the throne’s headboard above her. In a voice reminiscent of crows tearing into a rotten carcass the kobold queen Usudril spoke, elaborating on Meepo’s tale of goblins and dragon larceny. Now our help was needed in rescuing the young dragon, and in exchange we were promised two choices from a table bearing magical items. We were warned further of a creature known as Rot-Gut, mother of the dire rats who nested in a chamber we would have no choice but to pass through, but this only enhanced our desire to be off. Without further explanation, we agreed to her terms and Meepo, who clearly had his own interest in rescuing the dragon, virtually appointed himself as our guide into the goblin lair.

Quite clearly the kobold and goblin camps have simply divided off in what was once a vast and complex citadel. Following Meepo, we re-entered the torture room where we originally found him and passed through a door in the north-east corner and followed a double-angled corridor to arrive at a dead-end with but a single door on the north corner. We entered an abandoned 30’ square chamber filled with rubble and rat droppings. The only available exit was through a door on the opposite end of this chamber, but we passed through without Rot-Gut or her vile minions. Entering the next chamber, we were greeted by contrasting images of human making: A decorative fountain adorned the east wall depicting a dragon motif. Affixed to the fountain was a plaque depicting some ancient legend involving a dragon turtle god which the elves investigated, while to the west stood an odd pedestal and a highly ornate door. The pedestal was filled with fine sand, and there were odd symbols arranged in a circle around the sand-filled bowl. We discovered that these symbols were ‘mirror-imaged’ numbers, and the elves made progress with the dragon motif by piecing together a legend… tbc
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Re:From a Players characters point of view. Story 2 Years, 12 Months ago  
This makes for interesting reading. Please continue.

- Dwarf
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