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Reaper's pre-painted minis -- the sad ending
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TOPIC: Reaper's pre-painted minis -- the sad ending
Reaper's pre-painted minis -- the sad ending 3 Years ago  
Like most everyone else, I had written off this line (which, when it died, was called Legendary Encounters). It started out with promise, at least in concept, based on the quality of the company's metals and the early choices of figures they indicated would be in the line.

But after a terrible opening wave consisting of mediocre orcs and skeletons, the line struggled to find a footing. Releases were rare, and the line got rebranded and reoriented a few times. Although there appear to be some dinosaurs that have recently been released (really? REALLY?!) the most recent actual fantasy characters all have 2009 copyright stamps on them, so.. yeah.

Which is a real shame, because the last stuff to come out was AWESOME. I finally got around to picking them up (I had to order them online, because even the most minis-heavy gaming stores abandoned this line at some point or other) and it's so sad that this line never took off.

The last figures -- a dwarf, a gnoll, some kobolds, some rats -- are outstanding. The dwarf is probably the weakest, although his paints are crisp and the detail on things like his shield it fantastic. The gnoll is a work of art -- crisp details, a wonderful flail that's in mid-swing, with none of the droopiness that we saw in WOTC figures like this. It's very well done. Miles better than the figures that first came out in this line. And the kobolds and rats are great little tiny figures -- the paint jobs have all improved tenfold since the line began.

I really came to love these figures, partly because I like the Reaper metals they came from, partly because I'm partial to pre-painted plastics without the awkward smooth round bases. They look good in a DF layout without that distracting black disc to break the illusion, and they stand up to storage and, say, moving across country, without paint scraping off or limbs snapping off. Not the same level of detail as the Rackham pre-painted minis, but a lot sturdier. All the ease of DDM but the quality of Reaper sculpts.

Such a shame we never got these in nearly the quantities they deserved.

Oh, and it goes without saying, for people who want pics, that these guys will be showing up in future pics I post in the Photos section of the forum.
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Re:Reaper's pre-painted minis -- the sad ending 3 Years ago  
I guess the problem I had with the pre-painted Reaper minis (and to the same extent, the Dwarven Forge minis) is that they went with the largely common, iconic creatures and figures. Why would I spend money on a nicely sculpted orc or goblin for $4 when I could buy a dozen WOTC orcs on e-bay for 50 cents each? (and I need a dozen orcs)

To me, the reason I still buy Reaper minis is for the hero sculpts. I want a PC or boss figure that looks AWESOME rather than average. Orcs, goblins, skeletons - those can all be average. I think Reaper should have focused on prepainting the awesomely sculpted solos to differentiate themselves.
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Re:Reaper's pre-painted minis -- the sad ending 3 Years ago  
Definitely a shame. I loved the purple worm, and even used a couple in my last session. I scared the CRAP out of my players when they were sneaking up on a group of Drow and having a worm attack EVERYONE just as they were about to get the drop on them.

What I would like to see, and I seriously doubt this will ever happen, is a set of non-random pre-painted minis where you can buy ONE of a major boss monster but then pre-packaged groups of common stuff like gnolls, orcs, goblins, skeletons, etc.
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