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D&D 5E
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Re:D&D 5E 3 Years ago  
Absolutly agree with David !

4E is optimised for miniatures, and it's fun to use our DF sets, but i didn't find the spirit of the old school like the first rule D&D or Advanced D&D. Currently, we play to second edition of AD&D. It's a good compromise i think.

One day (may be the 5E), i would like to see a new edition (and it will be probably the last for me), with the playability of the 4th for minis, and wealth spells, and classes. The 4E is ok, but too simple for me... Sorry :(



ps : thanks to the 4E my daughters (14 and 11) play with their friends. That is not nothing :) Good for the new and young people...worse for old "fogies" like me lol !! ....
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Re:D&D 5E 3 Years ago  
I've played and enjoyed every version of D&D available in the past 28 years. I enjoy 4th edition a lot. I think the World of Warcraft influence helped in some ways, but other things were definitely lost. I hope 5th edition strikes a nice compromise between 3.5 and 4th. I never tried Pathfinder, because I didn't want to be one of those curmudgeons ccomplaining that everything has stunk since edition X (apologies to the curmudgeons on the board :-) )

So, starting with 4E as a basis, here's what I would change:

- Condition-inflicting powers should be more rare. 4th edition at higher than 10th level is all about imposing and removing conditions.
- Remove action points. Nova builds are bad for the game. They slow it down and overemphasize the importance of initiative.
- Remove the concept of skill challenges as encounters. Skill checks should be used as part of encounters, but they should not be the encounter.
- Find a way to make rituals part of the game again instead of an afterthought. So much of creative D&D play was about the iconic utility spells. (I think getting rid of skill challenges will help with this)
- Instead of minions, have ordinary monsters and bosses. Ordinary monsters are simple stat-blocks. Bosses require some design work and have cool special powers. As a DM/author, I LOVE how easy it is to create an encounter in 4th edition vs. 3rd. Please don't lose that.

I'm sure I'll think of more later, but these changes would be a good start.
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Re:D&D 5E 3 Years ago  
My more definitive list...

I could probably get into 5E provided the following things were changed/added from/to 4E:

1. Encounter/Daily Exploits. Take a look at the fighter. The first level 1 encounter exploit allows me to make an attack that if succeeds allows one of my allies to shift 2 squares. First off, why can I only do this once an encounter? The fact that I can do this only once per encounter very much feels like a cool down ability in World of Warcraft. This decreases the verisimilitude of the game for me. I've heard it explained that Encounter Exploits should be thought of as points in the encounter where the player has the opportunity to use the ability and the rules allow the player to choose that moment. So in essence it is equivalent to say that if I choose to use this encounter power I am choosing when my opponent is giving me the opportunity to use it. This doesn't really make sense to me. The official 4E explanation in the PHB is that the encounter exploit causes physical or mental exhaustion and rest is needed - in the case of the encounter power I need to rest between encounters. Okay - but what about the Rogue Encounter Exploit Sand in the Eyes. This ability allows the rogue to throw dirt in his opponents eyes allowing me to strike him and blind him for a turn. Why does this cause me to need rest? Is scooping up dirt really that hard? I would imagine that using my sword locked in melee is much more taxing. As a fighter or a rogue, I should be able to use these abilities as much as I want even if the chances of succeeding are slim and it is stupid to even try. The same problem occurs with daily exploits except my cool down is a day instead of an encounter. Its almost worse with a daily exploit. If I need a full days rest in between doing blinding barrage then how did I ever practice it and get good at it? Really what it seems like is that they tried to make melee characters more interesting by turning them into spell casters and then wrote some fluff to cover this up. This is my major point of contention. This is what doesn't "feel" like D&D to me. I think if this part is worked on in 5E I could get on board with a 4E rule set.

2. Healing Surges. I hate these. You could say they are no different than potions but my players don't start with potions. If they need them, they have to go find them. It triggers quests and side lines. They might go to the town alchemist and find out they can't afford them but he offers to trade them some to go gather some herbs. While they are out they might bump into some goblins or something. Now they don't do this because they started with healing surges. I loathe them. This also feels like its a video game inspired thing. Again, it kills immersion for me and doesn't feel like any edition of D&D.

3. What happened to concentration checks? These were great. They made sense. An exercise that required intense mental concentration should be able to be interrupted with physical pain or mental distraction.

4. Where are Spell components? What is a wizard without spell components? They also provided a tactical advantage. If a spell required something out of the Wizard's spell pouches pinning him or restraining his arms some other way prevented him from casting. Just like a silent spell kept spoken spells from being caste.

5. Where is Counter spell? I love preparing a readied action, making a spell craft check, finding out I know the spell, and blocking an opponents spell from being caste.

6. I don't like minions.

7. I don't like Eladrin, Dragonborn but this isn't a deal breaker.

There may be more.
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Re:D&D 5E 3 Years ago  
Why not, I would prefer a game with monster in a single page full of text description and ecology rather than a string of charts. Not a game locked you can't improvise without the help of a software and a suscription...
Hope WoTC try to recall what is RPG and the function of game master.
I'll wait for the opinion of the old community before giving again my confidence to a new D&D official named game. I keep pathfinder/3th ed game.
no 'healing surge' for me ...
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Re:D&D 5E 3 Years ago  
It's been so long since I cared about 4E I can't even remember precisely what they did to alignment to annoy me, but they need to fix it and return to the classic nexus of "G/E" and "C/L."

IIRC, they got rid of "Lawful Evil" as a possible choice, and allowed basic alignments like "good" or "evil." Far less nuance.

Alignment was always one of the most interesting features of D&D for me, both from an RPG perspective and from a narrative one. It felt to me as though 4E was turning its back on the nuance and variety that the old alignment system brought for the sake of reducing everything to "good guys and bad guys."
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Re:D&D 5E 3 Years ago  
I'm seeing some good pints being made here- I hope a lot of you guys sign up for the open playtest!

As for some of the more recent comments:
Jericho- I hate Eladrin as well. Like, whats the point, we already have Elves, why do we need Elves that feel superior to other elves? Couldnt you just kind of roleplay that or have it be part of your background. I dont get why they're a separate racial option. Dragonborn are ok. They dont appeal to me, but i see why some would like them.

A few of you mentioned that you dont like minios- personally, I love 'em! I like being able to throw WAVES of em at my players to gang up on them but without killing them upright. It always makes me think of those big movie fight scenes where the hero just PLOWS through a ton of enemies. Its a fun way to make your players feel like total badasses.

I'm mixed on healing surges (not that my occasionally dumbass players use them at the right time). On the one hand, i like the classic "healer" role. On the other hand, in terms of character story, many characters spent time off on their own, no party to help them. How else would they survive if they werent able to do some basic first aid on themselves?
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Re:D&D 5E 2 Years, 9 Months ago  
After years of playing version 3.0. Which I really enjoy. 4th of an utter mistake in my book. The feel and production are dire.
As my books have now gotten older and worn, I was hunting for a new copy, when I heard 5th ed was on its way.

But then I know WOTC are only out to try and make up ground on pathfinder which has been outstripping their sales.

So, I worry that 5th ed will be a contrived affair, designed to force another round of buying from players and DMs who feel they must "keep up".

It might sound strange, but frankly, I won't be looking to buy it. I am now headed toward pathfinder instead. As it means I can keep using my large collection of 3rd and 3.5 books.

I was impressed with the way Pazio took the time to go out to a global play test and appear to listen to their customers views and opinions. Unlike WOTC who seem infact to go in the totally opposite direction.

I view fourth a video game in book form, or so it feels to me. It was sad to see that it had gone that way, as version 3 promised so much. Yet they never delivered fully.

We seem to live in a world where product life spans are shorter and shorter and I fear that anyone buying into v5, will in two years be hearing that v6 is on its way. If you don't believe me, just look at the time gaps between previous editions and how each interval has shortened. Coincidence? hmm.

Anyhow. I hope v5 is a great game. If it isn't then it will be a big shame. As the legacy that D&D had, seems to be better preserved by pathfinder than WOTC.

I guess time will tell.
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