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Which game do you use for your Dwarven Forge?
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TOPIC: Which game do you use for your Dwarven Forge?
Re:Which game do you use for your Dwarven Forge? 3 Years, 6 Months ago  
jackattack wrote:
Have you considered using the DF for location tracking in a complex roleplaying situation?

For example, if you have a mystery going on in a large house, where keeping track of who is where, when, then a DF set-up is a good way to do that. You might use a timetable or flowchart to move the NPCs, but only have them on the table when a PC is in the same room. No combat, but plenty of use for the DF layout.

If after a combat in a place, the PCs stay there to talk,investigate,etc..the setup it's not removed, and so if they find NPCs a secret door or something else, I continue to use the setup.
but if I have just to say to a PC if there is someone else in the same room I don't want to slow the game using DF pieces! the most important thing it's the game, not to use DF pieces.
if for some really particular reason, I need to keep track of the exact position of many NPCs, as you say this is managed by a flowchart/timetable..not by the DF on the table. On the table there is only the information for each single PC, about the presence of a NPC in the same room..but that is not a complex information.
But let me say that this kind of situation, where it's important to know the position of characters round by round, where the tactical/positional part grows in importance, could also happen sometimes in a role playing game, but are what happen normally in a Board Game.
probably the problem it's not see by new players...WOTC in my opinion moved D&D in a board game direction in the last years, but 80s D&D/AD&D was not an Heroquest with some Role-playing above it (like it's now the D&D 4e)

x Arcarius2001
yes, as say Thod, using boards it's one of the ESSENTIAL tricks I mentioned.
helps to speed up the game, and don't show to players what they should not see.
this setup for example was built using 3 boards...2 small, and one big:
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Re:Which game do you use for your Dwarven Forge? 3 Years, 6 Months ago  
I only started collecting DF dungeon and cavern sets about 5 months ago so I haven't gotten around to using it for too many gaming systems yet.

We primarily play miniature games, but we recently decided to give AD&D 2nd edition a try again after many years away from D&D, and so far have used DF for two adventures. First was a cavern that served as a hideout for bandits, and the other was a set up of the moathouse from Temple of Elemental Evil. The players really enjoyed gaming in both set ups.

I have also run a couple miniatures games with DF using the old TSR Battlesystem Skirmish rules for dungeon crawling. I took a bunch of in game pictures so will post those when I can.

Several years ago I played in a cool Battleground WWII game using a DF set up that represented the sewers underneath Paris. Each player had an elite squad and each squad/nationality had their own secret mission to accomplish. A very fun game.

Future plans are to use DF for Mordheim, secret underground bases for WWII skirmish scenarios, basements and sewers for modern skirmish and zombie games, pulp games, more dungeon crawling, AD&D and whatever else we can think of to use it for.
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