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Who Needs a Boat?
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TOPIC: Who Needs a Boat?
Who Needs a Boat? 4 Years, 6 Months ago  
Inspired by jayenbee's "In Need of a Boat" thread.

I want to see a pack of minis portraying various adventurers in the water. More specifically, swimming/floating on the surface of the water.

I picture:
an elf swimming freestyle/crawl
a human treading water
a halfling floating on his back
a half-orc clinging to a cask
a dwarf in a barrel

I think this would actually be fairly useful in those big Cavernous Lake set-ups.

For that matter, how about a small line of characters that can be paired with interchangeable aquatic steeds? (Also on the surface of the water, although a companion set showing the entire rider and steed "floating" on a clear post would be great.) One or more packs would be common character types, while other packs would feature one type of aquatic steed in a few different variations, and any character would fit with any steed type and variant. I thinking the riders would be thigh or hip deep in the water. Aquatic steeds would include hippocampus, giant sea horse, dolphin, shark, and maybe crocodile. At least one rider needs to be a knight with shield and lance.

Any other thoughts or ideas along these lines? I think there is enough potential here to make a whole series of minis.

And if anybody wants to share a link to an available swimming/aqua-mounted figure, that would be great too!
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Re:Who Needs a Boat? 4 Years, 6 Months ago  
excellent ideas!!!!!
i woulf buy one of each. i think this would be a great product (like sitting, and lying persons or casualties) but the expected sales would be too small for a big company - so some small single person company like ow has to do it......

the only swimming minis i know of:



i will buy them for our next dungeon crawl.(including this one for one of the cells or as evil mastermind: www.sciborminiatures.com/i/easter/big/Easterbunny01.jpg)

have a nice day!
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