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Great mining accessory
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TOPIC: Great mining accessory
Great mining accessory 4 Years, 7 Months ago  
I've picked up a Skaven Doomwheel from GW, the latest version. I think it would make an AWESOME piece of heavy mining equipment for use in DF caverns.

It would work as a dwarven or gnomish construction, I think, or you could stick with the ratmen "skaven" approach. Most of the rats and skaven are optional for placement on this thing, but the central pilot is attached to the seat. I haven't decided if I'm going to try to either leave him out and plug any resulting gaps with green stuff (and rudimentary sculpting), or leave him in and just allow that whoever built this thing has anchored a mutant rat-thing to pilot it. After all, gnomes and dwarves don't have to risk their OWN necks to mine!

I like it because:

(a) It's huge

(b) I love the steampunk design (cogs, wheels, boilers, etc.)

(c) it works for mining because it has massive blades sticking out the front, and boiler-power type engines in the back, and the wheel shape suggests ease of forward motion into the rock it plows through.

It also, I think, works as some kind of funky technology/sorcery hybrid, something found the lowest levels of a dungeon, or even in the back room of some MBS guildhall. It could also, with a little imagination and maybe the tiniest bit of tweaking, work as a general engine -- something that powers traps, or doors, or even a clock of some kind.

I'm fairly certain the large spikes could be left off, and even if the design requires the use of most parts, this is a plasic kit, so snapping things off if you don't like them would be pretty easy to do. That could apply to some of the spiky things, or the wires, or the magic stones on sticks, etc. GW plastics are pretty easy to customize, so that's also a big advantage.

Here are some pics:


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