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What edition d&d are you playing and why?
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TOPIC: What edition d&d are you playing and why?
What edition d&d are you playing and why? 5 Years, 9 Months ago  
think this whole "version fight" on various forum broke out, simply cause you cannot agree which one is better.
For some 4th edition is what they wanted, so they should play it. For others 3rd or 3.5th edition is perfect, so they
will play that one.

It's really like arguing over which roleplaying game is the best: D&D, Starwars D6, GUPRS, Shadowrun, Rolemaster, Earthdawn etc. etc.
people would never agree on one, cause they simply need diffrent things...

hope this won't break out into a flame war...

an addition to my groups sticking to 3.5 is another good one: we own all books and hadn't even used all (cause we meet only every 3nd or 3rd weekend. So there is plenty to explore for us, and no need to spend money
on books at this moment.
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don't hate the character hate the game system
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