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Advice on setting up an RPG game for a large group with beginners?
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TOPIC: Advice on setting up an RPG game for a large group with beginners?
Advice on setting up an RPG game for a large group with beginners? 5 Years, 10 Months ago  
Hi -- I'm looking for advice from you experienced gamers.

So here's the set-up:

So one of my sons is turning 11 and I had an idea to throw a gaming party for his birthday with his friends. Probably 8-10 kids will show up. A few of the kids have played RPGs before, but most of them are beginners. We may turn it into a sleepover so I'd expect we have 3 hours or so to play.

What I have:

Lots of DF of course. Lots of minis (mostly Star Wars and some D&D).

My experience:

I mostly play Star Wars RPG with my sons and a few friends at a time. I've got the rule book and I'm the GM when we play. We're not really strict on the rules and tend to wing it sometimes to keep things moving and fun. We use DF and Star Wars minis when we play.

So any ideas on how to structure a game that can include that many people?

My thoughts so far are 1) to have pre-created characters and give everyone a crash course in game mechanics. Then maybe to have an "arena" battle, possibly with teams of two battling against each other. We could have a round robin. The part I don't like is that there isn't any actual RPG part of it; it would be more of a modified skirmish game using RPG combat rules. I could spice it up of course by setting up an arena cavern using DF and maybe having a couple of random NPC beasts show up to get into the battles. or 2) just stick with the official Star Wars minis skirmish game and have a bunch of pre-made armies with stat cards, and have a beginner's tournament. I have enough maps, or could use DF to make 3D maps. The problem again is there isn't any actual role playing, which I think is the most fun.

Any other ideas on how I could introduce a group of kids of that size to playing RPGs?

Any and all suggestions are much appreciated!

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