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Hirst Arts and GW for DF accessories...
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TOPIC: Hirst Arts and GW for DF accessories...
Hirst Arts and GW for DF accessories... 5 Years, 11 Months ago  
I'll have pics up as soon as I can, but I wanted to post about some accessories I've made lately -- this time not just for ROTA! (though, of course, primarily for ROTA...)

First, I used some HA molds to make a versatile "frame" piece. It's essentially a tiered square with a gap in the center, and it can be used in two ways. Place a DF floor piece in the middle and you have a dias. I designed it with ROTA in mind, so I can use the floor pieces the way DF has them in the preview pics, as a raised element but with more of a natural transition to the regular floor. But it would work with dungeon floors or DoE floors just as well. MBS, too.

But what's REALLY cool about it is that without the DF floor in the center, I painted the bottom just flat black, so it's a funky pit/well area. I've got it like that in the middle of a large DF dungeon chamber, with a huge skeleton battle going on. It looks awesome.

Also -- I picked up the GW Stegadon from the new Lizardmen sets. I actually picked up two. It comes with a ton of useful accessories with a vaguely Aztec feel, which works really well for ROTA. It has a throne (albeit a small, "skink" scaled one), and a large platform which I'm using as a special golden dias for the throne in DF settings. And it also has a large semi-circle adorned with funky Aztec imagery -- since I had two, I glued them together to make a disc, and I'm going to put a gem in the center. It would work on the wall, or on the floor, as an architectural element or a huge artifact find. Either way, it's cool.

Pics up in the next few days, I promise....

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