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New Demonweb DDM spoiler pics!!!
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TOPIC: New Demonweb DDM spoiler pics!!!
New Demonweb DDM spoiler pics!!! 6 Years, 5 Months ago  
Kradlo i also got to admit that is a pretty decent figure, the ONLY figures i have ever really painted in any sort of number are Sci-Fi minis, i have all of (and in many cases MUlTIPLES) of the First WotC Metal SW line, and all but 2 are painted, bunchs of the WEG minis, and i grabbed a bunch of Vor(?) and some cobblestone.copplestone not sure of the name minis and a few others that have been painted up.
Basically if it can fit in SW i will paint it. So i can get varitey in my minis, and this one looks like it can (got some of the startport folks whoops just realised that was Heresy not hasselfree, but i have looked at some hasselfrees in the past), which is why i was looking at Cronoscope, but reaper has really pissed me off...

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More Sci Fi Please, request a DEAD END for Sci Fi Passages
Classes of the Old Republic
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New Demonweb DDM spoiler pics!!! 6 Years, 5 Months ago  
I thought I woudl chime in. I actually like the look of the new upcoming figures. yes they could be painted better but at least we are getting a variety of different classes and poses. (sp?) I would like to see them do more fey folk and if we are lucky the next set will be just that. I also would like to see some of the classic monsters they have missed. Can I get a witness for some pudding. Sure we had ochre jelly, and a gcube but what about teh black pudding? or Slime? or some of the not often used MM1 old school book monsters. I was debating buying anymore figures as I have over 4k plasticrack and nearly 800 unpainted metals. However they seemed to restore my confidence for a while by cancelling the giant orcus and are developing a huge dracolich. But I agree we need more commoners. The bad thing is that they will be doing something stupid like holding a pig and they will be in like every other box so I end up with 20 of them. Revenge of the Farmers. Anyway I see to like the new set and I was like eh on teh last 2. Sure they had 10-15 figs I liked but typically for me to call it a good set I like to see 25-35 figs I like. Anyway that is my $0.02 worth.

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