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Useful new Reaper mini set....
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TOPIC: Useful new Reaper mini set....
Useful new Reaper mini set.... 6 Years, 7 Months ago  
Sometimes Reaper puts out a little mini-diorama set of minis which really lends itself well to use with DF, usually because it includes some kind of accessory that we really want. I've posted in the past about their Well of Doom (www.reapermini.com/FigureFinder#detail/02634), which has tentacles that are FANTASTIC for all your tentacle needs (they come separate in the blister and have to be glued to the well, so if you use them for anything else, hey, you get a basic well for your trouble!) I based mine with green stuff and use them on the cavernous water elements....

Well, in any case, the latest set I really like is the latest in the Townsfolk series, Cultists and Victim. This is a bit of a stretch for the Townsfolk concept --the townsfolk minis are meant to be NPC noncombatants for the most part, and these guys seem more like low-level grunt henchmen for an evil overlord. Not the most fearsome foes, perhaps, but neither are orcs, skeletons, or other common foes.

Still, regardless of whether they make good "civilians," they're very neat minis. Here's a pic:


So here's what I like about 'em for DF purposes:

1. Figure reading from book. True, DF has yet to give us the really DEFINITIVE bookshelf I've been asking for all these years. The secret door in the MBS is nice, but a bit small. I've cobbled together stuff, mostly from Grendel and Fenryll, but after seeing the Tavern set, I'm fairly certain DF could produce the coolest Wizard Study or Library we've ever seen. In any case, there's something very cool and appropriate about a figure reading from a book, and I think it works well with either MBS or dungeon stuff. This guy CAN work as "townsfolk," I think, as a simply "menacing guy reading" figure for a tavern. But he also works as he's intended -- dungeon-dwelling cultist reading some sacrifice-appropriate incantation. Me, I'm putting him in my libraries pretty much from now on.

2. Figure holding knife. This guy seems GREAT for the DoE. Mostly I like staffing that with aberrations and monstrosities, but there's something to be said for having the Soul Pit guarded by someone wanting to carve out a PC's liver for his Dark God.

3. Victim. Really the reason I wanted to talk about this set -- initially I figured I wouldn't even paint this part of the set, I just wanted the robed guys. But when I got it, I realized how great this is. SHE'S LYING DOWN. She's also small enough it seems she'd fit on the bed (though she's tied up and blindfolded, so.... er... let's not go there...) In any case, as finding figures that are lying down can be tricky, I wanted to highlight this one. For the truly dedicated, it might be possible to snip her head off (difficult, as she's got a ton of hair) and replace it, then carefully paint her binders as bracelets and suggest that she's simply sleeping and not bound. Either way -- LYING DOWN FIGURE! Neat!

4. Circle. The sacrificial pit itself. I see two ways of using this. Either paint it up as-is and place it wherever you want in a DF setting -- cool cairn of some kind, always nice to give the PC's both a useful waymark AND something to creep them out. But you could also base it on something -- one of those textured Plasticard sheets, or just use green stuff and whatever epoxy or whatever you like, and you could make this anything. Pit of acid, pit of fire, bottomless pit. I bet the fire from the cauldrons in the DoE expansion set would look cool coming out of this. You get the idea. It's a neat ring of stones.

Between the figure lying down and the stone ring, it's already a good set of accessories for DF. Add the guy who looks like he'd be right at home in an MBS library and the other guy who seems to be made to live in the DoE, and you've got a really great set of stuff to play with.

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Useful new Reaper mini set.... 6 Years, 7 Months ago  
Now if these had been done in the PPPM i would have been all over them, from something ReaperClark or Brian said in a thread, i no longer think the LE PPPM had me as a target. My read on it was they aren't really trying to expand the base of Reaper past the hobby mini persson (by hobby i mean painters, and collectors for sculpt, and partly war gammers and not going for people who just want a representation of a creature) instead of putting out new products they reordered the skeletons, and orcs so i am back to largely forgetting about reaper, they just aren't going to be doing anything i want in a time frame i am interested in.

When looking for some minis for something about 2 months ago i found a box of minis, and i was rather shocked at the number of reapers in it (well for me, about 35-40) half had been broken ( swords or weapons snapped off at the hilts, why the box was started) and only 5 were painted, about 6 more had been "colored". I like the physical representations for stuff in place ment etc, i just don't want to paint them, it;s kind of good we are taking a break form D&D becuase know i don't care about Against the Giants, that will save a lot of cash.
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Useful new Reaper mini set.... 6 Years, 7 Months ago  
These are definitely going on my "get" list. You gotta love cultists!

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Useful new Reaper mini set.... 6 Years, 7 Months ago  
True that!
(especially when you are currently running Ptolus!!)
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