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Treasure Quest Version 5 -Released!
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TOPIC: Treasure Quest Version 5 -Released!
Treasure Quest Version 5 -Released! 6 Years, 9 Months ago  
Hello Everyone,

I am happy to announce Treasure Quest Version 5 has been released and is available free for download. The rules have grown considerably and come in around 70 pages! Lots of new stuff, deletions, changes, pictures and tables for your enjoyment. This release makes Treasure Quest a more comprehensive game that is easier to understand and play.

What is Treasure Quest?
Treasure Quest is an adaptation of various dungeon crawl games and systems primarily
consisting of a simplified version of the WOTC D&D 3.5 D20 system and an expanded
version of the WOTC D&D Minis rules. If the regular D&D system was referred to as
Advanced and the D&D Minis system was considered Basic, the Treasure Quest system
would be somewhere in between…Expert I believe they used to call it…

Treasure Quest is a quick playing dungeon crawl/ action/RPG system using terrain,
miniatures, dice, counters and cards. I created this method of playing in order to expedite
and simplify the D20 system yet provide character growth with items, weapons,
experience points, magic spells and abilities, co-operative play and other RPG elements.
Essentially what I wanted to do is create a multiplayer, grid/hex based board/ miniature
game version of popular video games like the Diablo and the Dungeon Siege series and
other action/ RPGs.

All the files are available on BGG;


or if you would like to the most up to date info, you can join my design site and download it here:


Following are a few example pages:



PS: Treasure Quest was designed to be played with and heavily inspired by Dwarven Forge products!!!
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