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McFarlane Dragons and more
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TOPIC: McFarlane Dragons and more
McFarlane Dragons and more 7 Years ago  
Hey, I'm briefly out of my law school prison and able to post!

I picked up the last four dragons in the Dragons line by McFarlane. Technically, of course, there will still be two carded dragons and a boxed set in the new "Blade Hunters" line which is meant to replace this one, so it's not like he's done altogether -- he just wanted to do more than just dragons. (Of course, he did that, with the Medieval Spawn lines, and they were not as successful as the Dragons line, but whatever)

The thing is, the BH stuff looks pretty decent -- I really wasn't impressed at first, but the basilisk and the red dragon look okay to me now, at least, though Draco looks really silly to me -- but these last regular Dragons are pretty freaking poor.

First, I really didn't like the tiny human diorama approach of series 5, I thought it was a HUGE comedown from the height of series 4. I don't like it on its own, regardless of using it with minis, but it also REALLY ruins these for DF use. I mean, it's easy enough to tear the tiny humans off the bases if you want, I suppose. But the dragons are designed to be responding to the humans, to some extent, so it isn't a perfect solution. I prefer the neutral poses of the early figures.

Second, I really thought the coloring in the last two series has been awful -- poor choice of colors, poor highlighting, poor choice of style and design. Ugly colors applied uglily. Stripes and zig-zags and just very punk-ish and wrong. Not organic or natural-looking. The mottled look of series 4 and 5, the more natural coloring of the first few series -- that was really great. These harsh contrasts and stripes -- they just don't look good to me.

Plus, the sculpts and poses are really silly. The DRagons line has always been held slightly back by the occasional super-silly pose, but usually it's been 1 or 2 in a set of 6 -- this time it's most of them.

The Eternal is my favorite -- he's clutching a cliffside waterfall and leaning around behind himself, and he looks decent. A bit chubby, and the colors don't quite work for me, but he's not bad.

The dangling Hunter is just awful, just a mess. The base is too small to support him, the clear stands they included are awkward, the whole thing is just a mess. Total trainwreck, perhaps the worst figure in the entire series.

The leaping ballerina berserker is a good sculpt with a terrible pose, he could have been in a fierce leap and instead he looks like an extra from "Fantasia." He's not totally worthless, but it's such a shame they made him so silly.

The Water is essentially a spindly alternate version of the Grendel dragon -- same human dangling from a wing, same water base, same basic approach. He's adequate, not really all that exciting, too anthropomorphic for my taste, but not TOO bad. The color is interesting, the pose sort of different but not absurd. In any other series, he'd be the weak link -- here he's just average. If you remove the human, the base would work pretty well on the DF water stuff, I think - the color doesn't match, of course, but it still looks neat, with the splashes of his feet in the water. Pretty neat.

It's really not an exciting wave for me -- your mileage may vary of course. But this is a line that really produced some phenomenal fantasy figures, and it really feels like it's going out with a somewhat sad batch.

Plus, only four dragons and no boxed set? It's like the old joke "The food here is terrible! And such small portions!" I suppose.

And on another front, I picked up three much older McF figures recently on Ebay, and they all were picked up for DF use. One is Scourge, a kind of skeletal doglike monster, and he's great for just big bones in a cavern or a display in a wizard's archive or just a bone golem. Another is Brain Drain, a kind of flying demon brain sucker thing that would work in the DoE or in a cavern somewhere. It's a bit cheap looking, but an inkwash could make it pretty cool. The last one is Sansker, a giant snakeman figure which would be good, again, either in the DoE or in a cavern somewhere, leading the snakepeople to war with the surface dwellers.. I dig him. I'll try to get pics up when I can, but things have been SUPER busy lately..

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McFarlane Dragons and more 7 Years ago  
The Warriors of the Zodiac look more interesting,
Ares could make a great Demon/Devil prince for D&D, Gemini a very bizzare monster as well as Cancer.
Taurus eh not as interesting as some of the others but so far a much more intereting line for "cool" looking monsters in the Garg or larger sizes.
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