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GenCon 7 Years, 5 Months ago  
GenCon was a blast! The best part was hanging out with Stefan, Jeff, and Mari at the Dwarven Forge booth, and getting Stefan to autograph Shadox's tile.

That dealer's room was highly dangerous - I had to make many high DC Will saves to walk out without blowing the bank account.

My D&D game on Thursday was a hit, with only two fatalities. Oddly, I'd had seven players for a six-player game. All had tickets, so I had to finish up another pregen character (I'd only made the six). As it turned out, one of the players had dropped the game after receiving his tickets in the mail, which the GenCon GM HQ staff said was supposed to be impossible.

DunDraCon is much better organized for running games, from what I saw. There the convention staff post the names of the players signed up for the game, check on the games in progress, and collect the tickets. GenCon does none of these.

Still, I had a great time, and plan to do GenCon Indy in 2008. I think I'll see if I can afford a room at the Hyatt next year, so I don't have to drag my gear too far. It's one thing as a player, but when hauling Master Maze, that can be tricky. At least the weather was amenable - it was warm and a bit humid, but wasn't raining until after I got on the road on Sunday.
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GenCon 7 Years, 5 Months ago  

I wanted to go ot gencon soooo bad. I just could not. I did have to make a con check on Friday. I left pittsburgh around midnight Thursday and was driving through indy around 7am. I could almost see the booth from route 70. But alas I made my check and continued on the long road. Thanks again.

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