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The Perfect Gaming Room
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TOPIC: The Perfect Gaming Room
The Perfect Gaming Room 8 Years, 9 Months ago  
Dante -

Think of turning the table as a 'warm-up' exercise for turning UnDead.

If that doesn't work, ponder those flying miniatures as someone leans on the plywood. Come to think of it, why not try this:

Using 3/4" plywood, drill 6 holes, 3/8" diameter, in two rows of three, at 6" in from the long edges, on each side. Space them at 2', 4', and 6' from one end. Get 6 pieces of scrap 3/4" plywood, 2"x6", and drill a 3/8" hole 1" from the end, centered. Get 6 panhead, 4-5" long 3/8" or 1/4" bolts, and wingnuts to fit. Use the bolts, scrap plywood, and wingnuts to make clamps for the 4x8 sheet.

A six-pack of Heineken and the chance to pick up all the minis and reset them for the idiot who flips the plywood off the table!

Whaddaya think?

See ya!

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The Perfect Gaming Room 8 Years, 9 Months ago  
ROFL! More like a boot in the rear for the person who knocks them off!

I see what you're getting at--a sort of raised table to fit over the top of my existing one, yes? Pondered a thought like that too at one point. That might work but storage would be tight. I'd have to do some re-arranging of furniture and what not. I wouldn't want to leave it on top of the table all of the time.

The other really elaboarte "Dr. Frankenstein" idea I was kicking around was to take a 4' x 8' 3/4" ply and glue & screw some edging to it (to keep the board from bowing). I'd then mount four eye screws into the corners and mount some pulleys into the ceiling studs/joists so I could hoist the table up and lock it in place overhead for storage. Safety is my biggest concern. Nothing like a 30+ lb. bit of reinforced wood coming down on top of your head. So the pulley system and cables would need to be really strong. The other obstacle I was trying to work out was exactly how to keep it up there... I'd need something to clamp/lock the cable and/or pulleys so the table wouldn't hang down or come crashing down. Any ideas?

For now though, I think just sliding my long table to the side is going to be the method du jour.
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