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Reaper pre-painted minis date announced, and full gallery up!
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TOPIC: Reaper pre-painted minis date announced, and full gallery up!
Reaper pre-painted minis date announced, and full gallery up! 7 Years ago  
Ala Peanut butter Sandwiches... Rise from the Grave Thread, Rise with Thread Necromancey!!

I look back two posts to #71 where i complained/joked about waitng till Dec 2008 and wow not far off, by the look of things.... in a fit of boredom i hit the reaper page becuase i remember back the last time i was there (in like Nov i think) they were saying "Soon" for the next batch of these, well they are "finally" comming... in March!
Yippiee! At this rate they will get to the figures i want by 5th Edition!

So 8 months after the first wave we have another 8 Figures...
Wave II...
"Dec 31 2007, 09:58 AM Post #61
The next batch is now slated for the first release in March 2008 and will include.

20016___Elf Archer___$4.49
20018___Great Worm___$6.99
20020___Evil Human Fighter___$4.49
20022___Good Human Fighter___$4.49
20023___Female Human Ranger___$4.49

Pricing subject to change upon actual release. "

Okay looking figs, but Again not really Anything people are asking for on the "minis you want to see thread" and it's taken them 8 months to get them, if it takes 8 more months then my joke of Dec 2008 for the Ettin is actually right on the mark.
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