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McFarlane dragons and more in 2008
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TOPIC: McFarlane dragons and more in 2008
McFarlane dragons and more in 2008 7 Years, 6 Months ago  
A few announcements over at Spawn.com, the McFarlane toys website. One, it looks like series 7 will be the last of the Dragons line, which was predictable, I guess, since it's pretty much just repaints and kitbashes. Next year will give us some interesting developments from the line, though.

First, there's "Fantasy Line Series 1", due in stores May 2008.

"McFarlane announces an all new Fantasy based line for 2008. Expanding the McFarlane aesthetic to the fantasy world with all new sculpts, this new brand will introduce creatures."

The line includes:

* Eternal Dragon
* Basilisk
* Tyr
* Ogre

There's already been several stabs at a "fantasy" line from McFarlane, including two "Dark Ages Spawn" lines and one "Viking Age" lineup. The figures were decent generic fantasy figures, but only a few really looked like iconic D&D creations, and none were in scale for fantasy minis use. The original line actually gave us an ogre, so I'm interested to see another one planned.

But the Eternal Dragon and Basilisk are promising, I'd say, and I'm not sure what Tyr is. Probably a hero character.

There's also a Fantasy Series 1 Boxed Set, "King Draako." I can only hope that's another dragon, but it could be another human character. They did a King Conan once, on a throne -- this could be more of the same.

Then we have another interesting development -- Mini Dragons! Due in stores July 2008. According to the site,
"The latest Dragon offering from McFarlane highlights 6 firebreathing favorites in a new smaller size."

The lineup includes:

* Hunter 6
* Ice 6
* Eternal 4
* Berserker 4
* Eternal 3
* Sorcerer 1

I can only assume that the numbers are references to previously issued dragons, identifying the series. So the Hunter would be the recently issued tiger-looking dragon, the Ice would be the TSR White Dragon looking one. The Eternal 4 would be the Eternal that was kinda dull, the purple wiry one on the brown rock, and the Berserker 4 would be the great two-headed black dragon they did. Eternal 3 would be the green dragon guarding her eggs, and Sorcerer 1 would be the big red dragon holding a globe in his claw (one of my favorites). It's not the best possible lineup (that would include Fire 4, Komodo 1, Fire 3, Water 1, and possibly Berserker 3 as well) but it's interesting. I will be VERY curious to see what they mean by "smaller size." Smaller could be really great for people with little room (like me!) or for slightly less epic D&D confrontations -- after all, even the smallest McF dragons have been gargantuan, foes for only the hardiest of PC's. Smaller dragons might make better enemies for mid-level parties. I can't imagine the figures would be so small they'd be useless to DF fans. They might be the best issues yet!

Very curious to see pictures....

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McFarlane dragons and more in 2008 7 Years, 6 Months ago  
Hm - intersting development - thanks for the update. My wife is already getting on me about too many dragons strwen about - so perhaps that they have come to an end is a good thing - still I enjoyed all of them. And yeah - smaller ones might very well be (more) useful...
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McFarlane dragons and more in 2008 7 Years, 6 Months ago  
My bet for the small line would be three inchs, like they did with the 6inch Spawns, they knocked them down to 3 inchs.

Would make good Large?med compaired to the Huge of the current.
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