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Water Trap
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TOPIC: Water Trap
Water Trap 7 Years, 9 Months ago  
I've been thinking of ways to entertain (translation: torture) my players, and the Trap Set has been brought out. One of the neater looking pieces is the Water Trap, with the log crossing water-filled area. Here's one variant that should surprise them.

The Old Greased Log Over the Water Trap Trick CR 3

Take a fairly easy task: walking on a log over a stretch of water. The log presents a path 6 inches wide (normally DC 15 Balance check to cross).

The surprise is that the log is greased (DC 20 Balance check). The grease is hidden by a layer of dust (DC 20 Spot check to notice). Failure on the Balance check means you fall in the water.

The water is 10 feet wide, 20 feet long, and 10 feet deep. The water is warm (about 68°F), and murky. The Swim check is DC 10. Failing by 5 or more means you sink. Note that a successful Swim check lets you move one-half your move rate as a full-round action, or one-quarter your move rate as a move action. Note also that armor check penalties are doubled for Swim checks.

The second surprise is that the water is filled with leeches (Stormwrack). There are two swarms of leeches in the water (one swarm in each 10-foot cube), and any character in the water will take 1d6 damage plus blood drain (1 Con damage) each round. Due to the anesthetic property of the leeches, they won’t be aware of the damage until they successfully spot the leeches.

Each round, they are entitled to a Spot check opposed by the leeches’ Hide check (+16 modifier). For every round in the water after the first, the victim gains a cumulative +2 bonus on this check.

Note that once the character notices being in a swarm, he is subject to nausea (DC 10 to negate), checked at the beginning of each round in which the character is inside the swarm. Nauseated characters are unable to attack, cast spells, concentrate on spells, or anything else requiring attention. The only action they can take is a single move action per turn, plus free actions (except for casting spells).

The leeches, being Fine vermin, are immune to weapon damage and mind-affecting effects. As a swarm, they are vulnerable (+50% damage) to area of effect spells, but being in the water gives them protection against fire.
Once a character has emerged from the water, he may take a full-round action to remove the leeches. For every round in which the character took damage, he must make a DC 15 Fortitude save or contract red ache (DMG 292).

For real fun, substitute acid for the water (10d6 acid damage each round for full immersion), and use the Acidborn template from Dungeonscape for the leech swarms.
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Water Trap 7 Years, 9 Months ago  

This is a great idea. I can not wait to use this. Thanks for the inspiration.

All, (Sorry for the wordiness and rambling. I typed this quickly sitting in an airport)
Here was a successful trap that I just ran over the weekend. I just ran a game on Sunday with 8 players (Too Many for an 8 hour game IMHO) and I pulled out an old school trap.


__________________] [___________
______ ___________ ___________Players
]X[ ] [

Party: Fighter, 3 Rogues, 2 mages, Cleric, Scout
The players had just come up from a cavern where they had rescued a "princess" who kissed one of the Rogues for rescueing her from the evil clerics that were going to sacrifice her. (The party did not notice she was not bound to the alter and the clerics were cowering from her not agressing after her) It turns out she was a succubus polymorgh into a "princess" after kissing the rogue she suggests that the rogue encourage others to accept her "gratitude." (level drain) the rogue says cool. She then kisses another rogue and suggests the same. The 3rd player makes his save vs suggestion so she casts charm person and kisses him 2 times. By this time the fighter is noticing everyone getting weaker or at least appearing pie eyed and weak. Questions her motives. She polymorfs back into a succubus and uses her to DDoor out of the cavern. The party narrowly escapes a run in with a dragon as they run they find the stairs and enter the hallway above. The "x" marks a shodowy figure that keeps watching them and ducks behind the wall when they spot him. Knowing the players I knew that him spying would get the better of them and they take off running down the hallway. Between the 4 way passage and the X was a 10ft wide by 20 ft deep by 25ft long (No jumping over once exposed) pit trap. The floor stones were sitting on thin ropes with no mortor that of course the players cuold have spotted DC5 if they were not running x2 hell bent on taking on the X character. 300 lbs triggers teh ropes to break. 3 players fall into the trap with spiks at the bottom. 1 makes his saving throw. 4 were not on the trap yet. The one character playing a GI Joe Rogue uses his ring of flight and flys out to the other side with a rope. The "figure" manifests into a Ghost former 5 level Fighter (level adjustment took this to a CR 7) with a +2 keen sword. While teh players on the near side are trying to get teh players in the pit out and the one rogue is getting the sloppies on him from the ghost the noise attacks the guards guarding the prison on teh northern passage. 3 guards appear driving 2 of the players into the pit with a bull rush and the 2 trying to get out back into the pit. This was one hell of a simple scenario that kept getting worse. In the end everyone survived but were badly off. 3 level drained 1 or 2 levels, 4 of them poisoned and down HP from the pit trap. The one solo rogue before jumping back into the pit to escape teh ghost lost charisma and generally the pary ran out of spells and cure lights. They could have probably survived from there but while trying to fortify the prison against attack so they could rest they freed a Duegar mage who was being tortued by his master for not doing something or other and once out of the cell the antimagic zone dissappeared the Duegar cast knock on another door and released a Girrillion that was being fed from dead prisoners. Needlest to say many party memebers fell to teh duegar and the girillion. Now they are a cleric, roge and mage on their own trying to live.

Moral of the story, Take off your track shoes when going through a keep above a cave containing a succubus and black dragon.

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