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I learnt something today
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TOPIC: I learnt something today
I learnt something today 10 Years, 7 Months ago  
I agree - You're in a room full of nasties and you have 1HP. Every other member of your party is either dead, or being eaten, or both. Your next move is to suggest that 'we all talk calmly about things and see if we can come to an amicible solution.' And when the Ogre twats you over the head with the leg of your twin sister, you say 'Ouch, now please stop that or I may have to consider telling your mother!!' And when you ARE of any use, you have to go on some quest to find a 3 legged donkey called Pedro, and even then the DM says that you didn't play your character correctly and you have to go on another quest to get your proper alignment back coz you stepped on an ant without apologising. And the local hostalry only serves bleedin' Watney's Red Barrel and calamares and 2 veg and in the corner are a load of fat sweaty Bards from Evesham singing 'Torremolinos, Torremolinos'....

Oops, slipped in Monty Python mode there.

The only sub class that was cool was the Assassin. They didn't hide in shadows - they were the shadows. But again, difficult to play.
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I learnt something today 10 Years, 7 Months ago  
Chandler have you Played a Palladin in one of my Campaigns?...<Snicker>... As to Assassins It was Quite a While before I Ever attempted an Assassin, it always seemed too Specialized in terms of Role play, I mean how does one really justify a Lone Wolfe Killer for Hire (Whose Job it actually is to Kill, as opposed to the Average PC Barbarian, or Fighter or Whatever, that Does it Cause they are Blood Thirsty and want Experience points), Traveling with a Bunch of Loud undiciplined Goons looking for a Fight... The Good assassin Characters may get paid to exorcise their Craft but they do it for the Challange... And lets face it The only way to really Play this Character Type to Potential is as a Solitary Critter... The Exception might be a Stealth Class based Adventure, but even then my Rule/ Opinion is 2 is Company, 3 or more are a Pack of Ninjas and Belong Soley in an Oriental Adventures Campaign... Which of Course is a Whole other Set Character Issues...
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