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The Collapse of the Holy Kingdom of Vanon
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TOPIC: The Collapse of the Holy Kingdom of Vanon
The Collapse of the Holy Kingdom of Vanon 8 Years ago  
This game takes place in a homebrew world that I DM. I ripped a few things from a few places. Blairgb plays Balthazar, a southern rogue, and Ironguts is Almaric, the northern wizard. this campaign log starts about two thirds into the campaign. oops, should've started it earlier...

here's the cast...

Balthazar Southernman-15, a fiery spirit, but sickly sort, whose father died a lowly smuggler. The unofficial leader of the troupe, Balthazar demonstrates great ability with both sword and bow, as well as stealth.

Landar Nordivind-12, a strange Northern child only recently orphaned, who exhibits innate magical powers and powerful strength in combat. Although he has only seen 12 winters his appearance would suggest his age is twice that.

Gnargamar (Master Of All Things Gnar)-30, a quiet half-elf brought to the orphanage by Obregon at a young age. Raised and taught by Garen, Gnargamar is a master of all things in the natural realms. Gnargamar's dual swords wreak havoc upon his enemies.

Matteos of The Cross Mountains-??, a pious Paladin of Aoi, this simple but unorthodox knight is fiercely brave, often to the point of foolhardiness.

Milleklla-19, a fierce Far Southerner, whose battle prowess and solitary style leaves many background questions unanswered.

Almaric-19, a calculating Northerner, obviously well schooled, both in knowledge and magics. His art is his life and his abilities grow stronger day by day.

Paige-20, a gentle Southerner, devout in her worship and open to all walks of life. As of yet untested, but her promise shows through her fierce words and wise actions.

Bombar-55, a surly dwarven wizard who spends more time drunk or watching the mules than adventuring.

Hamoakachem ("Oak")-21, a simple monk who had been at the orphanage many years and was also the cook. Oak was struck dead by an ogre on the King's Road early July, 9851. The party is yet to realise why the orcs were hellbent on capturing them. Oak's remains were entrusted to the priestess Argil in Thennelsfen.

Grevinellvic-20, a devout cleric of Aoi, who was martial and orthodox in his ways. Grevinellvic's life was cut short in late August in the year of our lord 9851. He was caught sleeping by a hunting pack of gnolls and hyenas, and a hyena tore out his throat and genitals as he lay upon the ground. His remains were never recovered.

the story...

Sunday February 12th
Ides of Frosthorn the Second
The crew aboard Assim's Wind, except Landar, Gnargamar, Bombar, Ettienne and Olaf, put into the riverport of Estburry, then headed directly to Lord Gunther's Keep on Grey Hill. There they were met by Matteus and Grevinellvic who had travelled by foot from Carthil. They took dinner with Lord Gunther and learned much from him. The following morning they set out to Thornburrough, by way of Hope and Inglesfar. Lord Gunther himself rode south to meet with a wizard of some renown, Ilya the Valorous, to discuss the origin of the strange pendant. The party were waylaid by two human sized spiders and a strange arachnid humanoid along the rarely used road. They put down the creatures, but Balthazar was poisoned. They rested nearby then delved into the creatures lair. There they found a massive spider that the humanoid had been worshipping. They slew the huge spider and made sure there were no more lurking about. They reached Hope and took rest in a well used, large inn, The Traveller's Lodge. From there they made their way east to Inglesfar without incident. There they rested at an expensive but poor quality inn, The Lodging House. They began the straight north trek over Ingor's Pass to Thornburrough. The first day they made good time, but did not reach the pinnacle. That night a beserk wolverine attacked them in their sleep. Matteus and Balthazar were nearly slain, but the group killed the howling beast. The following day they reached the pinnacle of the mountain, then began the descent towards Thornburrough. They rested uneventfully in the wilderness that night and the following morning continued their trek. Early in the day they spotted a large white wolf bounding down the mountain side from which they came. It leaped forward with great speed and attacked. Due to good long range attacks the heros slayed the wolf quite effortlessly, however, they realised it wasn't just an ordinary wolf. It had uttered curses in Giant tongue before it died! Soon enough another wolf appeared on the horizen. It fled before entering bow range so the characters decided it would be a good idea to make haste further down the mountain. Within two hours they were overtaken by the wolf and another. A huge axe wielding giant, angry with them for slaying his companion. The giant demanded compensation and the characters hastened to soften his anger with money and fine objects. A deal was made and the giant left richer and the party left with a new enemy.

Sunday February 26th
Waning of Frosthorn the Second
The party, weakened from the battle with the giant's first wolf, settled down to rest. Matteus was nowhere to be found, and Paige was very exhausted. On Balthazar's watch a hunting band of gnolls and hyenas attacked the sleeping characters. Grevinellvic was slow to rise and a hyena tore out his throat and genitals. He would never fight again. One after another the companions fell to the gnolls. They awoke in two dank cells with several other prisoners. An indeterminable amount of time passed in the cells. They seized an oppurtunity and fought their way to the entrance to the caves.

Sunday March 26th
End of Winter's Mercy the Third, Festival of Spring
In Estburry Landar and Gnargamar heard rumors of two men asking around about their group, so they decided to follow the others. They found their friends filthy and nearly dead outside the gnollish caves. The party set out for Thornburrough. They were escorted into town by several guards and relinquished their weapons to them. They met Wallace Fireheart and he informed them of several things... His betrothed was missing, Irvine Torsson resided in a keep near the low road through the pass, and that gnolls had been raiding steadily since they were first spotted a month ago. The party agreed to help Wallace, although with plenty of berating and demands(from a belligerant Paige). They left the town and were shortly ambushed by a band of gnolls. The gnolls nearly killed the party, until two town guardsmen ran across the scene and loaned their blades to the cause. The gnolls were defeated. They found a strange wooden pendant of a hyena's head on a beaded leather thong, as well as a huge composite bow on the leader of the gnolls.

Sunday April 9th
Rain the Fourth
After searching the gnolls the party returned to Thornburrough with the guardsmen to recover. They returned the bow they found on the gnoll leader to Wallace as it was identified as his missing bow. They set out for a ruined keep to the east rumored to once be the abode of a wizard. They reached their destination and searched the locked door. When attempting to pick the lock Balthazar was struck with a needle and poisoned. The small group camped atop the keep, and were attacked in the night by a dire wolf.

Sunday May 7th
Flood the Fifth
Landar reconvened with the party outside of the tower. He couldn't remember the events that had led him there. The group made their way through the tower, then into the basement. It appeared that the tower had been searched years before. After entering a hallway a trapped door behind them locked the group in. Soon after they continued into an antechamber and were ambushed by hidden skeletal archers and warriors. A fight ensued. More skeletons arrived and an invisible creature harrowed them. Paige ran into the antechamber, and was cut off from the party when the invisible creature shut and locked the door. Paige's life force was drained by the lurking wight, but soon the door was destroyed and the wight fled deeper into the dungeon. Later a sinister voice could be heard talking to and laughing at the party. After a nights rest in the hallway Millekla appeared on the other side of the door. She attempted to open the locked door, but was blasted with a gout of flames when she tried. The group inside set out to see if they might find a way to open the gate. Another hallway led to an intersection. There was a locked door that remained un-opened as well as a closet and a storage room. A well disguised secret door was found in the storage room that led into a large study. There Almaric's uncanny scent warned him of their adversary. He was in the room watching them!!! The group guarded the secret door and systematically swept the area. Soon they were able to discern that he had fled deeper into the study. There they saw treasure piled, and at the end of the hallway, a large room with many arcane markings. Paige realised what to do to open the gate and returned to get Millekla. Immediately after Millekla arrived they heard chanting and fifteen long dead warriors rose up from the pentagram dais and charged them. Paige destroyed many of the warriors with positive energy summoned by her holy symbol. After chasing the invisible wight through the secret door and back into the hallway the group cornered him. After a brief but fierce battle Millekla landed a powerful kick to it's face and he dropped, dead for good. The group searched him and the rest of the dungeon and found several items of interest. The bookshelves contained many volumes that interested Almaric greatly. The wight had a narrow wand of translucent material, as well as a spellbook and a journal. The treasure room contained a suit of half plate and a large pile of gold coins.

Sunday June 18th
Midsummer's Eve
The party finished searching the ruined tower, and resolved to head south, to deal with the threat of Irvine, the tax collector. Millekla and Paige were loaded down with the books from the bookshelf in the tower, and quickly fell behind Balthazar, Landar and Almaric. A large insect ambushed this small group. The creature was slain, after nearly slaying all three men. The group realized that without Paige to heal their wounds they would have a hard time assaulting Irvine's keep, so they changed their course to return to Thornburrough. Landar was leading them through the hills, and all soon realized that he had led them too far to the north, adding several hours to their already long trip. The following day two cougars ambushed them. Almaric was nearly dragged away, but Balthazar charged the cougar that carried the wizard, and ran him through. Another couple of days journey found the group in Thornburrough. They heard rumors that an outrider, Aldred, had not returned from the gatehouse on the river to the east that had long been held by the insurgents. The following day they visited the temple and met the priest Malcolm, son of Herod, who confirmed the rumor of the missing rider. He healed them and gave them potions as thanks for their valor. They met with Wallace and he asked if they might ride out to the gatehouse to investigate. Balthazar reasoned that Irvine was probably behind all this, so they would instead head to Irvine's keep to the south. So they did. They were admitted into the keep under the pretense of mercenaries willing to slay Wallace. They were admitted, and began to spin lies of a spell that would allow Irvine to know Wallace's plans. Almaric secretly tried to charm Irvine, but was unsuccessful and Irvine grew wary of them. Balthazar bluffed that he had stolen Wallace's sword and asked if Irvine would like to see it. Irvine's eyes lit up and as Balthazar drew the sword he slashed out at Irvine. A fierce battle ensued, where suddenly the missing Matteus appeared from inside the keep! After a long hard fight most of Irvine's retainers were dead, but he himself had become invisible and slipped out through a hidden trapdoor beneath the table.

Sunday July 2nd
Paige and Millekla arrived outside the keep as the rest of the group followed through the trapdoor beneath the table. They found a large area with many sacks of grain stacked about, as well as large piles of silver and copper coin. Almaric's keen scent alerted them to the invisible Irvine. A fight ensued, as Irvine attempted to escape with whatever valuables he could muster. Suddenly two masked assailants appeared, claiming Irvine for their own. The new comers proved a far greater threat than Irvine, and Balthazar was nearly slain, saved only by a bluff that he had succumbed to his grievous injuries. Irvine used magic to hold one of the assailants and slipped out of the basement and out into the hills surrounding the keep. Landar, Balthazar and Almaric dealt with the last assailant and chased after the tax collector. By this time Millekla had made her way over the wall of the keep and fought off the guards there. An unknown ranger had also scaled the walls and aided the heroes fighting in the basement. At the beginning of the battle a strange look had come over Matteus' eyes and his body surged with an unnatural strength. He had slaughtered whoever was in his way and headed north out of a hole he cut in the gate of the keep. Upon the hills behind the keep Irvine was laid low by an arrow through the eye from the unknown ranger, who revealed he was there to deliver a message from Lord Gunther. The group searched the assailants and the keep.

Sunday August 27th
Summer's End
The party searched Irvine's keep, finding a bound woman named Abigail Cromwell in the master chambers, as well as much grain and foodstuffs. The masked assailants carried spellbooks and wore emroidered enchanted belts. Their plan was to return to Thornburrough and inform Wallace's people of their seed crop, as well as return Abigail. The group set out, and were waylaid by a band of 8 orcs. They slew them quickly, but took the leader as captive. Balthazar questioned the leader about the whereabouts of more orc hordes, as well as the mysterious half orc/half demon general Gognar. He made a deal with the orc to allow it to fight one of his companions to the death if it told him all it knew. Instead he slit the creature's throat. As the group neared Thornburrough they could smell smoke and saw flames. They entered the town from the south gate which was still locked, and saw a pitched battle between Wallace's insurgents and soldiers bearing the king's flag. Many were slain as the group attempted to persuade either side to stop fighting. A leiutenant by the name of Ethram adamantly swore he would arrest Wallace for treason, so Wallace slayed him. The rest of the soldiers fled, leaving the group and Wallace in the blood soaked square.

Sunday December 17th
Balthazar and Landar spoke with Malcolm, Wallace's second in command. He told them that many of the surviving peasants had lost their resolve to fight the king. Malcolm was to collect the grain hordes of Irvine and return them to the people of Thornburrough. Wallace and those loyal to him and his cause would flee east to the hills near the town of Whetlund, on Great Serpent Lake. Wallace invited the two in to thank them for all that the group had done to try to help them. He offered his shimmering breastplate as a token of his appreciation for returning his betrothed safely to him. He asked them if they would accompany Malcolm to Irvine's keep, as it was on their way, and they agreed. They set out and safely escorted Malcolm and the townsfolk to Irvine's keep and said their goodbyes. Landar, Balthazar and the ranger Dorin decided to take the path under the mountain to avoid a run in with the angry giant of Ingor's pass. They fought off a band of gnolls just outside of the entrance, and slew several large spiders that had settled in a large chamber deeper in. They journeyed for some time under the earth until they entered a large natural cave with a river running through it and deep chasms. It was littered with a score of skeletal soldiers. As they crossed an ancient bridge over the river an onyx gem mounted in the ancient stonework shattered. As it did the skeletons came to life, as well as a large ogre skeleton that had been submerged in the water. None of the men had any smashing weapons and were slowly worn down by the hordes of skeletons. Still they pressed on, trying to flee further into the mines. Dorin fell, then Landar, until it was only Balthazar, fighting in the dark with the horde of skeletons. He won a morningstar from a shattered foe and soon his blows were crushing the brittle bones. The ogre skeleton squeezed into the narrow hall that Balthazar was making his last stand in. It swung down with it's massive greatax, but Balthazar was too quick. Again and again the massive skeleton's attacks glanced off the low roof and tight walls of the corridor. Balthazar bashed again and again and finally the abomination fell. He returned to find Landar and Dorin both barely breathing, but breathing still. He used healing implements and they soon continued on through the mines. Eventually they found their way out into daylight. They made it to Inglesfar and stayed there at The Lodging House. Again their food was expensive but bland, their beds threadbare and flea infested. They set out and soon were attacked by an owlbear. They shot it and hacked away at it until it ceased to thrash. Later they spotted several bugbears lurking near the road. They engaged them and Landar was maimed by a mighty blow to the chest from a great ax. Dorin and Balthazar slayed the bugbears and returned to Inglesfar with the bloodied Landar.
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The Collapse of the Holy Kingdom of Vanon 8 Years ago  

Once again, another EXCELLENT tale!

Thanks for posting it.
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