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Greetings all
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TOPIC: Greetings all
Greetings all 8 Years, 1 Month ago  
I believe I've posted once or twice but I mostly lurk the board looking at (and drooling) all of the setups people have. At the moment I do not have any DF stuff but that will be changing soon. My question is with between 600-900 dollars to spend on DF are there recommendation you have for me as to which sets to get? I had figured maybe going with 2-3 Rooms and Passages, 1 Deluxe Room, 1 Fantasy Starter, 2-3 Advanced Builder, and 1-2 Medieval Buildings but then again I'm not familiar with some of the pieces. Any help would be appreciated.

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Greetings all 8 Years, 1 Month ago  

Well, it's pretty much up to you and your own preferences, of course, but here's the advice I'd give...

Before getting any sets with passages, think about how badly you want passages. If you really like them, if you want them, fine. But they are less flexible, less modular, than the other pieces, and of course most of the time you won't be furnishing them or putting any cool "STUFF" in them. That makes them kinda bare. Plus, to use them you kinda have ot leave a lot of blank space on the table -- if you have enough room pieces, you can make passages that thread between rooms leaving no blank space in between, having rooms and passages share walls. Essentially, you can always make passages out of room pieces, but you can't make rooms out of passage pieces. Some DF fans, like me, try to minimize the passage pieces we have. (if I had more room, I'd love 'em, I'm sure -- but with limited space, I don't want to use any on passages if I can avoid it)

Also, the list you give is a lot of basic stuff and doesn't leave much room for things to put IN the setup. Maybe you have your own collection or your own ideas, but I'd seriously consider replacing some of those with things like one of hte Wicked Additions sets or the Fantasy Floor set. You've got spiral stairs, secret doorways, a fountain, a demonfaced archway, you've got a well, prison grates, just all SORTS of cool things to place in your dungeon with these sets, and if you skip 'em, your setup is going to be a lot less dynamic. Of course, again, maybe you don't like these particular accessories, or you have your own ones, or you have other plans....

If you're gonna get the Medieval Building stuff -- which I highly recommend -- I'd leave space in your cart for the Furniture accessory set. Those tables and benches are REALLY useful in that setup; if oyu don't have things like that already, you are going to WANT them for the MBS. Otherwise, it can be kinda bare, and there aren't many dungeon accessories that look "right" in the MBS.

Other than that, I'd just point out the obvious, that you're skipping the caverns. That seems like a deliberate decision on your part, so ok. But if it was a thing that just slipped your mind or you weren't sure about it -- the cavern stuff really is phenomenal. The basic cavern set is a blast, and the two cavernous water sets are really something special (they're my personal favorites of the whole line).

So I'd suggest tweaking your list to something like this: only 1 Room and Passage set at most, 2-3 deluxe room, 1 fantasy starter (but only if you really want the doorway this set includes and the diagonal walls and floors, otherwise this is skippable), 1 Wicked additions I or II, 1 MBS, 1 Medieval furniture, 1 Fantasy Floor. Or something like that.

hope that helps,
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Greetings all 8 Years, 1 Month ago  
If you are in a position that you can take your time building your collection, I would recommend buying ONE of each set you are interested in -- certainly no more than two of the ones you think you want more of. Put aside the money you've "saved" by limiting you first order, so you can buy more sets later. (Or, pay your electric bill. Whatever.)

Use them for a while. Play around, see what you can build. But take note every time you think or say "I wish I had more ____."

Then, buy the set that includes the most of what you lack. It would be great to have two or three of every set DF makes, but if your budget is limited you want to buy what you will actually use.

If, however, you are in another country that charges a high premium on shipping, figure out whether larger orders save you money, and balance that against the size of every order you place.
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Greetings all 8 Years, 1 Month ago  
That 600-900 could go quickly if you find sets that you like, so I'm kind of in agreement with jackattack--pick up one of the Dungeon sets, a Cavern set, and if you think it will come in handy for your style of gaming, an MBS set.

Give some long, hard thought to how you're going to use these things once you get a set or two. I'm of a different opinion on "passages" than L in this case. I like the passages between rooms. Corridors can make for some scary things to traverse if you're a player and you're not sure what's waiting for you down the hall. I like the way the spread things out a bit too.

If I had to list my sets in order of most use now, it would be something like this:

* Caverns get the most use in my style of play--I just love the way they look on the table.

* Dungeons would come in second, though they give Caverns a very close run for their money. I usually find a way to tie a Dungeon into a Cavern or vice versa, so it's real close on which one gets the most use come to think of it. Aw Hell, I love 'em both. O.k., I admitted it! ;-}P~ A note about the Dungeon sets--if you find you like them, seriously consider getting the Wicked Additions I & II. They have some great pieces in them that help extend the possbilities of the Dungeon sets.

* The MBS set is new to me as of August(?) so I'll be using it in the new RPG group I've just assembled. I'm sure it will get quite a bit of use though.

I have the Ogre's Den which makes a nice add-on for almost any setting. Some have said that the piece is limited in its use but I think it's a great thing to have to add on indoors or outdoors. Speaking of add-ons, save a bit for the accessories and individual pieces as L suggested. It's nice to have stuff to furnish your setups.

I have the Floors set but haven't put them into use a whole lot except for the lava fountain. Still, a nice addition to have.

Hopefully between all of the advice posted here, you'll be able to come up with a plan that works for you. Keep us posted on what you decided to go with and send pics once you get to the point of laying out some scenarios!
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Greetings all 8 Years, 1 Month ago  
Thanks for your help. I took another look at what sets I'm thinking of getting. I was under the impression that rooms and passages was more room than passages lol. I had heard that the Cavern passages set was a little narrow. I do have some of the Mage Knight artifacts 1 and 2 to fill in some of those holes. I'm also building some stuff using the Games Work Shop book. I don't use much of caverns in my games but I really do like the look of that set so I bet I can do something good with it. I think this is how i'm going to go now.

1 Room and Passages
2 Deluxe Rooms
1 Fantasy Starter
1 Wicked Additions 2
1 Fantasy Floor
1 Cavern Set
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Greetings all 8 Years, 1 Month ago  
I'm fairly new to the forum myself though I have been gaming for a long while and using DF for about five years now. Your final list looks good though for my money the Wicked Additions are the way to go as opposed to the starter sets. The one thing I can tell you is that once you start with this stuff you will NEVER have enough. You'll sit down to build a dungeon for Friday night's game and about half way through the process you'll be thinking 'if I only had one more blank or another this ...'

OK that might be a slight exaggeration. What I mean to say is your going to love this stuff and once you see how it goes together you'll want to do more.
I'd say start with your list and over time add some more ... in a couple of years you'll have good collection and your dungeons will be the bane of players everywhere.

It is a bit pricey but very high quality. My wife will sometimes tease me about how expensive my hobby is but compared to a 50,000.00 fishing boat (which I don't have, I don't fish I slay dragons, but a friend at work just bought one) this is down right cheap and if you game you will use it all the time. Its hard to go wrong with DF.

Take care ,

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Greetings all 8 Years, 1 Month ago  
Personally, I love it all. But, if I had to pick one set above the rest, it would be the Cavern Set. It's been my favorite from the day it came out. The Cavernous Passages set adds nice dimension to it, and the Cavernous River & Walls and Cavernous Lake sets are awesome.

A lot really depends on where you want to run your games. If you go with the traditional dungeons more, go with Room & Passage sets and Deluxe Room sets.

One way to start might be to go for the Den of Evil set (sort of a darkly gothic version of the Room & Passage set), and the soon-to-be-released Den of Evil Wicked Additions set. These are limited editions, so get 'em now before they're all gone. Check with Jeff Martin at Dwarven Forge to make sure the Den of Evil is still available - I think it is, but it's best to be sure.

Any way you slice it, Master Maze rocks, and you're going to be happy.
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Greetings all 8 Years, 1 Month ago  
Everything looks so good we were playing on a canvas mat then looked into alternatives like Tact-Tiles. But when I saw DF for the 1st time I thought this is light years beyond anything else out there.
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Greetings all 8 Years, 1 Month ago  

You're right. I came into DF late in the starting round (sometime @2001-2002), so I was way behind some of these guys. Plus, I only started RPG'ing when I found DF, so I'm a rank amateur there, as well (yes, I know, guys; I talk a good game - it's just that I'm a FAST learner on some stuff!). I originally was going to use DF with WH40K, but our group decided that the hallways were too narrow (the regular ones!) for the "mass charge" that most of the group wanted. So we moved into RPG's - and I haven't looked back!
You can NOT beat DF for interior/underground terrain. Period. Even HA comes in second (a very CLOSE second!), because you have to make the stones, glue them up, and paint them, whereas with DF, you just throw them together however you want, limited only by structural logic and common sense. NOTHING else comes close.

But by now, I guess I'm preaching to the choir, eh?

Have fun, and good gaming.

See ya!

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Greetings all 8 Years, 1 Month ago  

That is a nice, strategic selection.

May I make one suggestion though...

If at all possible, I would suggest upgrading the Starter set to an Advanced Building Set with this order for a number of reasons:

The first reason are the 3 long, straight passage pieces. Having these will enhance the usefulness (and reach) of your passage intersections considerably.

The second reason is the 1/2 corner and wall pieces. These together act/double as normal corners - except they can save space and provide you with greater design flexibility at the same time.
I took me two years to figure this out! :/

And finally - the alcoves, narrow doors and passage end pieces. These are all great pieces for adding variety and details throughout the rooms in your dungeons.

For me, when first starting out I always sought sets that offered a large number of useful and versatile pieces.

I hope this is useful.
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