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Dead Last
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TOPIC: Dead Last
Dead Last 8 Years ago  
I've joined a local D&D group as a player. We're starting at 1st level, with a 28 point build. I've not played a bard in over twenty years, and I've never played a Gnome, so I thought I'd try a gnome bard.

In all honesty, my old Dwarf character, Kradlo (my namesake), used to say, "There are no gnomes; just Dwarves that couldn't make the grade."

So, I thought I'd give one a try, just to see what one can do. I noticed that the WotC forum had a contest for first level characters, so I entered Jebeddo Brightwhistle. The criteria was "dreative, balanced, and mechanically sound."

In the voting so far, he's come in dead last. It looks like the only vote he's gotten was from me.

Now, I know gnomes aren't popular, but dang! I'm feeling a little embarrassed here. I thought he was well balanced, and quite sound in game mechanics. I even thought his backstory was a little creative.

You can see the list and the polls here: boards1.wizards.com/showthread.php?t=728591

The first (and thus far only) game session didn't get too far (we only had two players show up - not a good sign). The town seems to have a poor attitude about gnomes (I'm starting to think it's universal), and our fighter got smacked down by a half-orc barbarian as a message to me.

We'll see if he can get some respect in the future. ;)
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Dead Last 8 Years ago  
Krad -

Sounds to me like Jebeddo better start singing like a canary - or at least, the bluebird of happiness!
I hope you can pull this one off.
Good Luck!

See ya!

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