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Saw the new WOTC Col. Red dragon today
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TOPIC: Saw the new WOTC Col. Red dragon today
Saw the new WOTC Col. Red dragon today 8 Years, 4 Months ago  
Man, I don't want to rain on anyone's parade -- if you like this thing, more power to you. Me, I was REALLY disappointed.

Here's the thing -- this was announced as like a $50-60 item. Then they said the price would have to be closer to $70-80 because the paint job was going to involve so many apps, it was going to blow us all away. They really did say this -- the increased number of paint apps would require a higher price.

The thing is essentially all one color. It's just red. There's a light inkwash to bring out some of the scales, but there is NO highlighting and there are NO other colors than red. The teeth? Red. Under the belly, wings, claws? Red.

To be clear, for anyone who hasn't seen it -- I was not expecting CMON levels of painting here. I didn't expect subtle, complex painting techniques. But I did think that there could be at least three colors involved, even if they were somewhat slapped on or awkwardly applied. I thought, for example, that the paint on the recently released black dragon, from last month, was fine. I wasn't expecting much.

But this is seriously absurd. For $80, this would have to be MUCH better.

Plus, I have to say, I don't like the sculpt either. IMHO, the legs are too small, the arms are too short, and the pose on the arms is awkward. I just don't think it looks GOOD enough, either in pose or design. The face is neat, the wings are nice, the removeable spout of flame is a cute touch. If it were $40, I'd seriously consider picking one up despite its flaws, just for the sheer size, and to support the line. (Having seen a leaked bw pic of the upcoming gargantuan blue, I can say I really hope this line lasts -- the blue looks AMAZING, and it'd be neat to see them get around to more and more of this sort of thing - plus, no blind packaging!)

I don't know. I want to like this thing, but -- seriously. And why on earth did they promise a complex paint job if they weren't going to do it?

I feel dirty.
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