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Medieval Furniture & Accessories
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TOPIC: Medieval Furniture & Accessories
Medieval Furniture & Accessories 8 Years, 6 Months ago  
Now that we have another absolutely beautiful setting to play with, we need to furnish it. Please share your favorite furniture and accessory sets with us -- be sure to say who makes it, and provide a link if you can.

Fenryll makes some really great stuff, but they've managed to destroy their own website -- a few weeks ago, you could find just about anything you wanted, even if you had to use the French version of the site, but now they appear to have merged with an online gaming magazine and I can't make heads or tails of it. However, you can at least find a complete catalog of their goods (and several other companies') at www.gamers-quest.co.uk/acatalog/Miniature.html

In the Fenryll line, they have:
Medieval Inn (walls and accessories) -- pricy, and comes with walls and floor we don't need, but a nice assortment of goodies including fireplace
Inn Accessories -- good for any building or home, really
Inn Accessories II -- lots of shelves and bottles, for those who aren't queasy about modding their DF stuff
Medieval Bedroom -- bureau, nightstands, and a bed with a sleeping guy
Medieval House Accessories -- table with benches, chest with drawers, and a nice stove/oven
Medieval Shop Accessories -- three counters with goods (lots of fabrics), and a couple of other generic items
Blacksmith Accessories -- anvil, stone work surface, table with finished goods, bucket, shovel, and a couple of other items
Wizard House Accessories -- desk, bookstand, astronomy device, and what looks to me like a daybed
Wizard House Library -- big shelf unit with lots of books and other stuff

Mega Miniatures is a nice line. They don't photograph well, apparently, because I've seen them unpainted in stores and they look great, but the online pictures of them painted are not great. (Maybe it's just that paintjob.) Anyway, they make:
Fireplace Set -- fireplace with hanging pot, pot on bench, woodpile, three-legged stool
Blacksmiths Shop -- anvil, forge, bellows forge, blade mold, work table, cooling bucket (kinda weird-looking)
Bookshelves x2 -- two bookshelves, with an assortment of things on them
Witches Workshop -- still, cauldron, and pentagram
Barbarian Throne -- with candelabras
Elven Throne -- with decorative trees
Astronomy Equipment -- globe (paint your own world!), telescope, sextant
Tables & Chairs -- two tables with food, eight chairs
Beds x4 -- four beds in two styles
Abbey Furniture -- high back chair, high back bench, book stand, writing stand

I know I've seen a diorama of a banquet online before, with terrific miniatures and tables loaded with food, but I can't find the thing.

Anybody else got references for good furniture and accessories?
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Medieval Furniture & Accessories 8 Years, 6 Months ago  
Dungeon Debris Line
2843 - Adventurers' Bar
2861 - Bed Set
2862 - Table Set
2880 - Forge Set

Fantasy Blisters and Boxed sets
10066 Green Griffon Inn and Barman
10067 Tables and Chairs
10044 Necromancer's Study
10035 Tavern Kitchen
10023 Apothecary
F0028 Magician's Study

10002 Barrels
10005 Banquet Table
10007 Crates
10009 Tavern Beds

Accesories Line
ACR1 Bottles (A), four sprues
ACR2 Bottles (B), four sprues
ACR3 Chairs x 3
ACR4 Benches
ACR5 Round Table x2
ACR6 Rectangular Table
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