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WORKBENCH: DF paint match.
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TOPIC: WORKBENCH: DF paint match.
WORKBENCH: DF paint match. 8 Years, 6 Months ago  
This was started in the photos section but will be further discuss here. Sorry for the redundancy. - M.

Dwarven Forge Paint Pallet

Here is the paint scheme I have come up with to match the Dwarven Forge colors.

This mixing strategy is for example, the ratios of mixed elements can and will change with tastes.

I use Liquitex acrylic paints and seal with a clear matte finish. Make sure the surface is free of dirt and oils (from fingers). Wipe down with a bit of rubbing alcohol and let dry before painting.

Base Color - #5 Grey mixed with Black. Depending on how dark you like your pieces you can add more or less (for lighter) black.

Random Brick color - Take your pre-mixed Base Color and add it to Raw Sienna. The mixing ratio is: 60% Base coat / 40% Raw Sienna. You can also use Burnt Sienna instead of Raw Sienna for more reddish bricks

Ground paint – This can be Burnt Sienna.

Aging Affect color wash - #5 Grey mixed with Yellow Oxide and White. The mixing ratio is: 50% #5 Grey / 40% Yellow Oxide / 10% White.

After mixing the Age effect paint, use a dry brush, pick up a bit of the paint. Wipe off the excess on a clean towel until there is very little paint left on the brush. Lightly brush the surface of the bricks, floor and ground. The paint will highlight the highest parts of the model surface giving it an aged effect. The harder you press the brush to the model the more effect will show, less for a lighter effect.

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WORKBENCH: DF paint match. 8 Years, 6 Months ago  

I use Tamiya paints, and I've found that 'Khaki' mixed with some sort of a dark grey and some sort of a medium grey (with a dry-brushed lighter finish) matches up pretty well. A little wash in red-brown or darker grey or whatever on the occassional stone to break it all up. I eye-ball the thing, no scientific method here, but I swear by the khaki in the mix. Maybe helpful for the less advanced among us.

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It's not a dungeon. It's an Underground Fortified Defense Installation.
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