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Re-Route of WWG issue
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TOPIC: Re-Route of WWG issue
Re-Route of WWG issue 8 Years, 7 Months ago  

Sorry Mad Yank, you were not there and unless you have been since for a good while, you have no idea what was and may be currently going on.
Denny and his competition's behaviors were wrong; the others from stealing and Denny's from over reacting.

You bet!
I was there and was a "eyewitness" to what was going on.
What I did not personally see Denny and his mates were quite vocal about so I think I have at very least 85% of the picture and most likely much closer to 95%.
Plus, peoples' actions like what the parties did to WWG reverberate through the gaming industry a good bit, and folks from other companies not involved in the brawl were talking to me about what was going on as well
My judgements come from a wealth of data Mad Yank including much of it supplied by Denny himself and this corroborated much of what I heard elsewhere.

Yes, Mad Yank, Denny's behavior started out defensive and protective and that was fine, even good.
The problem is that over time, it went from that to offended virgin to outright offensive and forward to paranoid belligerance.
Many obnoxious behaviors by some on the forum have been excused because they could be considered, if viewed by heavily tinted lenses, by some, to have protectionism as their goal.
This was even the case even when customer posters protested WWGs actions.
Several postings were outright derezed when they were simply protesting the draconian measures that were occurring.
That was when I left the WWG forums.

Quite honestly, Denny can be a very nice guy, but the SEs incident is now over a year ago, almost two and they almost do not even exist any more.
The other incident is even older.
Denny needs to pick up the real business lessons learned and move on.
Wallowing in the situation is not a positive action that small companies need for growth.

As far as trust Mad Yank, I extended that and supported Denny's product and got slapped for it by him and two of his people.
Because I pointed out two companies' (Dwarven Forge and Ainsty) products that WWG's First Light and First Light Retrofit items would work well with and supplied links to show folks how.
I gave trust Mad Yank and was punished three times over.
That is how I can, from experience, indicate that WWG's protectionism has moved from that to paranoia.
That is also based from two degrees in psych, including I/O psych, and from actual work experience in the gaming industry that you know I have Mad Yank including time in your lovely town of Baltimore and then in Glen Burnie.


Denny I never said you had to ignore them, but it is long past the time for you to forgive, forget and heal.
Denny, you have to get over this otherwise good economic growth for WWG will not happen.

Who said you had to give either firm a voice on your forum?
You are just so wound up about this, I wonder how much you have actually moved on at all.
The idea is to move on, not dwell or wallow.
The best revenge is to make WWG into the best card stock terrain company out there with a wave of positive actions and to cast all this negativism over the side of the boat.

You reaching out towards DF may be a good sign, but you have got to dump the [b]BAGGAGE[/b] to really get any serious economic momentum going!
No one trusts people (or companies) who are always negative Denny.
You and your people make a good product Denny.
Concentrate on that and its future - not on the past.
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Re-Route of WWG issue 8 Years, 7 Months ago  
And on those notes, I would suggest one more final explanation (if necessary) from Denny and then close this one ourselves before Jeff or Doug have to do it for us.

I will say only this much more; Based on the reportage from Denny adn from RabidFox, I will opine that Denny DID have some valid cause for definsiveness, and that the Fox-man IS correct that it's time to shine it on and move on.

Denny has hopefully learnt whatever lessons he needed to learn, both about trust and who he can or can't, and that's the bottom line there.

I'm outta here on this one; I am NOT going to respond or post further on this subject. Denny knows who to talk with, and RabidFox* knows who he needs to rant at, IF he feels a further rant is needed.

See ya!

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Re-Route of WWG issue 8 Years, 7 Months ago  
Backstory would be nice...

I'm a natural voyeur after all...
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Re-Route of WWG issue 8 Years, 7 Months ago  
Wow...Some pretty high drama over a subject that is years old now. The only reason I posted comment on it here: www.dwarvenforge.com/dwarvenforums/viewtopic.php?id=882 Rabid is because I noticed you made several references to that bit of overly dramatic history in various threads. One can only guess how many other message forums you have infused with your unique views and judgments regarding WorldWorks. I know all to well how the loud voices of the very few can have a profoundly negative affect on small business and I obviously didn't give you a clear enough explanation for the link removal. Like I said, if you wish to discuss it further please don't clutter up the Dwarven Forge board with it. Take it to the WWG forum or give me an e-mail and I would be happy to give you further clarity. I am not comfortable dragging this out or mudslinging the competition on a public forum. *In fact, I would really appreciate it if the good people at Dwarven Forge would lock this thread completely.* I really don't want to have to defend myself to the ill-informed over an old issue or for taking absolutely necessary steps to protect my business, my livelihood and ultimately my families stability.

That whole issue is ancient history. It will only die when people like yourself put an end to it or at least make some tiny effort to understand the reasons we make the decisions we do.

PLEASE GO HERE if you must make this a public forum issue: www.worldworksgames.com/forum/index.php Or contact me here: (Seriously, enough is enough already) denunger@worldworksgames.com . Don’t do that and I can only assume you are simply baiting me into an argument and you have no real desire to understand a VERY OLD issue.
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Re-Route of WWG issue 8 Years, 7 Months ago  
Perhaps I did not make myself clear in the other thread. Issues and personal arguments that originate at other websites or message boards have NO PLACE WHATSOEVER on the Dwarven Forge Forums.

This thread is now locked. Any attempts to resurrect it will be met with disciplinary action.

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