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Doin' the Wave
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TOPIC: Doin' the Wave
Doin' the Wave 8 Years, 8 Months ago  
I'm posting this here because it's more of a mini than a DF piece, but if Stefan wants to add this to a Lake Addition set someday I certainly wouldn't mind.

With our new ability to create large bodies of water (or, alternatively, for use on ocean maps), we can add the natural hazard of waves.

Waves might be created when a large monster surfaces, upsetting water vessels or carrying swimmers away from the monster (and towards other hazards, like jagged rocks). A wizard or monster might create powerful waves to toss or drown adventurers. Water elementals might look like waves until they are near enough to attack a party. Waves might continually roll toward shore in a cavern that is open to the sea, forcing adventurers to navigate around them or face significant movement penalties (or even damage). Waves might mark the position of a breakwater, representing an obstacle or even a barrier to navigation (the breakwater in "Stranded" that kept Tom Hanks stuck on the island).

Waves might move every round (forcing players to plan water movement carefully), or they might be static (representing "average" position, and allowing players to navigate freely around them).

I'm picturing a clear-resin sculpt about an inch wide, one or two inches tall, and three or four inches long. For visual references, go to Google Images and put in "wave". The leading edge of the wave might be painted or frosted white.

If anyone knows of an existing alternative, please post the name and manufacturer, a link, or a picture. I'm looking for waves, NOT for water elementals that look like waves, or dolphin-mounted sea-elves riding on waves -- just waves.
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