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Gorin Grimbeard's Adventures in the Wilderlands
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TOPIC: Gorin Grimbeard's Adventures in the Wilderlands
Gorin Grimbeard's Adventures in the Wilderlands 8 Years, 9 Months ago  
Of Rats and Toads, Bandits and Spiders(February 5th 2005)

The day began as usual. Falconfrost and I poured over these recently acquired maps and documents over ales and breakfast(we are yet to sample the black ball of smoke-ables that I grabbed from Harglac's chamber). Having connected some of them to others I believe we need to seek out more knowledgeable sages to discern where they might be located.

We realized that several of our hard earned possessions were of magical nature, so we travelled to the Sorceror's Tent and spoke with several learned men. I am in possession of a longsword that is of the first circle of magical power! It's blade cuts foes easier and deeper. Tis too bad that I do not favor longswords, for a good war ax or heavy mace suits me far better. Well, in this realm a magic blade at my hip is better than a dagger in my gut...

Afterwards, we went to the Temple of Thoth the Terrible, god of knowledge. It was simply to acquire potions and other amenities that we would soon need and also to compare it's layout to the layout of one of the maps in our posession. It did not match so we continued on our way.

On our way back to the Scholar's Inn a ragged bunch of foul sewer rats scurried after us, perhaps thinking we were easy prey... Well, those diseased vermin soon learned the fearsome wrath of Braz-Kazon's flames. It is becoming clear that the power he grants me is growing, and I am in his favor. Falconfrost easily dealt with another rat after I scorched 3 to death. The others scurried off and again, the darkening streets were quiet. We returned to the safety of the Scholar's Inn for rest, study and discussion of the documents at hand.

The following day we came across an unsavoury pirate by the name of Salty Dagger. He enlisted us to deliver a message to Captain Merizpal of the Queen Hagrost in the town of Wormingford. Said he'd pay us a fair price, so, being the money hungry hounds that we are, we agreed. He left us with what he had on him and said he'd meet us at the Seahawk tavern to deliver the rest of the gold. He was true to his word and arrived there shortly after we did. Unfortunately this was a rough tavern(which didn't even serve spirits!!!), and several undesirables caught eye of the interaction between the Dagger and us. This would prove interesting later on...

We then wandered down to the docks to procure passage on a ship heading down the estuary. A passing boatman ignored my request to take us to Wormingford, so I fear that this town might not be pleasant. Through the dockmaster we booked our passage, then headed to the closest tavern for some ales and lunch. There, at the Sea Rover Tavern we encountered a good lot of rowdy sailors. Now these were men who could keep their own against a dwarf such as I. Their 1st mate offered me some spirits of a less than desirable make, but it was spirits, nonetheless! Soon enough we realised through the warm touch of spirits that these were the sailors for our ship, The Bloody Dog, and a good lot they were. I held my liquor fine, although Falconfrost looked a little green. After lunch we followed along with the crew and set out on our voyage.

As no one would take us directly to Wormingford by boat we had them put us ashore where the estuary turns north. There we saw the mighty sea creatures that the invincible overlord keeps to guard this passage. I would fear being the foolish army attacking by sea...

From there we headed south, through the woods. Three forest toads leapt out and attacked us. Again, Braz Kazon showed his favor and my blows landed true. This heavy mace of mine is a fine weapon. I had nearly forgotten it's usefullness. We easily slaughtered the toads, but as soon as we had, another ambush erupted. Ten bandits, those that had seen our interaction with Salty Dagger, jumped out of hiding and assaulted the two of us. Falconfrost was caught off guard and the scoundrels encircled him, utilizing their cunning attacks. I held my ground mightily, calling down the wrath of Braz Kazon with mighty battle cries. I scorched a few of the scally wags and bashed the rest to the ground with my mace. Soon Falconfrost and I were back to back and the rest of the highwaymen ran for their lives. If only these dwarven legs were a bit longer, we might've caught the bastards. The leader and another escaped to tell tale of the prowess and resolve of Flaconfrost and Gorin Grimbeard!

We made good time across the plains, forcing ourselves to march long into the night. Our encampment was made and we were fortunate enough to rest the whole night without incident.

Our march the following day was long as well. It was briefly interrupted by some trapdoor spiders who lay in wait in their small tunnels. They proved to be no match for Falconfrost and I. However, Falconfrost was poisoned in the battle. We pushed ourselves as long as we could until we had reached the outskirts of town...

Of Botched Deliveries, Reunions, Kidnappings and Ruins(February 19th 2005)

Falconfrost, who was poisoned, and I tread carefully into the ramshackle town of Wormingford, tired and in need of a good night's sleep. It was the middle of the night and all we found was burned out shacks and drunkards. Normally I can be quite fond of drunkards, but these sorts were all pirates and highwaymen with nothing to stop them from slitting our throats in our sleep.

We asked around on the dock to see who was Captain Merizpal of the Queen Hagrost, and a ragged sailor said that it was he. We told him we had a message for him from Salty Dagger and delivered the copper tube to him. When asked about our payment on arrival he scoffed and told us we were lucky to be alive and if we wanted to stay that way we'd best be on our way. Now normally our lot doesn't take well to being talked to that way, but given the shape we were in we had to suck it up. We decided to find a decent spot to sleep and set about making camp.

After the full night's rest who showed up to even the odds for us? The rest of our troupe, Jim (the nameless Dorin), Karnac Soulcrusher, and Charles "Scab" Mclure. We filled them in on the events of the last few days and showed them the maps and notes from Harglac's. With full numbers we wouldn't be threatened by pirates!

We returned to the docks in Wormingford to see that the ship that we thought was the Queen Hagrost had set sail that morning. Our vengeance was thwarted!!! However, after a brief trip down to the other end of the dock we realised that the Queen Hagrost was still in port! We had been tricked!!!

We asked to speak to the captain of the Queen Hagrost that was still in port. Another man appeared who was not the man that we had given the copper tube to the night before. As I began to explain the "truth" of what happened foolish Jim ruined my lie by telling the captain about the case of mistaken identity. The damned fool!!! Never trust a Mycretian when anything important is at stake. I ought to have cut him down right there!!! So we came off looking like a band of fools who couldn't get our story straight to save our skins.

Fortunately the captain had asked Salty Dagger to find him a band of adventurers and the tube was but a test to ensure our reliability. We had respected Salty Dagger's reputation enough to not read the message, and although we had been tricked the night before, Captain Merizpal thought we still would make the grade for the task at hand. We went aboard his ship and discussed the task...

It appears Captain Merizpal has interest in ensuring that a certain Grilda of Gilding be located. She was taken by the savage men of the hills near Gilding, and he assumes she is being held as a slave. He told us where to find her mother Gilda, the innkeeper's wife, in Gilding. He payed us 30 platinum in advance and he will pay us accordingly when we return. If we can manage to locate Grilda alive the reward will be quite handsome. Even if we sadly have to report her demise we will still be paid fairly.

The captain fed us and put us up in a shack near the docks. We ate well and drank ourselves to sleep. The journey overland to Gilding would be several days of dangerous trackless terrain, so we prepared ourselves.

The first day we marched to Dorn, on the north edge of the Plain Of Cairns. Locals in Dorn told us that many tombs were scattered across the Plain Of Cairns, and that it would be very dangerous to spend the night out in that forlorn country. Our plan was to march until we were out of the brutal region. So the following morning we set out...

In the middle of the day we were set upon by more trapdoor spiders. It seems that they're quite common in these parts. We marked their tunnels for searching upon our return, for we didn't want to spend any more time out in that cursed plain than we had to.

It's good to fight alongside the likes of Charles and Karnac again. Karnac's skill with a blade and Scab's divine power are a combination that coupled with Falconfrost and I's fierce assaults is quite a force to be reckoned with. Jim on the other hand was at times useful, but as many times he was more of a liability than a help. His skill with a blade was still to be respected, however his tongue ought to have been cut out for his impetuous attitude.

A long and painful forced march found us clear of the Plains, but all worn to the bone, dead tired. Scab and I tended to the wounds of the party and everyone else went to sleep, save Karnac and I.

Twas a good thing two of us were watching, for not an hour into the rest we were set upon by a band of fur clad savages. We roused the sleepers with yells and prepared for the onslaught. We were nearly out of magics, and most of us were unarmored, but we managed to put most of the savages to death. The gouts of Braz Kazon's flames seared our enemies, although I was forced to char Scab a bit as well... He's a tough one, he can take it. I used my skills as a healer to bind one of the savages wounds so that we might have a captive to force information out of.

I am truly becoming a greater warrior. My ax cut true on many of the savages, and I am learning many techniques from watching Jim and Karnac. Especially when they strike with great power against a first target, then redirect the momentum on a second victim. I long to master this technique.

The rest of the group returned to sleep and Karnac and I piled the bodies and tied the prisoner to a tree. While cleaning the filthy blood off my axe I turned to see a pack of wolves slinking toward us by the early morning light. Curses! "TO ARMS FRIENDS!!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs while banging my ax to my shield.

The wolves set upon us with the smell of the savage's blood driving them on in their hunger. Our captive was slain, his throat torn out before he could offer us any info. We fiercely cut through the dozen wolves, allowing only 2 to escape in the haze of the morning. If we weren't so tired from the brutal march we might've given chase, but we were all happy to lay back down and try to get some sleep. Fortunately Braz Kazon granted us tired warriors enough respite to replenish our strength and prepare our magics for the road ahead.

We managed to make it to Gilding without any other altercations. There we met the charming Gilda and told her of our quest to save her daughter. We did not mention who had hired us, but I'm sure she had a good idea of who it might be... She fed us well and put us up in her Inn. We were happy to have our bellies full and walls around us, and a great sleep was had by all. Gilda is truly a good woman, and I hope our quest will yield her 14 year old daughter safely, although I do not hold out for her daughter's purity. This, I fear, is exactly what the savage's have in mind for her.

Morning came and we set out towards the Ruins in Gravenhollows, where Gilda and other townsfolk had told us the savage's reside. We arrived at the site without incident. These ruins are ancient by my guess, thousands of years old. They have an ominous presence. The denizens of them I'm sure will make a great match against my new skills. The black flame of Braz Kazon bids me to purify this place with flames and ax.

A large hill pocked with ruins of ancient buildings stood in the center of this area. A great stone archway lead into the hill. We slowly made our way along the corridor, until we came to the large chamber in the middle of the hill. The chamber was probably once an open air courtyard, or a large vaulted ceiling that collapsed. There was large boulders and debris strewn about. After a thorough search Falconfrost and I uncovered two different exits out of the chamber. The first was to the west(Blair?!?) and was a well hidden rotating wall of ancient design. The second was a weighted boulder at the north (Blair?!?) end of the chamber that could be moved in and out of place. By my reckoning the boulder is where our savages have been going in and out of.

We proceeded down the rough stone passageway into a large chamber. There we saw four skeletons in various stages of death. At that moment Falconfrost was smashed in the head by a massive stone hammer. A trap! It seemed each of the skeletons had been killed by one, so we marked out the trapped floor tiles and continued. The entire middle of the large chamber was a hidden pit trap as well, so we avoided it.

At that moment a huge constrictor snake struck out from the darkness, biting Falconfrost. The fearsome snake was massive, larger than any I have ever seen. Truely an adversary worthy of our might! We encircled the serpent and attacked with all our strength. Falconfrost was bitten through the neck, a gruesome wound that none of us suspected he would live through. We assumed he was dead, as the snake had nearly tore his head clean off!!! I had used a spell to grant me the strength of a bull, and I let out a war cry for my fallen comrade and smote the snake a brutal blow with my ax. My aim was true and I managed to cut the cursed constrictor in two(Critical! 41 points of damage!).

The gods smiled on Falconfrost that day, for when we checked his vital signs we could tell that he was yet alive, although very near death. Scab and I used what healing we could on him, but his wounds would require bed rest before he'd be able to adventure again. So back to Gilding we went.

On our way past the castle that guards the town we were stopped by soldiers bearing the insignia of Set, the evil serpent lawbringer. It seems he is worshipped greatly here, and his word is law. The town pays homage to Kauran, by the sea, as do many towns & villages in these parts. We wisely did not mention that our friend was slain in a fight against a massive serpent. The soldiers were appeased with our vague story of what brought us through this area, and let us pass without trouble. With our group's temperament we are dangerous in places policed by the likes of these. We'll likely meet our ends at the end of a well tied noose...

After several days of recovery Falconfrost was able to walk and his color had returned. We soon realised, however, that the snake had tore out most of his voice box and he could no longer speak. He now has a brutal scar across his throat to match the one on his eye.

On our way back to the ruins I challenged Jim's understanding of his own faith, comparing his actions to those of other Mycretians. He couldn't counter a thing I said, and I believe perhaps he was either pretending to be a Mycretian for his own purposes or he was too simple a man to understand anything beyond a sword's reach.

We continued to search the room that we had encountered the snake in. A large sarcophagus was placed at the end of the chamber, with a throne over-looking the whole room. I used my magics to determine if anything in the area was magical. It appeared that the sarcophagus was magical and something in it radiated magic as well. Falconfrost thought that he had disarmed a trap on the sarcophagus, but a click, followed by a sudden burst of flames proved he had failed to do so. The effects were relatively minor so Jim attempted to throw off the lid. Unfortunately the magic trap had reset and we were all blasted again by the ball of burning heat. Damn that idiot Mycretian!!!

Suddenly, after the second explosion an embalmed undead creature burst out of the sarcophagus, savagely smashing us with it's unnatural strength. We were charred black, pitted in a fierce battle with an uncompromising foe! Our weapons seemed to barely harm the monstrosity, but Scab's summoning magic proved useful as always. A hippogriff and several dogs were called to aid us, but all were easily slain by the unrelenting corpse. Falconfrost, his mind clouded with the heat of battle, circled around the sarcophagus onto the ground that he had identified as a large covered pit... He tumbled down the 20 ft pit as he realised his error. Perhaps his brush with death has touched his mind, for this was a foolish mistake... Soon after Jim was smashed in the face by the abomination and was flung limply to the bottom of the pit. Although I could not see it at the time his head was smashed upon the rocks and his neck broken. Jim was not so lucky as Falconfrost to cheat death in the Ruins of Gravenhollows. Thankfully Scab's sturdy attacks finally brought down the dread lord and the battle was done.

We pulled Jim's body out of the pit, to return it to be buried as an honorable man might hope for. As much as that man rubbed this dwarf the wrong way I feel inclined to do him this service. In the sarcophagus we found a corked lead vial, a large sum of gold and a wand of bone. The wand radiates magic of the healing nature, but somehow I find that hard to believe... Hopefully we might be able to discern it's uses in town.

No signs of Grilda, but we hope that tomorrow's search might yield greater results. I have been attempting to map our progress through these strange ruins...

I have finally mastered the technique that I've seen the others use. I fear my opponents will be loath to approach me in armed combat now. The battle with the mummified corpse has taught me how best to take a wound, and I cannot wait to test my new prowess in combat. Braz Kazon guide me, I am sure I will find a fight sooner than I expect.

Of Ruins, Apes, Maidens, and Plague(March 12th 2005)

Finally Eadrahil caught up with us and he had found a couple new companions. A wolf, that he referred to as Windstone, and a red headed human man that went by the name of Corgan. The human seemed a powerful sort, wielding two huge swords, one in each hand.

Karnac, Falconfrost and I stood watch outside the ruins as Mclure, Eadrahil and Corgan searched deeper into the ruins. They emerged several hours later with the maid Grilda, as well as several other women slaves. As I had suspected the captives were found through the passage past the pivoting boulder...

We re-grouped near the entrance to the ruins. Eadrahil and Corgan heard sounds in the wooded area nearby, so they went to investigate. We heard strange sounds from the outside and inside of the Ruins much like signal calls. I knew we'd need to find a good defensible position if we were going to fight on two fronts, so I headed back toward the hidden passage where we had fought the mummy.

To my surprise a huge ape waited in the main courtyard, and it got the drop on me... That damned beast hit me hard in the face with it's big brutal bone club. Then it hit me again, before I could react.

Scab was nearly out of spells, and slightly wounded, and Corgan and Eadrahil had dashed off into the woods, so we were in a rough spot. Because of the onslaught of the brutal ape I couldn't focus on my spell casting enough to cast my spells. I lost spell after spell because of the raging ape that day. Or perhaps it was the screaming of the women that disrupted my magic. I will never know.

Once the ape knocked me out, but Scab saved the day with his powerful healing magic. I owe that fellow more than just a pint of stout, that's for sure.

Karnac managed to hack a gaping hole in the belly of the beast, but soon a ferocious blow from the monster's club to his midsection rendered him unconcious. We assumed him dead from such a heinous wound, and we fought on against that horrid monkey.

Soon after taking Karnac's gash the ape fled, knowing it had met it's match that day. We assessed Karnac's wounds and realized that he would need serious attention from a healer and plenty of bed rest before he would be able to take any action. We returned to Guilding to reunite Grilda with her mother Gilda.

Twas a fond reunion, and Gilda welcomed us in the Smiling Dog for the entire week it took for Karnac's wounds to heal. Karnac will never be fully whole again. His wounds were so severe that his guts will not be able to tolerate strong food or drink for the rest of his life. He'll be shitting blood for the rest of his days. It would kill this dwarf to not be able to have my spirits!!! It would be a curse worse than death!

A guardsman approached us about what we'd be doing with the other slave women that we had recovered from the ruins. We figured Gilda would welcome the extra help around the inn, so I informed him that they'd be stayin at the Smiling Dog.

Once Karnac had recovered we decided to thresh out the unexplored areas of the ruins. We proceeded there again. We saw a dead guardsman hanging in the entranceway and we were ambushed in the main courtyard. The same crude ape-man awaited us, hidden above the opening.

We were far better prepared to fight the beast, and we slew it with ease. Scab used his summoning spells, and I used the strength that Braz Kazon bestows upon me. This time the beast was well prepared, and swallowed several sealed skulls, that we later learned were potions of great healing. They would not be enough to save him this time...

We thoroughly searched the ruins, including the sealed area that we had found the mummy in. A sealed ornate archway of ancient design was behind the sarcophagus. Falconfrost opened the archway and proceeded into a small antechamber. There was another archway. Both were operated by stone buttons in the wall.

Falconfrost activated the second button, which opened the second door, but closed the first. As I pushed the first button a horrible sight was revealed. A room full of corpses lurched out towards Falconfrost, who was fiddling to get a torch lit.

I let forth a gout of flames at the abominations, and Falconfrost battered one to the ground. We all fell back to the more defensible area near the throne, and laid to rest those scaven corpses. After the mummy and ape-man these corpses seemed a breeze to destroy.

We searched the chamber these corpses had been contained in, to find nothing but filthy remains. There was another ancient archway, well concealed, that led to a hallway of ancient design. We followed the hallway around several corners to where it ended in a large underground crevasse. Water could be heard gurgling below, but none of us were too interested in braving the dark depths.

We continued our thorough search of the area that the ape-men and savages had held the prisoners. Falconfrost found a sack with 600 gp in it. We also found a strange model ziggurat behind a demonic archway. The room with the demonic archway had a large opening in the floor and what looked to be a descending walkway. As we approached the ziggurat it would light up with a magical illumination. We discovered that the top could be removed, and we did so, to discover a iron ring imbedded in a stone plug. I became impatient with all the talk of what we should do, so I pulled up the iron ring. A narrow shaft was revealed and a gong like sound emanated throughout the ruins. Fearing that something might have been summoned by the sound we made haste to leave the complex.

We arrived back in the town of Guilding without incident, and sought out the Smiling Dog. Gilda and her daughter were kind enough to put us up for the next couple days, while we prepared ourselves for the trek across the Plain Of Cairns to Wormingford to collect our reward.

Karnac set out to find Eadrahil and Corgan, while Scab, Falconfrost and I set out across the Plains. We made good time and safely crossed the plains. During that day we ran across a band of gnomes. We offered to travel alongside them, so as to offer safety in numbers. This request was denied. I should have known something was untowards with those little ones. They hustled on ahead of us.

Later we came upon one of their numbers tied to a tree. We stopped and inquired as to why he was tied there. He told us that his friends had robbed him and he begged us to untie him. Something of his story didn't ring true to me, but against my better judgement we allowed him to follow along 100 feet behind us.

When we reached Dorn we found a brace of guards awaiting us there. They informed us that the gnome following us was identified as having the Red Death, and that we weren't to be admitted into the town.

I was irate. I called upon Braz Kazon's mighty mace to smash the skull of the treacherous little bastard. Falconfrost fired arrows upon the sickly gnome and Scab sent his deity's weapon to destroy the plague bearer. He was soon dead, but nonetheless the guards would not admit us into the town. We sought out a place to camp outside the town and struck a fire.

In the middle of the night I awoke to the sounds of steel clashing. An ogre had set upon our meagre camp, and Falconfrost was engaged in a fierce duel with it. Scab used his magic, and by the time I had risen the brute had run off, into the darkness. I remember a time when an ogre would have been certain death to our troupe, but now we can fend one off in our sleep. Ah, it is good to see our abilities growing.

The following day we reached Wormingford to find that the Queen Hagrost was not in port. Perhaps it will be another quest in and of itself to find Captain Merizpal to claim our reward...

Of Wandering, Inhospitable Skandiks and Giant fishermen(April 2nd, 2006)

Curse the Skandiks, I say. After leaving Wormingford we decided to head east, and we ran across nothing but inhospitable Skandiks. Every town we ventured to we were denied access. All this tired dwarf wanted was a good bed, a hot meal and a flask of spirits! May Braz Kazon scorch their crops and bring war to their homes!

First it was Millhaven. The damned Skandiks wouldn't even let us past the gates.

Then we caught passage down the river to Ossary with a river merchant. Once in port the authorities quickly questioned us. We told them that we were interested in employment from the king, and informed them of our adventures. Upon hearing of our journeys they immediately escorted us to the edge of the city. It seems that the gates have been shut to any non-Skandiks by the king's decree. CURSES!!! All I wanted from the Skandiks was a good shield, but all they'll be getting from me now is the blade of an ax.

A group of soldiers were sent to escort us to the edge of Ossary's outskirts. Nigh a full day's travel. Good men they were. Almost seemed as though they might've been gishmesh by their names.

We camped with them the first night out and learned much about the goings on in the area. It seems that many of the towns and villages that normally pay tribute to Ossary have been rebelling. The guards wouldn't go into specifics, but I have a feeling that the king is mighty uneasy 'bout all of this. It seems that much of the problems in the kingdom were centered around Swarin's Cairn, the next town along the coast. We decided we'd make for it, as it seemed the most likely place to allow us entry.

And luck was with us! The guards admitted us into the small port town, and we went first to the largest building at the center of town. It was the lodgings of the ruler of the town, Ablicar. We met with him and paid him tribute to stay in his dwellings.

Ablicar told us the history of the town, and how it's past ruler had been exiled, but was hiding somewhere nearby, perhaps in the forests near Kauran. Some think it is he that has been stirring up trouble in the towns and villages. A bounty has been offered by the king of Ossary to find him, dead or alive. We'll be sure to investigate these matters, as gold often wins our allegiance.

We stayed another eve so that I might have the local smith craft me a buckler. With the amount I need my right hand free for spell casting I might as well have my shield strapped securely to my left arm so that I might easily pass my ax into that hand.

The following day we continued along the shoreline towards Kauran and the forests that might contain our bounty. Falconfrost expressed an interest in trading his silver dagger, that is of the second circle of magical power, for the enchanted longsword that I carried. Seeing as I am not one to favor a sword I happily traded. Hopefully I'll find a fine ax or mace that I might trade or win by test of combat. I gave him my old shield as well, for I'm sure he can use the extra protection.

Near midday we came upon a strange sight. A hulking giant was leaning out over the water, casting out a massive fishing net. As far as I knew giants such as these feasted only on manflesh, but I had yet encountered one to know the better.

We made for the cover of a large boulder, rained arrows upon him and prepared ourselves with magic. My strength was great, due to Braz Kazon's favor, and Scab and I smashed and slashed out with weapons of pure faith. Mclure's summoned hippogriff stood little chance against the giant and was slain soon after it's first attack was repelled.

The giant hurled two massive stones at us, but fortunately only Corgan was hit. I quickly healed him, and he stood to receive the charge of our huge foe. With two mighty blows the giant smashed Corgan's fine blade. I managed to score a deep wound upon him, but then he turned and obliterated my ax. That was a fine ax, and I had grown quite attached to it. After all, it had slain The Dreaded Serpent Of Gravenhollows!

I drew out the falchion I had found months ago and smote the bastard a gaping wound across the thigh, nearly cutting it's leg off. The training I received back home in the Terad Range gave me greater confidence that I might be able to slip unscathed beneath the feet of the giant instead of being obliterated by his huge club. Corgan was shaken by the brute, and couldn't land a firm blow. Again and again Scab's weapon of faith cut through the beast, but he fought on. Falconfrost had filled the thing with a score of arrows, and finally, with a well aimed shot to the ear, the giant fell, taking Corgan down with him.

We regrouped around the corpse of the giant and searched through his belongings. Many know that giants horde much treasure, so I hope to find his lair somewhere nearby. Upon him we found a large sack with 600 gold pieces in it. Hopefully this will help to replace my lost ax...
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Gorin Grimbeard's Adventures in the Wilderlands 8 Years, 7 Months ago  
Of Ogres, Assassins and the Snake-Mother(April 16th 2006)

I have been brooding over what to name our band for quite some time. I think I'll suggest to the others that we take up the name The Blackened Blades or The Vengeful Wanderers, or perhaps even Vengeance's Wake. Our debt to Harglac is yet to be repayed, and this dwarf is certain that our paths will cross again, and it will be he that will be upon the ground when I'm through with him.

It would be good to be united under one name so our enemies learn of us before we destroy them. Our renown could spread about the land and our coming will be welcomed with both gratitude and feasts, as well as fear and bloody vengeance.

Eadrahil finally caught up with us moments after we slaughtered the giant. It seems when there's a real fight to be had the elf is nowhere in sight!!! He couldn't pick up any giant tracks on the nearby coastline, so we headed on our way.

Karnac and Eadrahil had parted ways, and we had no idea where we might find Karnac, so Scab, Eadrahil, Corgan and myself continued on our trek to Kauran. Falconfrost went on ahead to scout.

Soon enough Eadrahil caught a glimpse of two ogres following behind us with his keen elven eyes. I had not yet recovered my spells, so I was wary to fight such foes. They dodged behind several jutting rocks to avoid our arrows and Scab's spells, but not before Eadrahil got off a few good shots. These were cunning ogres...

Soon they engaged us face to face amidst a few loose boulders. One slashed Corgan a nearly fatal wound with it's massive great sword, but I was quick to close the human's wound, knowing too well that we'd need the fellow standing if we were to slay these brutes. Eadrahil continued raining them with arrow after arrow, and soon enough one ogre was dead with an arrow through his eye. The other was quickly slain by Corgan and I's mighty blows.

The battle was won, and our losses were nominal. As I searched over one of the ogre's possessions I found a preserved human hand hung from a crude leather thong around it's neck. A strange charm that surely serves some foul magic purpose. I will hold onto it for the time being, uncertain of it's powers. We also found a huge sack of 2000 silver pieces, that I loaded into my pack to carry to Kauran. Quite a weight indeed!!!

Near the site of the battle we made camp and rested through the night.

We made it to Kauran late afternoon the following day. We passed through the north gate without trouble. A round tower with a snake motif rose up above the town. I believe it is a temple to Set (the Snake Lord of Darkness) but it may well be the guardhouse too. Many of the guards we've seen in towns paying tribute to Kauran wear the insignia of Set upon their uniforms.

As we walked through the streets we witnessed a brutal slaying of an older man. Three black clad men had been chasing him and rounded a corner right into us. Two of them wore masks, but their leader did not, revealing tattoos of triangles over his eyes and a cobra upon his hand. The old man was cut down before any of us could react. We drew our weapons to go to the defense of the old one, and the murderers turned their blades on us.

These men knew not who they were attacking, for our skills in combat are fierce. I scorched the first to charge us with the thick, smoky flames of Braz Kazon. Corgan and Scab quickly cut down their leader, then another was downed, but not killed, by Eadrahil's bow. Corgan attempted to detain the fallen one, but nearly cut off his leg in doing so. The man died there on the spot. The last assassin nearly escaped us, but was shot dead by Eadrahil.

I went to the aide of the fallen old man, but he was beyond my magic. As he died he told me "The chalice of the Ophidean Hand has been taken. You must recover it!" I know not what he speaks, but we will be sure to investigate further. I also found a pendant that I believe to be a symbol of an order of druids, although I am not certain...

Upon close inspection the assassins all had tattoos of cobras, over their faces and arms. They were surely assassins that followed Set. I fear they might've been cultists, and that we may see serious vengeance from our actions. They each had a signet ring of a cobra as well as some platinum and gold. We left the rings on them, wishing no more wrath from their organization.

Many local residents saw what transpired, but seemed to be ignoring it, as though they wouldn't care to be involved. We hurried our way towards the south gate, in fear of the wrath we might've incurred from the worshippers of Set.

Eadrahil, while counting the assassins' money, found a note that read:
"In the future, you would be wise to have all your loot
cataloged so we may take our share. The Snake-Mother
grows impatient with your carelessness. Remember to visit
us at the Sultan before you squander our money.
In your best interests,
Black Leaf"

This was enough to change our course of action from leaving the city. We first went to the market to gather information and supplies. Luckily I found another of my kin. A dwarven smith! The day was truly becoming brighter.

And what did I see hanging in his shop? A set of dwarvish plate, that might've been made just for me! I'll trust my guts better to this dwarven made plate than any mail made by a human or elf, that's for certain! I replaced my ax and spoke in length with the smithy.

He told us of the Sultan, a speak-easy in Morass, the ghetto district built in the sinkhole of the town. With just the mention of Black Leaf he turned sour, and asked us to leave. 'Tis too bad he turned so foul, as I'd surely have shared many a drink with 'im.

The rest of the group sought out what they needed in the market and we decided to head to the Sultan. It was mid afternoon and we figured that would be the best time to stir up trouble. And trouble was exactly what we stirred up...

We found the Sultan as it was described, a partially ruined abbey. The guard at the door demanded 100 gold each if we were to enter with our weapons. Eadrahil, in his usual hot headed style, stabbed the man through the barred peephole, killing him. I immediately called on Braz Kazon's might and smashed the door down with two powerful blows of my ax. The elf had already started the landslide and there was no way this dwarf could stop it now...

Awaiting us in the foyer was a tiger and a band of misfits. No doubt thieves and bandits. The tiger leapt at us but was quickly hewn down. I barged into the room, hacking at whatever I could. The thieves cunningly circled me, but my new armor deflected most of their meager attacks.

Between Corgan, Scab, Eadrahil and I we slowly killed each of our adversaries, until only one was left standing, a female. She called out down a hallway "Sasha, we need your help in here!!!" No sooner had she said that I clove her skull in two.

Moments later a snake man appeared from the hallway, wielding two twin exotic blades. It looked me square in the eye and said "Go to the nearest inn and go to sleep." I recall the black magic washing over me, and despite my greatest efforts I couldn't resist his powerful spell. I followed his orders, and here I sleep, unaware of what transpires...
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Gorin Grimbeard's Adventures in the Wilderlands 8 Years ago  
Of The Assault on the Temple Of Set, Part I (May 14th, 2006)

I awoke in the Frothy Mug tavern in Kauran to find Scab and Corgan
watching over me. Strangely the preserved hand I had found on the ogre
was in my breaches! I had been asleep for several hours and many things
had transpired…

Eadrahil had gone to consult the druids about the chalice and was
ambushed by the assassin Black Leaf. Luckily Carnac and Falconfrost
were following shortly behind him and they cut her and her companions
down. They revived her and learned that she had delivered the chalice
to King Midharn in the Morass. He is the ruler of the Morass, as well
as a worshipper of Shakur, the god of outcasts. Eadrahil would not
allow the others to kill Black Leaf, so they knocked her out and left
her to her own devices. I fear we’ll be seeing her again, before too

They immediately traveled to the Morass in search of King Midharn.
After a large bribe the King informed them that he had already
delivered the chalice to a person named Khaibet in the Temple of Set.
He also said we could access tunnels in the Morass that would lead us
into the Set stronghold, and hopefully to Khaibet.

After I awoke we quickly prepared ourselves to assault the temple. We
purchased antidotes to help stave off the poison of Set, and the others
bought fine, mighty long bows from a skilled bowyer. I have adopted
Falconfrost’s mighty short bow for times when I can’t get close enough
to use my ax.

I also spoke to a learned sage who divined what magical properties the
strange preserved hand possesses. I had found it on one of the ogre’s
on the journey here. Apparently it is an item called The Hand Of Glory.
It grants the ability to use two spells once per day, Daylight and See
Invisibility. If a magic ring is placed on it’s finger while it is
around my neck the enchantment will affect me, without interfering with
other magics. It is truly a great trophy, and I would be loath to part
with it. It has become precious to me…

With those tasks accomplished we made our way to the ruins that
Midharn, King of Hobos, spoke of. Once inside the ruins we made our way
down a narrow hallway. There were two doors on either side of the
hallway and one at the far end. Talking could be heard beyond the two
doors. As we marched up the hallway the talking stopped.

Suddenly four black clad guards burst from the two doors. We quickly
cut them down, but not before one could yell for help. We searched the
two small rooms but found little of interest.

The door at the end of the hallway opened into a chamber with 3 more
doors leading from it. A note was attached to the door on our left,
which said, “…enter not or we’ll hook you too”. The door was locked, so
Falconfrost set about unlocking it. As soon as we opened it a vile
stench seeped out. Several ghoulish corpses were feasting on three
fresh bodies. They had hooks anchoring them to the wall and they turned
to concentrate their feasting on us.

Scab channeled his divine might through his holy symbol and destroyed
one of the abominations. The rest of us set about putting the flesh
eaters to rest. My glaive found its mark and cut through the throat of
a diseased corpse while Carnac cut down two with his great sword.
Corgan was struck by one of the ghouls and was paralyzed in fear. Soon
afterwards we slaughtered the last of the corpses, and took a close
look around the room. Nothing of interest was found, so we headed to
the next door in the chamber.

Another narrow hallway was revealed, with two doorways on both sides
and a rickety wooden bridge spanning a chasm at the end. The sound of
running water could be heard, so we assumed it was running somewhere
down in the chasm.

Falconfrost ensured that there were no traps on the doors in the
hallway so we systematically searched each room.
The first room on the left was tiny, and it contained only a bed with a
sleeping guard, who was awakened by Falconfrost opening the door. We
slew him quickly, but his cries alerted another sleeping guard in the
second room on the right side of the hall. She attempted to assault us
but was beheaded by Corgan. I took her severed head by the hair to
strike fear into the hearts of our enemies.

The two sleeping chambers yielded nothing of interest other than small
coin, so we continued to search the other rooms along the hallway. The
first room on the right was just a stinking grate where these bandits
piss and shit. The second room on the left was a large kitchen area
where an elderly woman was preparing food. When I entered she held up
her hands, and cried for mercy. I held up the bloody head and told her
“ye be warned, if you leave this room you’ll meet the same fate as this
one…” She stood, paralyzed in fear, and we let her be.

I was wary to cross the chasm at the end of the hallway, so we headed
back to the antechamber and opened the last door leading from it. A
shallow room was revealed that ended in a chasm, with a wooden platform
balancing out over the edge. Further down the opposite side of the
chasm we could see a portcullis that opened into a stone chamber.
A heavily armored priestess of Set stood on the platform with two
retainers. She immediately started invoking a spell as her retainers
surged forward. Her first spell was a spell far more powerful than I
can muster. A channeling of negative energy to all her opponents! That
spell is still out of the scope of even Scab’s power, so I feared that
this enemy was strong.

Luckily I had prepared for dealing with the treacherous priests of Set.
I loosed my first spell, to quench all sound in the immediate area so
as to smother her spell casting. My gambit paid off, for when she
realized she was without her fell lord’s aid she fled, jumping from the
platform down into the murky water at the bottom of the chasm.
The rest of our troupe slashed away at the retainers and soon they were
laid low in a bloody heap, but the priestess was nowhere to be seen.

Knowing she would bring the rest of the Snake Worshippers down upon us
the group decided to return to the rickety wooden bridge spanning the
chasm down the hallway. I looked in the kitchen to see if the old woman
was still there, but she had disappeared! I didn’t like the idea of
fighting a battle on two fronts, so I remained in the antechamber to
keep an eye on the room that we had fought the Priestess, while still
being able to see my companions down the hall.

Falconfrost opened the door on the other side of the narrow bridge to
reveal a massive four-armed ape beast lurking in a small chamber. I
heard the beast howl from down the hall as it smashed the poor half elf
twice. Luckily he held his footing!

I called upon Braz Kazon’s crushing mace to smash the creature’s skull
and dealt the monstrosity a solid blow. Scab’s weapon of faith appeared
as well, slashing into the creature’s flank. Eadrahil rained down
arrows upon the behemoth, but despite our efforts the fierce creature
fought on.

Moments later the tide of the battle teetered in the favor of the ape
beast when the creature dealt Falconfrost several blows from it’s burly
arms and our brave scout fell. Fortunately for him he did not fall from
the rickety bridge, for that would’ve spelled certain death.

Seconds later Corgan charged the beast, but lost his footing and
tumbled headlong into the chasm. We heard a splash and a thud and
feared the worst.

I began to think the gods were against us, until I loosed an arrow from
the bow Falconfrost had given me. I had never fired a bow before, but
Braz Kazon must’ve guided my hand, for the arrow pierced the creature’s
throat (critical- 17 damage!!!).

Eadrahil, Scab, and I continued to assault the ape while Carnac
ventured out onto the bridge. We were sure that the beast would make
off with Falconfrost’s body if it could, and that couldn’t be
permitted. As Carnac attacked the ape he lost his footing and tumbled
down into the chasm. The bridge was getting the best of us!!!

To our relief the ape finally succumbed to his various wounds and after
healing Falconfrost we set about trying to retrieve the fallen warriors
from the 40ft chasm. After various botched attempts we succeeded in
getting all of us together on the far side of the bridge. Scab and I
tended the others’ wounds while Eadrahil went to guard the entrance to
the ruins. It seems the elf worships the spirit of his mother and must
not spill blood in the evening of her birthday. We searched the beast’s
lair then followed a corridor that lead through a portcullis, around a
bend and into another chamber where we found the beast’s mate.
She was none too pleased by our intrusion and she attacked. Without the
bridge to hamper us she was more easily dealt with than her mate. We
slew her quickly to ensure that no more of those foul brutes would be
spawned. Curse the mother of the first ape beast, for he harried us

We searched the room and found a stairwell leading down into a narrow
drainage pipe. Carnac led the way through the pipe until we came across
a grate. We pushed it up and pulled ourselves out of the muck. There
was a small, circular chamber before us, with an iron maiden against
one wall and a table of torture tools on the other. A doorway led out
into a hallway. We followed it around a bend to see the same chamber we
had seen across the chasm and through the portcullis.

Three black clad female worshippers awaited us there. They were skilled
martial artists, but they were no match for our hardened band! Soon
they were dead. They would never live normal lives and bear children.
Poor mothers they would have made anyways. I was able to use my new
cleaving technique against these monk whores. I think that with more
practice I will be able to redirect the blade’s momentum against more
than one opponent…

We continued down the hallway into another chamber. It bore evil
ornament and was a chamber devoted to the worship of Set. We had made
our way into the actual temple! We found a scroll there that read,
"The gates of fire have opened, and the creature stepped forth. We
found we couldnt control it, and the devil seemed poised to kill us
all. Therefore, we sealed it behind the door of death. Only the beloved
of the Scarlet Woman may open it.”.

Other than the scroll the room was bare.
After searching the worship hall we moved further down the hallway to
another chamber. It was large, with pillared walls, and a raised dais
near the end of the room. Two arches opened into other rooms, but were
obscured from sight. As was our adversary!

A metallic serpent struck out from the corner of the room, biting
Carnac. Poison coursed through his veins and he was very much weakened.
I had already given him my only potion to remove the Priestess’ poison,
so he was nearly overcome by the venom. Corgan was bit as well, and
went pale as a ghost. My stout heart saved me yet again, praise be Braz

None of our weapons seemed to hurt the cursed serpent, and both Carnac
and Corgan were near death. Finally after many blows had glanced off
the fiend we scored enough hits that it fled from us, heading towards
the left hand exit from the room.

The hallway has gone still and we wait, weakened and poisoned, for what
other horrors await us in Temple of Set.

Of Fleeing the Temple, Laying Ambush and Finding the Exiled Alvarik(June 25th, 2006)

With poison coursing through all but me the group realized we had to
turn back. My spells were nearly exhausted, and Scab seemed to lose his
resolve to brave the temple. Corgan was near death, and Falconfrost was
none too healthy either.

Eadrahil, Carnac and Scab stayed to guard the entrance in the Morass
while the rest of us made our way to the druidic circle, and sought
healing. The druids there aided us, for a fee, and we found another
inn, The Brown Beak, to lodge. Later the others returned saying
cultists and guards drove them out of the Morass.

The night passed uneventfully, so we headed to the entrance of the
complex. There were guards everywhere, collapsing the shacks and
sweeping the area. There didn’t seem to be any way into the place, so
we decided to spy on the temple itself and see what we might learn.
After a time of spying on the serpent temple we decided to jump some of
the priests who were coming and going from the guarded doors. We
followed them to an apothecary, and then laid plans for our ambush.
Corgan hailed them on the street while Falconfrost and I hid in an
alleyway. Corgan handed them a note that read that the enemy they were
looking for was in the alleyway. The two approached the alley but did
not enter. I wasted no time and loosed Braz Kazon’s crushing might upon

They had not yet seen Falconfrost, but were squinting into the darkened
alley. Corgan shoved the leader of the two into the alley, and
Falconfrost sunk an arrow into the snake priest’s side. The leader used
a holding spell on me, and lo and behold, I was held! The other priest
used the same spell on Falconfrost, and he too succumbed to the magic.
Corgan was our only hope, but moments later he was held as well.
The snake kissers approached, undoubtedly intent on slitting our
throats. But to their surprise I shook off the enchantment, and charged
the leader. I cut him down with a gruesome blow from my axe.
The other priest began to yell, so I silenced the area around him with
another spell. My two companions were still held, so it was up to me to
take down the fork tongued swine.

The coward took off running down the busy street, and I shot him twice
with my short bow. My dwarf legs couldn’t keep up, and he disappeared
into the crowds. Soon we could hear the alarm being raised, and we
hastened to take the dead priest’s possessions and flee.

We left Kauran by way of the west gate and headed into Whetwyd forest,
where Alvarik, the exiled ruler of Swarin’s Cairn was rumored to be

There I trained and meditated on Braz Kazon’s might. He has granted me
more incantations to spread his glory. With his mace I have mastered
the technique of momentous strikes, and I am far sturdier than I was

On the second night of training I dreamt of perilous things. I saw
Setite priests circled about a flat vertical disc. There was much
chanting and the high priest held forth a chalice with druidic markings
upon it. The black clad snake kissers ritually sacrificed several
children upon the slab and the chanting rose to a crescendo. After what
seemed like a century a shadowy image appeared in the disc. The high
priest hailed it and said “praise be, Emerald Cobra, we call on you
now.” The creature hissed and spoke that it had waited long to be
released. It slowly moved through the disc and its form was revealed.
That of a snake but formed of shadowy malevolence and deceit. The image
faded and I awoke, but I can’t get that cursed creature out of my mind.
If Set’s avatar has truly been released then our world will be swept up
in a maelstrom of destruction and crushing tyranny. I hope Braz Kazon
has granted me this vision as foresight, and that this heinous deed has
not yet been committed. I will do anything in my power to stop this
summoning and if I cannot I swear on the strength of a thousand dwarves
that I will bring war down upon Set and all who revere his name.

The next morning we searched to find Alvarik, hoping that he might be
able to rouse any men he still had to join our fight against the
Setites. We were camped on the shore of a lake near some ruins. There
were more ruins further out in the lake, so we patched together a raft
and sailed across. Upon the mound we found ruins that appeared to be
inhabited. We cautiously approached.

Inside we found a dug out boat, and suddenly a man called out from
deeper in the ruins. I spoke with him, and learned that he was indeed
Alvarik, but that all his men had perished in his struggle to escape.
He said that he was content to commune with Thor and live out the rest
of his days in the wilderness. My mind drifted back to our stay in
Swarin’s Cairn, when Ablicar told us of the 2000gp reward for the head
of Alvarik. His god would prefer him to die on a blade then slowly
wither away, so I decided to bring death to him.

I loosed a holding spell, and fortunately he could not resist the
spell. I surged forward and levied a crippling blow to him with my ax.
He shook the enchantment moments later and leveled three blows upon me
with his bastard sword. I realized that he was a great warrior, and
that I had challenged a fierce opponent.

The others rushed in, encircling our adversary. Corgan scored a
grievous wound upon Alvarik, and Falconfrost plunged his longsword
between the Skandik’s defenses. I hacked at the fellow again, and then
stepped back to allow Falconfrost to advance.

Three times did Alvarik slash out again, and twice was Falconfrost
struck. He reeled from the blows, but remained standing. I quickly used
my strongest scroll of healing upon him, and moved to help encircle our
enemy. Falconfrost was now in position to exploit Alvarik’s defenses,
and slashed out, cutting a deep wound in his exposed flank. Corgan
swung mightily and cut clear through Alvarik’s neck. His head fell with
a thud to the stone floor and all went quiet.

We are set to camp here for the night. I must meditate on what has
transpired these last couple days. We fled our most heinous adversaries
and snuffed an admired hero. Was it all for blood money that I charged
the Skandik? After all, I have no love for the king of Ossary or his
kingdom. Apparently they’re in league with the Setites, whom I hate
more than Harglac himself! Should I return the head for it’s reward, or
should I seek a powerful priest to revive Alvarik and see if we can
convert him to our cause? Do we have the strength to assault the Temple
of Set, and would Alvarik be a great asset for our mission? If only I
knew whether the dream I had was a vision of things past or things to

Of Searching the Ruins, Fending off Squids and Destroying the Orcs(September 3rd, 2006)

Once rested Corgan, Scab, Falconfrost and I delved deeper into the
abandoned ruins. Water had eroded it's way into ancient chambers buried
beneath the temple. We cautiously paddled our way down a narrow
underground stream into a large open stone chamber. A 30 ft crude stone
monolith stood near the end of the chamber. Corgan and Falconfrost
climbed the obelisk and discovered a large vase with liquid in it, as
well as a barrel full of skulls. Likely a place of unholy rituals.

As they were investigating a large squid that had been lurking below
lashed out with it's tentacles at Scab and I. We were struck, but
neither were dragged into the water by the beast. I loosed the crushing
mace of Braz Kazon upon it, as the others hurried down the narrow
walkway to help us. After several attempts to drag us away the wounded
creature disappeared under the surface of the murky water. We
cautiously paddled our raft around a corner and saw slimy residue on a
rock shore. There was a narrow passage leading deeper into the cave.

We followed the passage way into the a large open chamber with an
ornate bath at the center of it. The slimy residue lead right to the
pool. As we approached the squid lashed out at us again, but no one was
dragged into the maw of the beast. We cornered the foul thing and
gouged away at it until it's tentacles ceased to thrash. Once it went
still we were all covered in the slimy flesh...

We searched the bath chamber then returned to the obelisk and
investigated more thoroughly. They tried to overturn the vase with no
luck. They dropped a skull into the liquid and it was burned away
quickly by acid. Scab could detect magic from beneath the acid, so we
were resolute to dicover what it might be. I remembered a spell I had
been meditating on, that would help to make one temporarily impervious
to acid, so we rested nearby to recover the spell.

With the spell prepared and cast upon Falconfrost we returned to the
vase. Falconfrost reached into the vase and was suddenly bitten! We
could see a snake-like form that radiated magic thrashing about in the
vase. Falconfrost reached around it and felt a circular object and
grasped it. As he withdrew his hand we saw a large gem that radiated

With our greed satiated we returned to our campsite and rested,
agreeing that we could now return Alverik's head for it's bounty. We
had offered him the chance to help us fight the Setites and he had
declined before, so I now feel justified in his slaying. If ever I
leave the warrior's life I would want another greater warrior to
destroy me, as we did to Alverik. I had used a spell to preserve his
head, so that he might be identified as such, but ants were constantly
finding their way into the blanket which I had wrapped the head in. I
shook the blanket out and cleaned the head as we rested for the eve.

The next day we set out from camp, towards the north end of the Whetwyd
Forest. We reached the timberline midday and continued north towards
Swarin's Cairn. As the evening grew on we made camp and rested

Morning came and we struck camp. About midday Falconfrost's keen eyes
spotted orcs on the horizen. Many orcs.

Soon we all could see, nearly 3 score orcs coming over the rise, and
fast. Corgan asked us if we thought we should run. "HA!" I said, "We'll
kill them all!!!" One score broke off to survey the battle, while the
other two surged forward. Luckily we had time to prepare and set about
doing so. I called upon Braz Kazon to bless our attacks, as well as
grant me the strength of his will. Falconfrost and Corgan loosed
several volleys, taking a couple orcs down. I loosed Braz Kazon's mace
at the orcs, steadily cutting down orc after orc. I fired an arrow into
the throat of an orc, then put away my short bow and drew my falchion.
Gallons of Orc blood would be spilt on this brutal curved blade!!!

The orcs finally reached us and we met them head on. Corgan took two
gruesome wounds from their axes and fell, while Falconfrost and I
hacked away at the swarms. Many fell to our blades. I leaned down and
healed Corgan's wounds, while Falconfrost disembowelled an orc.
Corgan's eyes opened and I turned on the hordes of orcs that had
surrounded us.

I swung a well aimed chop to the throat of an orc, then using the
momentum turned the blade round and hacked off another's leg. Still
spinning with the falchion's momentum I turned and beheaded another
orc, whose neck gave way so easily that my blade slammed right into the
skull of another orc, ending his life(great cleave-4 orcs in one
round!). I let out a mighty warcry and swung my falchion about as a
challenge to the score of orcs watching and waiting.

More orcs surged in and Falconfrost, and I took several wounds.
Falconfrost ran through his most hated adversary with his magical elven
blade, while Corgan gutted an orc. Seconds later a massive orc charged
Corgan and hacked deep into the man's torso, knocking him to the
ground. Falconfrost and I breathed a prayer for him, hoping his god's
grace would save him that day.

With Braz Kazon's might still coursing through my veins I levied
another blow upon an orc. His chest gave way to my blade, and I turned
and sunk the blade deep into the face of another. Again the momentum
was right and I swung mightily and cut off another's arm at the
shoulder(great cleave-3 orcs in one round!). I let out another howl and
the remaining orcs fled.

We looked over Corgan's body and realised he was indeed alive, although
he would require great assistance to recover. We decided that we must
take him to a skilled healer.

Nearly two score lay dead at our feet, a score of that I could claim as
my own kills. As my father used to say, "A day of dead orcs is a fine
day for dwarves!" Tis a shame we don't know of a bounty for orc ears,
for we could surely make a killing.

After searching and piling the bodies of our adversaries we continued
on our trek towards Swarin's Cairn. We saw another town, Serpent
Little, and decided to rest there for the night.

The town seems split between humans and elves, both physically and
philosophically. Upon asking for a healer we were given advice to seek
one human healer, but the elves told us he was a charlatan and told us
to seek one of their healers. We did so and he administered salves and
bandages to Corgan.

I realised that we could probably seek the reward for Alverik's head
here, as this town is ruled indirectly by Ossary. I found the local
magistrate and was given the bounty of 2000gp. He seemed disappointed
with our slaying Alverik, but regretfully paid up. I try not to think
of the guilt of slaying this man, but if I do think of it I remember
that a warrior ought to die bravely on a blade or claw, not cowering in
a cave for the rest of his lowly existence. His death will give us
resources with which to destroy our enemies. Hail Braz Kazon!

Of Paying Ransom, and Taking Vengeance(November 26th, 2006)

Falconfrost had been told of an ancient dungeon nearby, called the
Blackgut Pits. He foolishly decided to delve into it while Corgan and
Karnac were resting and I was gathering rare inks and papyrus. We had
not heard from him for a day until we received word from a bandit
messenger that he was being held captive by a band of kobolds and was
being offered for ransom. A BAND OF KOBOLDS!!! Ha!!! The day I'm
captured by a gang of those vermin will be a sad day indeed!

Fortune has played it's hand again, and we were forced to hand over the
blood money to free our friend. Alveric's head must be laughing at us.

We followed the messenger to a ruined keep on a hillside. He entered
with our money and soon Falconfrost came staggering out with nothing
save rags. We returned to Serpent Little to allow him to rest and
re-equip himself. I generously gave him my fine dagger that I won from
an orc, as well as returned his composite bow to him. Hopefully we can
recover his bow and blade, for they were great weapons.

Once equipped we returned to the entrance to the Blackgut Pits, and
plunged into the foul place. We were met by large toads in a great
pillared hall. We quickly slew them.

Following Falconfrost's directions we found the lair of the Kobolds.
They gave way under our might, as I slashed down one after another. We
were bathed in their blood as nearly two score were laid low on our
blades. The rest of the kobolds fled further into the Pits.

I realised that Gathuk Orn, the celebration of Braz Kazon's might, was
that midday, so I quickly returned to Serpent Little to reflect on the
bloodbath of the morning while the others continued to search for
Faclonfrost's lost equipment.

Of the Blackgut Pits,(December 3rd, 2006)

Falconfrost and Corgan returned battered and in need of healing later
that day. They spoke of a stone, winged creature, and barbarian men, as
well as troglodytes. Another companion had joined them as well, a small
fellow by the name of Blargil Kegthrower. A local halfling who yearned
for the thrill of battle. He accompanied us back into the Pits the
following day.

Corgan was disposed, so Falconfrost, Scab, Blargil and I headed into
the Pits. We were ambushed by a band of stinking reptile men. We slew
them quickly. Blargil is not nearly as adept in combat as we, but he is
plenty brave. It was also useful to have a willing lightbearer.

We delved deeper into the pits. Long we wandered throught the many
halls and rooms of that foul place. As we searched a room a half score
of goblins surged into the room and attacked. I cut a swathe through
them with two mighty charges. The others fell their adversaries and the
room was again calm.

We found a large chamber with a statue in the center. The statue
radiates magic, of all kinds of spheres. It is intriguing, but i know
very little of these things. My skills lie in combat, not in lore.

A clawed and barricaded door stood in one hallway. We chose to leave it
barricaded until we had more blades on our side.

Another doorway held two strange creatures we had never seen before.
They were some sort of scaly subterranian creature, that were cowardly
and somewhat intelligent. We spoke with them and they told us that
their kind live deeper in the Pits. They had been chased here, and were
hoping to return to their tribe. We offered to help them if they would
help us slay a tiger that was chained in a room nearby. They refused
and decided to find their own way.

We slew the large predator and searched the room it had been contained
in. Apparently someone has been feeding this beast, so we continued on
our way.

Further into the pits we came across a gang of orcs in a ruined
barracks. With hatred coursing through my veins I charged into the
room, hell bent on devastating those cursed black bloods. Falconfrost
has no love for orcs either, and between he, I and Scab they were all
quickly slain. Another room joining the barracks was also full of orcs,
and they flooded in as the sound of battle echoed through the walls.

Again they stood no match our fearsome assault. Blargil showed his
merit and fired several good shots with his bow before he was cut down.
Fortunately the little fellow wasn't killed and he lives on.

More passageways led us into halls with barbaric men armed with crude
greatswords. Our foes were fierce adversaries, who fought on even when
run through or cut to ribbons. We surged in and hacked our way through
the host of them. Eventually we came upon their leader, a fierce
warrior indeed. We exchanged many blows, but our strength was too great
and we overcame our enemies. Four other barbarians in loincloths were
conducting a ritual as we burst into a chamber. They declared us
heathens and fought with us, but again we slew them quickly. Their
blows were devastating, but our skill was great.

After searching the halls of the wild men we returned to Serpent
Little, to recover our strength and ponder our next expedition into The
Blackgut Pits. It seems we have gained esteem among the locals, and
have been glorified, for our delving into The Pits.
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Gorin Grimbeard's Adventures in the Wilderlands 8 Years ago  
Damn...blairgb and dudebird. If you guys aren't working for WOTC, then you should be. :-) I would love to see this put into a Never Winter Nights I or II module for pc. Killer stuff. Horns up!!!
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DofE/R&P(x1)Cave(x1),R&P(x1),DlxRoom(x1),OgrDen(x1),WAII(x1),OctRoom(x1),AlphaExp(x1), DungAcc(x1),MediFurn(x1),Treas&MgcItem(x1),Many individual pieces, TOTAL WOTC PLASTI-CRA*K ADDICT!!!!!!!!!
Gorin Grimbeard's Adventures in the Wilderlands 8 Years ago  
Damn...blairgb and dudebird. If you guys aren't working for WOTC, then you should be. :-) I would love to see this put into a Never Winter Nights I or II module for pc. Killer stuff. Horns up!!!
the game takes place in The Wilderlands, which is a killer setting by necromancer games. now if they'd sponsor us, and maybe dwarvenforge too, then i'd be really happy.
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Gorin Grimbeard's Adventures in the Wilderlands 8 Years ago  
Actually, the Wilderlands of High Fantasy was originally published by Judges Guild, and has been republished by Necromancer Games. Just thought I'd mention the origin. Some of the old stuff is still the best, and made even better when updated to the new edition of the game.
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Make Mine Master Maze!
Gorin Grimbeard's Adventures in the Wilderlands 8 Years ago  
An AWESOME read.

If you have any more, please keep posting.
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Gorin Grimbeard's Adventures in the Wilderlands 7 Years, 9 Months ago  
Of the Young Bloods and the Blackgut Pits II (April 22nd, 2007)

After several days of scribing scrolls and mediatation I returned to the Serpent Little Inn where Falconfrost introduced me to several new faces; Two elves, Jebdar and Alundelm, and two half orcs Grymnatch (upon whose shoulder stood a raven) and Gool. I was at first wary of the orc bloods but quickly learned they were worth their salt...

Falconfrost had rescued them from the Pits, and in return they had promised to help him recover his lost equipment. They each had skills that would benefit our group. Jebdar a cunning rogue, Alundelm a druid of the earth, Grymnatch Wyvernspawn a sorceror, and Gool a fierce barbarian.

The group had done some delving into the Pits and recovered most of Falconfrost's lost equipment. His sword, bow and mithral shirt had been found near where we slaughtered all the kobolds. Our search had not been thorough enough, for we had not found their cache.

After introducing us Falconfrost went about spending some of his hard earned booty on ales and whores. The others weren't content to rest yet, so we decided to continue where they had left off with Falconfrost.

We ventured into the Pits, following a map the druid Alundelm had crafted. His lore is great much like the traditional elf, but surprisingly his dispostion is favorable. I'm sure he didn't quite know what to think of this dwarf!

The group had payed seven dwarves a fee to erect support beams in a corridor that was nearly collapsed. And a good lot they were, the dwarves!

Gibby and Kibgy took turns watching over the beam we brought as the rest of us went to collect the last of them. With the help of the dwarves we managed to lug all the beams into the hallway. To our horror we found Kibgy laying over the beam when we returned. And he was no sleeping beauty. He had been poisoned, and his body was twisted and frozen in a horrific death pose. His lips were lined with snowy white foam, and his tongue had swollen and choked the life out of him.

We were wary of whatever caused Kibgy's demise, so we stuck around and guarded the dwarves as they worked. Soon their work was done, and they went on their way, bearing Kibgy back to be buried.

The hallway beyond led to a set of stairs leading upwards. As we ascended the stairs we noticed un-kept piles of refuse everywhere. The stairs led into a trash filled room, where I saw a large cobra lurking in the corner.

I immediately called on Braz Kazon's crushing mace to strike down the serpent. No sooner than I had cast the spell the foul snake spat it's venom straight into my eyes. I was blinded, so I stepped back and let the others fill the room.

I'm not entirely certain of the events of the next few seconds, but eventually Gool cut the thing in half. Minutes later my vision returned. No one was injured, so we continued to search through the Pits.

Through several hallways we journeyed. We found a large room, filled with all sorts and sizes of bird cages. The cawing of a bird could be heard, but none of us could find the creature. Jebdar found a golden goose egg hidden amongst the cages. We gave up on searching the room and headed into the hallway. As soon as we did we were met by a massive rotting bipedal bird, hellbent on devouring us.

The beast snapped at me with it's massive beak, but my sturdy dwarven plate deflected the blow. I laid into it with a gruesome wound from my warax, and carved out a chunk of the breast. Gool hacked into the thing's thigh with a mighty blow from his sword and cut the drumstick clear off. With a quick gesture Grymnatch breathed an incantation and positive energy shot out from his fingers straight into the beast's skull. Maggotty brains squirted out of the skull, but still the abomination fought on. Again it tried to bite me but my armor saved me again. Gool attacked again and levelled a mighty blow into the torso of the zombie bird. His sword cut clear through the center of the torso and the two halves of the foul thing tumbled to the floor.

It was then that the others told me of their battle with a necromancer, and more importantly of the prize they had won from him. A narrow wand of lead and bone that bore runes of necromancy. They assumed that this beast was a creation of the necromancer.

The bird atop Grymnatch's shoulder let out a squawk and suddenly spoke in the common tongue! I nearly cut the damned thing in half I was so surprised. Apparently the bird was once a man named Thorn, but was transformed into a raven by Blackguts himself. Thorn told the group many things, although I do not trust his word, for he might've been sent by Blackguts to confuse us.

We continued to search the corridors until they opened into a large hall that was filled with bestial men wearing next to no clothing or armor. We assumed they were the same clan of barbarous merauders we had encountered before. They were caught unaware so we spared them no mercy.

Before they could react I loosed Braz Kazon's scorching mace at the leader, a hulking beast of a man weilding a brutal bone club. Grymnatch incanted a spell that surrounded him with armor, while the others surged into the room. The men rallied against us, and surrounded Corgan and I, but fortunately their blows were weak and they did not hurt us. Corgan swung mightily and severed one man's head. The force of the swing was enough to propel his blade into the flank of another. He adjusted the momentum and ran another through all in one deft motion(great cleave-3 barbarians). Braz Kazon's crushing mace continued to hammer down on the leader, while I took a wild swing at my adversary. Quick bursts of magic flew from Grymnatch's hands into the barbarian men, scorching them with their arcane might. Gool hacked away at a barbarian until the man fell. Again Corgan swung mightily and disembowelled a foe. His blade turned and found an exposed throat, which gave way so easily that the stroke cut off another foe's leg(great cleave #2-3 barbarians). After several grisly wounds from my master's mace the leader fell too.

As we searched the bodies we found a note from one Bjorn to his wife Freya, telling her that he tried to return to her and their children in Serpent Little. He was one of 9 hand-picked adventurers called The 10 Wolves of Serpent Little. We resolved to find this Freya and tell her of her husband's fate in the Pits.

One of the rooms adjacent to the large hall held many cured meats and sausages. It was once a larder of some sort. Grymnatch foolishly bit into a sausage and said "This tastes funny," as he fed some to Thorn. The bird coughed and said, "It's not as tasty as bugs... SQUAWK!" then topppled off Grymnatch's shoulder and fell dead on the floor. The half orc managed to keep the rancid sausage down with no ill effect save horrid gas. What else is new for half orcs!?! We made a pyre for the poor dead Thorn and continued into the Pits.

Beyond the larder we came across a pack of hungry ghouls. They swarmed me and grasped me in their diseased claws. Their strength was great and I could not break free. Fortunately the others were able to cut down the half dozen abominations.

We returned to the large hall and tried the double doors to the north. As soon as we opened the doors we were met by two large dinosaurs chained to the walls. They bound forward and tore into Corgan with their razor sharp talons. I ran to Corgan's side and closed his deep wounds with my most powerful healing spell. Corgan lashed out and struck the first dinosaur a solid blow across the torso. Jebdar dashed off in fear while the others attacked from behind Corgan and I. The dinosaurs tore into Corgan and I again, and both of us were slashed and torn by their bites and talons. Corgan heaved his bastard sword around over his head and brought it down squarely on the exposed neck of the dinosaur. The beast's head came off easily and the body continued to run and thrash around like a chicken. My morale was high, seeing this enemy fall, and I swung mightily at the last dinosaur. My falchion connected with it's maw, and I smashed clear through it's skull. It collapsed to the ground, twitching and thrashing for several minutes. Gool bent down and hacked off one of the talons for a trophy.

Through the doors at the north end of the room we found a wine cellar with the most massive casks I have ever seen. We proceeded to fill our skins with the aromatic wine. There were barrels and barrels of the stuff, although it all seemed to be of the same vintage.

We returned to the great hall to try the last of the double doors. Water could be heard beyond the door, and as we opened it we saw a small stream flowing westward into a larger tributary. Around the corner we found a man dressed in rags huddled in the darkness. His mind was nearly gone, for he could not remember any of his past. We decided to bring him to Serpent Little so he could rest and hopefully recover his mad mind.

As we travelled through the great hall the man suddenly burst into tears. It seems that the group of bestial men were his troupe, and that they were once bold adventurers who sought glory in the Pits. He remembered his name, Alfreed, but could not remember much else, save his slain companions. We wisely did not tell him of his companions' feral nature or that we had been forced to slaughter them.

Our resources were running thin after the encounter with the carnivorous dinosaurs, so we returned to Serpent Little to rest and enjoy our spoils. As we entered the town Alfreed became very confused, as this Serpent Little bore little resemblance to the one he had set out from years before. After several minutes we realised that Alfreed and the 10 Wolves of Serpent Little were indeed from Serpent Little, but that they had set out nearly 400 years ago! I had heard that powerful magics were at work beneath the keep of Black Guts, but never have I heard of such devilry. I fear Alfreed's fragile mind may not endure these hardships, for all his kin are dead and there is nothing save ale and spirits to console him.

We took the defeated Alfreed to the Inn, and paid his way for a week. I gave him one of the skins of wine to ease his suffering. The good natured barkeep, Jovial, kept an eye on the poor sod as we drank and toasted our success in the Pits.

The next day I went to see the local witch docter, to divine the use of the lead and bone wand the group had found on the necromancer. With a shudder and an expression of revulsion he told me that the wand was for animating skeletons and zombies, and to take it and myself out of his store.

Later we returned to the Pits, intent on further exploration of the area where we found the 10 wolves. As we made our way through the hall of the goblin king a lurking band of goblins and orcs ambushed us.

My hatred of orcs surged up in my guts, and I loosed Braz Kazon's scorching wrath upon them. Gool and Corgan waded into the mass of enemies, cutting down one after another. A warg bounded forward and tore into Corgan with it's vicious fangs. I directed the hallowed mace of Braz Kazon against the warg, then charged headlong into the fray, hacking down two orcs with one mighty swing (cleave- 2 orcs!). Corgan was overwhelmed and couldn't strike down his opponents, but fortunately Grymnatch's hatred of his father's kin aided him and he smashed down one after another with his mace. Four orcs in total met their fate on Grymnatch's mace that morning. Soon the warg was slain and the goblins were all slaughtered. We searched and piled the bodies and resolved to continue deeper into the Pits.

Of the Blackgut Pits III (April 29th, 2007)

After slaughtering the goblins and orcs we continued towards the reinforced corridor. We found one door on our route was locked that had not been before, so we took the long way around through the necromancer's lair.

The others showed me a statue of a skeleton that bore two magical gems as eyes. I drew out my jeweler's hammer and chisel and set about removing the valuable gems. To my surprise the statue wasn't trapped, and the gems came out into my hand. I slipped them into a pocket and we continued on our way.

As we rounded the last corner we came across the body of Kribgy, one of the dwarf masons we had hired! Soon we saw Bibgy and Gibgy, and realised the whole clan was strewn about in various throes of death. By my reckoning they were killed by goblins, as the arrows were crude and barbed much like the ones they had just used on us. Furthermore, the support beams had been removed from the corridor, and the ceiling and floor looked perilously unstable. We decided to exact revenge on the goblins and orcs instead of continuing through that hallway.

We returned to the hall of the goblin king and used a secret door built into the throne. It was a rotating wall of genious construction. Surely it was not the work of the idiot goblins.

We descended the stairwell in the secret chamber of the goblin king and found ourselves in a large room that was littered in some sort of grey material. No sooner had we entered than three large bats dove upon us, hellbent on tearing out our eyes. They snapped at me and I was bit by each of them. I swung in retribution and connected solidly with the closest. Gool attacked and struck another, but neither fell. Again they bit at me, but only one connected with my forearm. I was reeling from the blood loss, but I swung mightily and my ax cut right through the center of the thing. No sooner had I taken down the first Gool drew out my glaive and cut deep into the torso of the bat. It squealed and collapsed, writhing on the floor. I took a moment to heal my wounds while Alundelm and Grymnatch fired into the fray. Gool dropped the glaive and stepped up to bat with his falchion. He levelled the bat with a grand slam that could've killed a dragon.

The room had one exit that was a locked door. Alundelm's keen elven ears heard the sound of booted feet through the door. Grymnatch tried the necromancer's key in the lock, and lo and behold the door unlocked. Unfortunately it was still barred from the other side. We rapped upon the door, but heard only muffled speaking in a language none of us knew. Seconds later we heard some orcish and goblinish speaking and we needed little more to convince us to storm the door.

I called upon Braz Kazon to grant me the strength of tempered steel and began hacking into the door with my ax. The door gave way from 2 blows and we saw our adversaries. Ugly goblinoids that we immediately recognised as hobgoblins. The waiting hobgoblins loosed a volley of arrows at us, but most bounced harmlessly off my armor. I charged into the hallway and cut down one goblin archer. Gool was close behind me, eager to prove his supremecy over the goblinoids.

The battle raged around us as we slowly cut down one, then another. A volley of barbed arrows rained down on me and I was struck twice between my breast plate and helm and once in the thigh. I was bleeding hard and I tried to use my mightiest healing spell on myself. To my horror I failed to concentrate through the pain and lost the spell. Alundelm charged through the skirmish with his scimitar and beheaded a hobgoblin that was ready to kill me. I called out thanks to him and he laughed, saying, "We'd be knee deep in guano without you Grimbeard!" Between Gool and I we cleaned up most of the hobgoblins until there was only one or two left.

It was then that we heard a terrifying screech and saw the hulking form of an owlbear charging down the corridor. It had been prodded down the hall by hobgoblin handlers, and it was angry. It tore apart the first hobgoblin in it's path then raked at me with it's claws and beak. Fortunately my armor saved me again and I stepped back and loosed Braz Kazon's crushing wrath. It struck the beast, but barely injured it. The owlbear attacked again but only one of it's claws ripped into my arm. It attempted to drag me into it's clutches, but because of Braz Kazon's strength I tore myself free of it's grasp. The scorching mace of Braz Kazon struck out four more times over the next minute and struck the beast all but once. I attacked again and dealt it a viscious slash across the mid-section. Gool stepped up with his falchion and attacked, but the beast knocked the attack aside. It attacked again and missed me. With all his might Gool swung his falchion around and hacked deep into the breast of the owlbear. At long last it fell to the ground, dead.

We were wounded and nearly exhausted of magics, so we hastily searched the hobgoblins then prepared to return to Serpent Little. I suddenly had a thought that it might be advantageous to have a zombie owlbear to serve us. It seemed that the spell should work, so I levelled the wand at the owlbear corpse and spoke the incantation to raise it.

To our horror the beast reared up and immediately set upon us. It's claws raked at my breastplate, but I was not struck. I commanded it to move away from us, to no avail then lashed out powerfully and dealt it a deep gash. Gool attacked, but the thick hide of the corpse deflected his blow. Grymnatch channelled positive energy through his arcane power and blasted the owlbear with it. The owlbear zombie attacked me again, but thankfully the blow bounced off my helm. Again I attempted to command it to flee, and ensured the others that it should follow the command. It did not and kept attacking. I cut deep into it's thigh, but it kept going. Gool swung and connected with the oily feathers, sending blood spattering around the hallway. The beast turned it's attack on the young half-orc. It bit into him, and shook the barbarian like a ragdoll. Gool fell to the floor, bleeding from his heinous wound. I attacked again and landed a firm chop to the shoulder of the owlbear. Alundelm tried to shoot the abomination with no luck. With all my spells spent and my lifesblood spilling to the floor I swung my ax in desperation. And Braz Kazon was with me! For my ax found the skull of the zombie and collapsed the cursed head. It fell to the floor, lifeless, for the second time. We all breathed a sigh and I immediately looked to Gool, whose spirit thankfully remained with us. I healed him with the last of my orizons, and we fled the halls of the hobgoblins.

On our way I told the group of how the spell should've worked, and that perhaps the wand was cursed. Alundelm proceeded to say "You're not with us 'cause you're smart, dwarf." I scowled, and I'll remember that little comment next time he's in dire need of healing.

We returned safely to the Serpent Little Inn and bought food and drink. A gang of dwarves were there and we mentioned to them that the clan of dwarves we hired, who I learned were the Sigbisson clan, had perished in the Pits. These dwarves, the Sigssons were overjoyed, and they told us how the Sigbissons had stolen their treasure maps. These dwarves were also masons, so I offered them the location of the Sigbissons and our extensive maps of the 1st floor for a week's labor. We bargained further and eventually settled on a day or 2's work. Hopefully they can reinforce the hallway to the great hall was, so that we might return there.

I insisted we split the money that we've earned in our delvings, for I long for fine drink, wenches, and some quality pipeweed. I'll be taking a fortnight or so to enjoy the spoils of our expeditions. Our folly with the owlbear has taught me that death may come at a moment's notice and I feel I ought to suck the essence of life while the skin has wine in it and the pipe is full. Until then Braz Kazon bless my rest and honor my reverance to him.
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Gorin Grimbeard's Adventures in the Wilderlands 7 Years ago  
Sorry for the thread resurrection here, but these are the last two accounts of Gorin Grimbeard before he met his fate in Kauran at the hands of the tentacled Tree Mother of the Druid's Grove.

Of the Slaying Of Snagglefang, Fell Wyrm of Blackgut Pits (April 29th, 2007)

Weeks passed. I vaguely recall the swirling stupor of Black Lotus, and sweaty nights in the dark den of a whore. When I recovered from my binge I returned to the Inn, to find nearly all my companions there. Corgan, Falconfrost, Gool, Grymnatch, Alundelm and even Scab Mclure. I was joyed to see the cleric, for I was worse for wear from my debauchery. Alundelm had befriended a massive ape, named Drok, who followed him faithfully. The druid's wolf had perished trying to leap a chasm of burning acid.

With so many amongst us we hatched a plan to attack the Dragon Of The Pits. We were told long ago about the entrance to his lair. I prepared scrolls to protect us from the dragon's breath, and bought two new weapons; a fine glaive to replace the one I gave Gool and a mighty bow, to replace the one I had returned to Falconfrost.

After a meager breakfast we set out to the wasteland the farmers spoke of. We found a craggy hole in the earth surrounded by dead brush and rotten carcasses. There was a strong acrid smell that burnt at our nostrils as we decsended into the passageway.

Long we followed the passage until it split in two directions. We headed down the left hand path until it opened into a filthy chamber that had two other passages leading from it. After some investigation Falconfrost discovered a ring in a crude leather pouch. It was his ring that the kobolds had taken in his shameful captivity! We took the passageway to the right, as it was lit by a queer half light.

We rounded a corner into a vast chamber that stunk of brine. The incadesecent glow was emanating from the strange sea lichen that choked the whole room. There was a murky channel of salt water that split the large cave. Across the water we could see a horde of treasure! Coins of silver, gold and platinum, as well as shimmering emeralds on silver necklaces. My eyes were alight and perhaps it clouded my mind, for I did not think to prepare us against the dragons breath.

Falconfrost deftly leaped across each slick looking stone to the far side of the channel. He tied a rope to a pulpy weed on the far side and the others began crossing as I held the rope. Grymnatch managed to nimbly hop from stone to stone until he was across. Scab went next and nearly sank, had it not been for the rope he was clutching. He got himself to the other side, soaked, but safe. Alundelm went next and slipped near the far shore. He managed to pull himself up to the far shore and beckoned for his ape Drok to follow.

It was that moment that the dragon chose to strike. The slimy scaly head emerged from beneath the water and blasted the group on the far shore with it's noxious breath. They were all immersed in the cloud, and as it dissipated I could see Grymnatch laying face first on the wet stone.

With first sight of the dragon fear washed over the group. Gool began screaming, dropped his glaive and fled. Drok the ape was hot on his heels. The rest of us more seasoned adventurers held our ground, but were visibly shaken from the frightful wyrm.

Alundelm held forth the letter from the elven lord of Serpent Little that begged for peace from the dragon. He called out "Dragon King! We are here with a message from the Lord of Serpent Little! Cease your attack on the village and we shall cease our delvings in your dungeon!"

The wyrm paused a moment and snarled, "If you truly be messengers of peace, drop your weapons and bow to me!"

We all knew that we could not possibly throw down our weapons, and if we did we would be inviting the dragon to feast on us. Corgan seized the oppurtunity and slashed the dragon across the wing. In retaliation the dragon unleashed it's attacks on Corgan. He withstood the mighty bite of the dragon, but was battered to the ground by the wyrm's claws. I prayed that he had not succumbed to his wounds.

Scab uttered the familiar words of summoning and two hippogriffs appeared next to the dragon. Neither could breach the hard flanks of the dragon. Falconfrost fired two arrows, both striking through the tough scales into the soft flesh beneath. He is truly becoming a fine markman!

The dragon tore into the hippogriffs, rending their flesh and sending them back to their home plane as fast as they appeared. We all were glad that it was not us that the dragon tore apart.

As fast as I might I used a scroll to protect me from the beast's breath. I could hear Scab using his. Seconds later Alundelm had used his scroll of resistance. If only we had thought to use them moments earlier!

I called upon Braz Kazon to strike down the wyrm with his wrath. My faith was strong and my mace struck the dragon a glancing blow. Across the channel Scab had revived Grymnatch, but the half orc's will was weak, for he fled further into the lair of the dragon. My heart was heavy with the sight, but I fought on, using a scroll of strength. I slashed at the wyrm, dealing it a shallow wound to the breast. Meanwhile Falconfrost had sunk two more arrows into the beast, one finding a vital spot in the neck.

The wyrm turned in retaliation and loosed it's corrosive breath on Scab, Alundelm and Falconfrost. The elf collapsed against the far wall of the cave, but the others weathered the blast with help from the protection scrolls.

Scab conjured his weapon of faith and Falconfrost fired again and again. I took the oppurtunity to heal Corgan while the dragon was occupied with the others. He awoke with a start and heaved himself to his feet. Meanwhile my mace of might struck the wyrm again. The highlander charged at the dragon and dealt it a glancing wound.

The dragon turned and opened it's maw for another blast of acid upon the highlander and I. Darkness overcame me as I lost conciousness...

In the black of death I heard a call to return to the battle. Braz Kazon had shown me my fate, that of a dragon slayer!

When my eyes opened I could see Scab leaning over me, his healing washing over me. I could hear insane howling and watched as Gool, who had returned free of his fear, swung his glaive in a mighty arc. The sharp blade found a weak spot between two scales of the breast and nearly rent the wyrm in two.

Grymnatch had returned as well, and fired his magical arrows at the wyrm. By some devilry the dragon resisted the missiles time and time again.

The dragon snarled and set about tearing the barbarian to pieces. Gool weathered the bite, and two claws, but the wyrm reared up and ran through the half orc with it's tail. The mutilated body dropped to the ground, limp and seemingly lifeless.

Scab helped me to my feet, and with a mighty warcry for Gool I lunged forward with my glaive. My aim was true and I drove the spear straight into the heart of the dragon. It slid lifelessly into the murky water, another defeated foe.

I surveyed the cave and was overwhelmed by our losses. At my feet was Drok, Gool and Corgan. Drok was dead, but the other two were alive, but barely. Falconfrost and Alundelm lay upon the far shore, but both were alive and breathing. Scab and I used what healing we had left to bind their wounds.

We hastily gathered the treasure trove of the dragon and packed it into our packs. Alundelm found a scimitar of the third circle of power among the emerald neckalces. Falconfrost dove into the weed choked stream and hacked the head off of our adversary as proof of our victory. Each of us took a talon from the dragon as trophies. As we readied to leave the lair we heard the sound of many clawed feet and quickly fled as a horde of lizardmen burst into the lair.

We returned to Serpent Little and proceeded directly to the elven lord's hall, where we deposited the head of the dragon. He disdainfully thanked us, saying that the the dragon wasn't really a problem. The pompous fool! If it weren't for Alundelm I would think every elf was a self righteous ass. He asked that we take our trophy, but we decided it would be best left on his door step.

Grymnatch tried unsuccessfully for several minutes to remove a tooth, while all the lords courtiers laughed. Sometimes that half orc is more stubborn than a dwarf. Maybe that's why I like the fellow!

Our tired troupe returned to the Inn, where Grymnatch found a dwarf to translate a note found in amongst the treasure. It read...


Here is the forty platinum pieces I promised you. Now it is your duty to claim to be the King of the Pits and threaten the townspeople of Serpent Little! Make sure they never enter these pits again!

The Goblin King"

Soon we'll find this "Goblin King" and slit his throat. Until then we'll drink. There is only one King Of The Pits, and that's Blackguts himself.


Of The Slaying Of Black Guts

Attending Heroes

Charles "Scab" Mclure
Gool Hooligarg
Grymnatch Wyrmspawn
Alundelm The Druid
Falconfrost Half Elven
Gorin Grimbeard

We've done it! We've slain the lord of the Pits!

I get ahead of myself though, allow me to tell the tale from where I came in. I had been off drinking with my favorite wench, when I realized the group had gone into the Pits without me, so I hastened to follow them.

I arrived in the Dragon's Lair to find our group speaking quickly of Black Guts and whether or not they should return to his lair to slay him. They had found him as well as our old foe, Harglac, to whom we still had unsettled hatred towards, for his treachery near Tarantis.

They had slain the cursed Harglac after finding him in the Pits. Before he died he told them of his acquiring virgins for Black Guts to trade to demons in exchange for their help in rebuilding his castle. Apparently Black Guts was just beyond a secret door that Harglac held the key for. Falconfrost showed me his severed head and I scowled at seeing the bastard.

Grymnatch, in his usual brazen manner had taken the key and opened the door, and they saw the withered form of the ancient wizard. He was some sort of skeleton, and he cackled maliciously. They were already wounded so they fled, and that's when I came upon them.

I tended their wounds and we headed toward the chamber. They led me through halls I had not yet been, past a statue of the demon lord Demogorgan and into a chamber through a thick red curtain. It was there that old Black Guts struck. He had laid in wait for us, invisible in the room. He suddenly appeared and set upon us.

First he pointed and a tiny ball of flame flew towards us, where upon striking us, burst into a massive ball of fire. Falconfrost and I were scorched, but he somehow covered himself, while I took the brunt of the blast. The thick curtains protected the rest of the group, but were all but ash when the roar of flames subsided.

Quick as can be the wizard struck again, loosing a beam at Falconfrost. The half elf was quick and nearly twisted out of the way, but the ray still disintegrated a fist sized hole in his chest.

Grymnatch screamed "Run!!!", then turned and fled back the way we came.

I bellowed "Forward!!!" and charged bravely at Black Guts, but his tough body of untold evil withstood the blow of my mace. The rest of the group moved into the room. Gool circled Black Guts, while Falconfrost slashed at him. The half elf's attacks seemed to have no effect. Mclure called upon his god to slash Black Guts and the blade cut through the foul robes and into the withered flesh. At least the wizard wasn't wholly immune to our attacks...

Black Guts pressed his advantage and sprayed from his hands an onslaught of ice and sleet that would've killed any lesser men. My sight went black and I thought I had fallen, but Scab was soon at my side, his healing touch warming my frozen skin. When I came to I healed myself as well as I might and awaited the next blast from Black Guts.

Gool began screaming in rage and hacked at the withered wizard, although the tough skeleton absorbed most of the blow. Falconfrost attacked again, but his blade bounced off the wizard's unhallowed flesh. Alundelm healed himself, and moved into position to circle the wizard.

We heard Grymnatch return, but no sooner than he did, Black Guts unleashed another blast of sleet and ice. The poor half orc was caught unaware and turned entirely to ice, then shattered into hundreds of pieces! Alundelm lay upon the ground, frozen fast, but still breathing. Falconfrost and Gool were spared for they stood on the far side of the chamber.

Gool and Falconfrost flanked the wizard, both trying to penetrate the corrupted flesh of the mage. Gool's massive great sword cut deeper than Falconfrost's blade, only because it was propelled by the hulking half orc. Scab summoned another weapon of faith and both cut into the foul arch mage. A moment passed and I thought to quench the wizard's spell casting with a spell of silence. I yelled to Falconfrost "stick with 'im," and centered the spell upon the half elf.

My ruse was foiled however, for Black Guts soon realized that it was Falconfrost whom the spell was cast upon and he moved out of the silenced area. Black Guts fired off a volley of missiles at Scab, and the hardy cleric fell to the stone floor. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw the priest's spiritual weapons return to him, for that signified that he was yet alive. His blades were the only weapons that had significantly harmed Black Guts and the wizard was trying to snuff out his life.

Falconfrost tried to stick with the wizard, while I healed Scab. When the old healer's eyes opened my heart was filled with hope.

Gool lashed out again and cut deep into Black Guts' chest. The half orc was slowly wearing away at the evil magic holding together the ancient wizard.

In retribution Black Guts conjured a bolt of lightning that shot through the chamber and slammed straight into Gool's chest. I couldn't be sure if it was the lightning or the rage coursing through the half orc's body as it writhed about on the floor, but when he finally ceased to thrash we could see a hole burned straight through to his heart. Another of our half orc companions was dead.

I prayed to Braz Kazon that he might guide me in this hour of darkness, and fired a ray of blinding light. My aim was true and I struck Black Guts squarely in the side, burning and searing his withered flesh. Scab directed his weapons of faith to assail the wizard, and with a blow through the jaw and into the head old Black Guts went down. All of the wizard's body crumbled to nothing, save his cloak and a ring.

We had destroyed the magus, but had lost two companions. Our hearts were heavy and we built a pyre for them out in the plains. There we stood, next to piled rocks over our dead comrades. Two of orc blood, whom this dwarf called ally. And friend. True dragon slayers they were. May they ever battle, drink, eat and smoke! Hail Braz Kazon.

It was on that quiet field we met another dwarf, one Hormm Hammerfist. Said he was a giant slayer and a troll wrestler from the Overdoom Mountains. Despite him being a mountain dweller I took a liking to him right away. He swung his hammer pretty good.
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Gorin Grimbeard's Adventures in the Wilderlands 6 Years, 11 Months ago  
Gorin Grimbeard was swallowed whole by the Tree mother in the druids grove in Kauran, after an attempt to steal her sacred stone. His companions fled the grove and Kauran with the sacred stone after he was swallowed. Just recently, after months of roaming the Barbarian Altanis the Company returned to Kauran to claim vengeance. The Company slaughtered the Hoofed and Tentacled horror and reclaimed Grimbeard's possessions and bones. They made great offerings of rubies, diamonds and platinum to Braz-Kazon as they burned what was left of his body, and his soul was released from the mouldy slime pits of Shub Niggurath and travelled to the burning realm of Braz Kazon to forever fight, feast and smoke.
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Gorin Grimbeard's Adventures in the Wilderlands 6 Years, 11 Months ago  
to forever fight, feast and smoke.
Doesn't sound like a bad afterlife at all....

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Gorin Grimbeard's Adventures in the Wilderlands 6 Years, 11 Months ago  
to forever fight, feast and smoke.
Doesn't sound like a bad afterlife at all....


Heck yeah. When Blair described what was going on for Gorin it almost brought a tear to my eye.

We obviously smoked a big one. Made an offering.
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