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Falconfrost's Adventures in the Wilderlands
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TOPIC: Falconfrost's Adventures in the Wilderlands
Falconfrost's Adventures in the Wilderlands 8 Years, 9 Months ago  
arrived in Tarantis after a very long journey on a transport ship. This being the first time I've left my home in Grindwell, I was anxious to see what this new city had to offer. I didn't have much money of anykind when I arrived, afterall, seeking riches is the reason I've come to Tarantis in the first place. I wandered through the marketplace and looked at many interesting items that were available to purchase. Depite my financial situation I couldn't resist buying myself a nice punching dagger or Katar as they're called in this region.

Eventually I went down to investigate the many docks in this port city. I came upon a situation in which three burly looking humans, weapons drawn, harrassing a dwarf. Also on the dock near me was a strange warrior who I recognized immediately from being on the same ship that left my home town. I had never met this man, yet I was curious to see what would transpire.

The thugs were angry at the dwarf, claiming he sold them phony gems. The stranger approached the street toughs and was met with a warning to mind his own business. With a menacing posture the stranger demanded to be let by and the thugs stood aside and told him to go about his business.
From the other side of the dock I could see two people approaching. One was a gnome and the other appeared to be an elf. the gnome ran up, seemingly to defend a fellow little person. the strange warrior inquired into the thug's matter with the dwarf and suggested a magistrate settle the matter. The idea was met with little enthusiasm and the situation quickly escalated.

Before I knew it, the gnome was attacking the closest man to him, the stranger attacked the gnome and the other thugs pummeled the dwarf. The elf in the distance shouted words about being insulted and fired his bow and arrow into the melee, taking down the thug who was claiming robbery. I took in as much of the tense situation as I could before moving any closer.

the thugs carried off their unconcious friend and what was left was five people, including myself, who didn't know each other but would form an unruly band of glory seekers. I moved towards the fallen pair and looked at those standing near. I spoke to the elf who, in my estimation, was not behaving the way an elf normally would. I said to him, "What terrible misfotunes have befallen you wayward elf, that you would carry yourself in such an ungraceful manner." The statement was met with few words.

I had it in mind to help the dwarf so that he may lead me, and whoever else may thirst for treasure, to more gems. The elf wished to take both fallen warriors to a crummy inn and interogate them. I agreed to help move the dwarf at least, as long as the elf payed the tab and bought the ale. After a couple of pints of ales I became familiar with the concious members of the group:
Carnac Soulkrusher, a gnome fighter from the firewine wood who has come to the city to sell Firewine Ale, a beer I am hearing more about and reputed to be the best ale made.
Eadrhil, a wood elf ranger on a quest to find the lost tribes of his people that left their ancestral homeland long ago.

After a time, the dwarf awakes. Confused for sure since he is tied up. We try to speak with him but he is resistant because of his confined state. Once I free one of his hands, I offer him a mug of ale and introduce myself. "I am Falconfrost of Grindwell". "Gorin Grimbeard" he replies.

It becomes clear that Mr. Grimbeard is not a hostile dwarf and he is untied. Carnac and I share a desire for gold and jewels and are quick to ask Gorin about finding them. He claims he has a map that leads to the dungeon ruins of the city of the dead across the Dahute Bay.

We're all set to get planning when the mysterious warrior stirs and groans. he is quite angry that we have removed his belongings and swears we will all pay with our lives. The human refuses to tell us his name and why he's in Tarantis and begins to leave us with little choice but to kill him. We agree that we have nothing to gain by his death and reach a compromise.

The stranger joins our quest for gems so that he can fund a campaign of vengeance against another easterner that has offended him in someway. After a night of decent rest in a somewhat filty room, everyone has a flavorless, but healthy breakfast.

We inquire about chartering a boat, only to learn that it's 5 silver pieces, no return trip. The boatman dislikes travelling to the City of the Dead and stresses that few adventurers who go there ever come back. He demands a 5 gold piece fee for a return trip and it must be payed up front. With my cunning bargaining skills and offer 8 silver pieces now for the trip over and 3 gold pieces to be payed upon our return. The boatman agrees so we all kick in extra an give him 10 silver pieces. Once we are ready to return, we will start a campfire by the shore.

The boat ride is uneventful, but the atmosphere becomes noticably more grim as we approach the city of the dead. The seagulls are no longer present, the water is murky and the air carries a thick warm stench. we land on shore, the boatman wishes us luck and hopes to see us alive again. We walk towards the ruins of...the City of the Dead.

The five of us walk into a clearing where a single stone slab seemed to be covering something. After I checked for traps, we moved the stone and were bomarded by a pungent, rotting odor that caused Gorin to vomit up his breakfast.

The opening revealed a set of stairs. Carnac fired up a sunrod and I took advantage of my trusty latern. The stairs led down to a narrow stone corridor that curved for several meters.

Cautiously, we made our way down the hallway and came upon a wooden door, guarded by two gaunt and foul looking humanoids. The creatures began to stir. All of us took an offensive posture.

The creatures began to lumber forward, but because of the shock of seeing these horrors, most of us fumble with our weapons and made several unsuccessful attacks. Some blows were landing what would normal be debilitating damage, but the undead beasts kept lurching forward.
I struck an arrow in one of their guts with little effect. It seemed we were at an impass before Carnac unleashed a fury of sword blows that sprayed both zombie's guts all over the dungeon walls.

This was our first enemy encounter. We sustained minimal damage and the gnome's confidence was given a huge boost.
We moved on an checked the next door. As with the stone slab, Gorin was overcome by a foul aroma and dry heaved chunks of bile on his beard. What we encountered in this next room was more troublesome than stomach problems.

Four skeleton warriors assailed us, two with crossbows. Carnac leaped into action, crushing the closet fiend to him. We dodged some bolts as the rest of us took attack positions. I sustained some heavy hits from the skeletal crossbows and eventually fell unconcious after being scraped in the face by one of their bony hands.

I awoke several hours later and was greeted by Gorin Grimbeard's healing hand. The skeleton's had been defeated and no one else was too badly wounded.

We breifly looked in the next room and saw no threat, but we decided to rest before doing a full search of the last chamber. Once again Gorin was right up there to open the door and we were ambushed from behind the door by some snarling undead dungeon zombie.
This abomination moved many times faster than the other zombies and attacked with flailing claws.

Gorin took a hateful swing and gouged a large chunk of rotting flesh from it's body. the zombie snarled angrily and Gorin inhaled it's grotesque breath forcing him to vomit again.

Eadrhil and I were trying to hit the creature with our arrows, but Gorin and Carnac made it difficult to get a clear shot. Finally, I took a deep breath and strung a third arrow, this one flew straight and true, striking the beast in the eye. The creature fell backwards, twitching on the ground, no longer posing a threat.

I felt a wave of satisfaction and relief go through my body as I resolved a dangerous situation and I got my first kill since leaving Grindwell.
We all moved into the room and stood in amazement at the great demon face portal. We looked closely for traps before moving into the room beyond. In front of us was a coffin leaning upright against the back wall and beside it and wooden chest. Carnac opened the casket and out flung a corpse that toppled him. Carnac flung the body up and it fell on top of Gorin. I drew my Katar and swung wildy at the zombie, but became so eager I missed and gouged Gorin. It turned out to be nothing more than a lifeless body thrown be some old spring mechanism.

The mysterious warrior went for the chest and opened it. Inside were a pile of skulls. Jim, as he was known to us now investigated deeper and suddenly flung his arm out. A loathsome spider was on his arm. Startled, Jim squashed the spider and went back to dig some more. His effort found a pouch of 313 gold pieces.

A short rest and we returned to the surface. Using wood from the dungeon doors, we made a fire and an hour and a half later, the boatman returned. We paid the boatman and returned to the city to spend our equally divided gold.

I set down to the marketplace and aquired a set of thieves tools and stumbled across a rather stunning rapier. Hand forged Tarantine steel with an green tiger on the base of the blade. I met back with the rest of our ragged troupe and made the call tho go get some ales and enjoy the fruits of our first adventure.

Carnac had a discount deal going at the Gnome Hole, so we headed there to try this highly thought of, Firewine Ale. Upon reaching the Gnome Hole tavern, we discovered that there was a sign on the door that said CLOSED.

Upon further investigation, one could hear sobbing coming from inside. We opened the door to find a gnome woman crying. We asked why and told us that Gnolls had kidnapped her husband and killed her brother in law. The woman's nephew was in the next room recovering from the ordeal. We spoke with him and decided to see why Gnolls would kidnap a Gnome instead of killing it instantly.

After bickering with the woman and amongst ourselves about reward for saving the tavern keeper, we agree that we're gonna get supremely wasted if we do find him.

After a couple of hours walking to the edge of the forest outside the city, I picked up a spear thrown by one of the Gnolls. We found a roughly blazed path at the fringe of the trees and decided to follow it into the forest.

The path led us a short distance before we came upon a ruined stone cottage with no windows. Most of us approached from the dense foliage just off the path. Jim just stood in the middle of the path. I gave everyone the heads up before a launched the Gnoll's spear at the door. It hit with a heavy thud and immediately we heard barking coming from the rear of the building.

Two hyenas ran from out back on our right side and one on the left. Carnac was the first one the pair of hyenas saw while the solitary beast charged with great speed towards Gorin. Carnac traded blows with one hyena before sending it to it's demise. A flury of action and another hyena went down. The third dashed off into the woods. I picked up the spear and we all cautiously made our way to the back of the building. Another single door at the back and we took position in case of attack. I tossed the spear and with a heavy thud came no reaction.

We inched up towards the door and threw it open. Before us stood a large Gnoll wielding a falchion. In the background another Gnoll with a flail guarded the front door. Before him lay, what a appeared to be a gnome man. The Gnoll with flail ran towards the back door and all bets were off. We assailed the creatures with great fierceness, but the Gnolls proved to be relentless opponents. Gorin was injured to where he couldn't fight. Carnac unleashed a fury of racial hatred the Gnolls, killing the one with the flail. Eadrhil and I launched arrow upon arrow, while the mysterious warrior and then the stouthearted gnome were both knocked unconcious. The Gnoll then rushed towards me, cutting off my bow and arrow range. In a flash, with the Gnoll raising his sword above his head, I dropped my bow, drew my rapier and ran it straight through the creature's heart. The Gnoll let out a shivering howl before collapsing on my blade. The feeling of bloodlust was brief as I had only acted as quickly as necessary to avoid being killed myself.

Eadrhril and I gathered the battered team inside the house and pulled the Gnoll's bodies in with us. Search of the Gnolls reveals a pouch of 150 gold pieces. We now sit in the cottage to rest and await the answers we hope the Gnome tavern keeper has for us.

We wake up and search the gnome and find his body to be horribly mutilated and the wedding ring on his finger makes it apparent that this is the tavern keeper. With a sense of disappointment we got ready to take the gnome's body back to his wife when a surprise awaited us outside the cabin. Two Gnolls ready to ambush lunged at us. Another skirmish ensued and at the end, another two gnolls lay dead at our feet. We returned to town and made our way to the gnome hole tavern only to find it engulfed in flames. A group of gnomes gathered around to watch in horror as their beloved bar went up in flames. The group of us stood there bantering with the little people as to the whereabouts of the tavern keeper’s family, but to no avail. As there was nothing we could do but wait until the fire had gone out we left the gnome body with the disillusioned tavern patrons and take Gorin Grimbeard, who was fall down drunk and injured, to an inn to recover. In the morning, Jim, Eadrahil, Carnac, and myself returned to the woods to further investigate the gnoll/gnome mystery. Eadrahil found a trail at the edge of the foliage by the cabin. In single file we walked up the narrow trail when we heard movement coming from the brush. Suddenly four vicious hyenas flanked us. Two of the wicked beasts went for Jim, the mysterious fighter while the other struck at Carnac. We were becoming a bloodthirsty bunch and relished in the opportunity to gut these filthy animals. A flurry of sword blows from Jim and Carnac, Eadrahil and two hyenas buckled under their steel. A third fell to my mighty rapier. The Green Tiger again proved lethal in only it's second fight and ran through another bestial heart. Being dangerously outnumbered, the fourth hyena made a run for the underbrush, but was stopped in its tracks and silenced permanently by Eadrahil's bow and arrow. Further up the trail we come to what appeared to be some kind of wooden outpost or stockade fort. On the overlooking fort ridge we could see another hyena perched up on it's hind legs, seemingly watching the surrounding area. Keeping low and close to the nearby trees, we crept towards to fort. Eadrahil quietly snuck around the building and found no other entrance. We decided to create a diversion by setting the wooden doors on fire with a pint of oil. I ran up to throw the oil, but snapped a twig under my foot and alerted the hyena to my presence. The oil broke on the wooden doors as Jim prepared a flaming arrow for Carnac. The hyena was, by now, barking loudly so I launched an arrow and the hyena let out a horrible yelp as I struck it in the body. The hyena jumped off the ledge, Carnac let loose the flaming arrow and set the doors ablaze. Soon after, two gnolls (surprise, surprise) got up on the fort's ledge with bow and arrows in hand, looking for the cause of the disturbance. We were now entangled in a fight where Jim's lack of projectile weapons left him to watch us take 'em down. Eadrahil, Carnac and yours truly expertly let loose our arrows from well-covered positions dropping the Gnolls to a bloody heap. The one closest to me fell right over top, landing outside the compound, a few feet from me. We were startled when, bursting through the flaming doors, came three more gnoll warriors. We were good and warmed up, but I suffered a nasty from a Falchion blade, and was forced to take cover behind Jim and Carnac. Our resilient swords overcame the gnolls and their deaths yielded 1100 silver pieces. Before we could fully enjoy our money, our gloating almost caught us off guard as two more gnolls stepped out of the fort. We quickly sprang back into action and laid waste to what was the last of the garrison. We searched the remaining bodies and found a tidy sum of gold, 10 platinum pieces, and a jeweled bracelet. Carnac's appraised the bracelet and guessed it to be worth around 900 gold pieces. We collectively nodded in approval of our bounty. Certainly no one would expect to find more than rotting animal remains on the body of a dead gnoll. The inside of the compound was mostly bare. Carnac put the suffering hyena out of its misery we set up camp for the night. We had a hunch that there was a reason seven gnolls were stationed at an abandoned compound and set up watch to see if anyone would return. We propped a gnoll body of each end of the front ledge to give the appearance of them guarding. The night was mostly uneventful and we recovered some of our strength. In the early morning, on my watch, my keen hearing picked up faint rustling sounds from the bushes. Silently zigzagging across the path was a thuggish human, probably Tarantian. I roused the group quietly and informed Eadrahil to take up the other post with bow and arrow ready. The man walked closer and started snarling in a language none of us understood. He seemed to repeat the same thing a couple of times before getting a strange look of suspicion in his eye. He quickly turned and bolted down the path. "He's making a run for it!" I yelled, and Jim charged out the doors after him, but lost his trail. Eadrahil tried for over an hour to find the trail again and it lead all the way back to the gates of Tarantis. Jim approached a city guard an inquired whether this man had come through. With a pretty good description, the guard was able to fit it to a man named Kareem. Apparently, Kareem is a fisherman, so Jim tosses him a gold coin and we head into the city. We rest up a bit, eat, and go try to sell the jeweled bracelet. None of the merchants offer a good price for it and aren't bargaining much, but a chance encounter with a Karakian artifact enthusiast manages to spark a serious offer. The man is very interested and offers 850 gold, very close to Carnac's appraisal. Jim says 900 gold pieces and a deal is struck. The man asks us to wait as he goes to get his gold. He returns a while later, approaching with two large muscle-bound men on either side of him. "Oh hell!" He’s brought back thugs to snatch the bracelet from us. Some of us slink back while Jim makes the transaction. Everything goes well and we wander down to the docks. We ask the harbour master about Kareem and he informs us that he works on a ship called the Black Gull, which has just left port. Supposedly the Black Gull goes out for a couple days at a time, so we went to ask others wandering the docks about Kareem. By this point, Gorin has come to and joins up with us near the mercenaries’ plaza. More info leads us to a harlot named Filthy Sally, a favorite of Kareem as we're told. We found Filthy Sally’s den and asked the one legged trollop what she knew about Kareem. She demanded 2 gold pieces, but we offered 1 in advance and the other after we were satisfied with information. Tension builds and we grow impatient. Carnac and I push her in the den and close the door so we can negotiate, but Filthy Sally screams bloody murder. Suddenly, in the alley, a secret stone door opens and two hired thugs jump out and assault us. We make quit work of the goons and their bloody bodies stain the alley ground. Jim callously cuts one of Sally’s fingers off, but she starts talking and we learn that Kareem is involved with the Azurian pirates, who have a secret base in the city of the dead. Jim, feeling remorse, gives her 50 gold pieces to gather he belongings and leave town. It is decided that we’ll go search the ruined building we found in the forest, while we wait for the Black Gull to return. Nothing unusual about the cabin and we walk towards the stockade. As we’re approaching the compound, five lizard like creatures ambushes us with crude weapons. They prove to be resilient, but are no match for our combined ability. We find a small amulet of a wooden frog on one of them and start back to town after no further clues are found at the stockade. We had barely caught our breath from the last encounter when a giant frog leaped out of the bushes at us. The monstrosity snagged Carnac with its tongue and pulled him into its mouth. Luckily, we were still feeling the adrenaline rush from the previous battle and dispatched with the frog without anyone taking too much damage. Carnac managed to avoid being eaten and was unharmed. Back in Tarantis we learned that the amulet was representative of an evil toad god named Tsathoggua. The Black Gull had not returned yet, so we rested while Jim explored the docks some more. He returned later, unsuccessfully gaining info on his personal quest, so asked us to help him at the mercenaries plaza. It seems we have some waiting to do, but we all are seeking adventure, so Carnac, Jim, Gorin and I leave for the City of the dead, while Eadrahil waits for the Black Gull. Across Dahute Bay, we land on the shore of the ancient city and we cruise the shoreline in search of the secret pirate base. We come to a path that leads to a group of collapsed structures, but notice a newly erected wooden door on one archway. As I tried out my thieves tools masterwork set the rock base beneath me gives way and I fall 10 feet into a pit occupied by a giant snake. Both the snake and I are surprised and I reach for my rapier, but the confined area makes it impossible to maneuver it. I unleashed my Katar but the snake pins my arm to the wall with its tail and bites my arm. I feel the burning poison in the wound, but remain standing to fight it off. Jim lowers a rope for Carnac and the gnome climbs down to help me kill the snake. Carnac takes a bite and cringes from the poison but he too manages to fight through the pain. The snake is killed eventually and we climb out of the hole. I unlock the door and we enter an empty room with another door at one end. I decide to open the door and am flung back as a pile of rubble spills out of the room. We hear the click of some mechanism and a secret stone door opens revealing two ferocious lizard men. I hang back out of harms way with bow and arrow at the ready. In my weakened state I would surely be knocked out with the next blow. One lizard man falls and the other surrenders. The lizard man starts grunting in Gishmesh and we learn that his name is Gog. Gog has been guarding the secret room for a group of men. We assume that the men he speaks of are pirates and Gog is tied up and put him in the small empty room. Against my better judgement we leave Gog alive and search the secret room. We find a set of stairs leading down into the darkness so we descend. A curved hallway leads to another door which we open to find four mercenary types ready to strike, one of which Jim recognizes from the plaza. We fight for our lives and kill two of the thugs, but in our condition we succumb to our wounds and each collapse into unconsciousness. I awake in a dark room and notice the others around me. They are all naked and still unconscious, but alive. Jim looks the most battered and I fear he is near death. For now we must conserve our strength as we are at the mercy of our captors. If only there was a way to alert Eadrahil of this unfortunate turn of events. He may be the only way we’ll survive this ordeal. After falling asleep some more, I wake to find Eadrahil naked and out cold in the same room as us. Once everyone has come to we learn that Eadrahil attempted gain entry on the Black Gull upon its return, but masquerading as a mercenary didn’t go very well, so in an uncommon display of Elven emotion, Edarahil shot two arrows in Kareem’s neck and dispatched with one of his shipmates and threw the body in the bay. He stabilized Kareem’s wounds so he could revive him and ask about Kareem’s business. Down below decks, Eadrahil found a heavy chest with a rather tricky lock that shot out a poisoned blade into his hand upon meddling with it. Eadrahil became ill, but managed to fight off the nausea and investigated the ship further. At the bow he found two more bodies, sleeping up front. He bashed both in the head to knock them out more (if that’s possible). It was a long wait for Kareem to wake up, but meanwhile one of the sleeping bodies woke up and freaked out so Eadrahil cut off her arm and she later died of massive blood loss. All the time consumed waiting to interrogate Kareem and Eadrahil was confronted by two hulking sea dogs who climbed below deck. Eadrahil made a mad, nimble dash for the stairs and made it up top only to face more angry crew members waiting to spill elven blood. Eadrahil was still weak from the poison, so he jumped into the water and swam to safety. After a night of good rest, Eadrahil sought out a healer and then returned to the docks in a new set of clothes. The Black Gull had left last night in a hurry, with rumours of a raiding party that attacked the ship. Eadrahil managed to find the Black Gull’s owner and offered his services as a crew member and convinced the man to hire him. The man was quite pleased at his resume and to celebrate the newest member of the Black Gull, he ordered dinner including beer and wine. Eadrahil consumed no food, but drank a flagon of ale and a glass of wine. After drinking the wine he became drowsy and remembers the ship-owner saying, “So who were you working for when you raided my ship you son of a bitch?”, and then passed out. Which brings us back to our current situation. Although we were all feeling the effects of our last battle, we felt we had sufficient strength to carry on. First off we checked to see if the door was locked and it wasn’t. Carnac could hear some shuffling coming from the other side, so I grabbed the pail of @#%$ and piss from the corner ready to throw it at whoever was on the other side of the door. We all got ready to make the charge and Carnac flung the door open. Pacing about the room was Gog, the lizard man we’d tied up before. I paused then called out to Gog. He turned and said “Ahh, you awake now”. Being around enough people speaking Gishmesh, I was now able to understand some of what Gog was saying. Gog was not hostile towards us. Instead we were informed that we were being held by a group of many men who were in an adjoining room. I suspected they were pirates. Gog was supposedly put in charge of us so that we could explore and map the cavernous mazes of the City of the Dead. I glared at the rest of our party upon hearing this. Now they know we should have killed Gog when we had the chance. I would be keeping my eye on him from that point. There were two chests in the room with all of our gear. We re-equipped ourselves, but realized that all of our gold, silver, copper and even the few platinum pieces we had been stolen. Amongst our gear we found a horde of additional equipment. We anything from a vial of ink and pen, parchment paper, sunrods, bedrolls, backpacks, daggers, an everburning torch and many other items including rations. We were given 15 days to map out the caverns and return to our current location. We set out into the caverns and proceeded single file down the narrow passage way. Jim took the lead and went down the left side of the first junction. Jim hastily shuffled up the passage and before I could check for traps, he went through a trip wire. A click was heard then from both ends of the hallway emerged 3 skeleton warriors on each side. Many of us were unable to get clear shots at the undead creatures, but likewise the skeletons could only attack one at time on either end. Jim held his group fought off the threat. We once again showed our might and bones littered the ground. I checked the wall around the trap and found the mechanism to have a small lead goat head on it. I take the lead piece and we move down the hallway. We come to an open door at the end and Jim and I enter the room beyond. In the corner we see a coffin on the floor. After what I thought was a thorough check for traps. We lift the coffin lid and hear the sound of breaking glass. Immediately after the door to the room slams shut and a noxious gas fills the air. I am blinded temporarily by the gas and stand helpless. Jim in confronted by the occupant of the coffin, some terrible dungeon zombie. Jim is struck with paralyses and can’t speak, while I call out and swing with my rapier. I hit nothing and take a brutal slash and bite from the unseen assailant, collapsing unconscious. Jim eventually came out of his hypnosis and made a dash for the door slamming on it. On the other side, Gorin bashed the door with his heavy mace and the door flew open. The rest of the party ran in and the creature fell to our steel. I was revived later and we returned to the room where our equipment was stored to rest. Early the next day we made our way down the opposite way where Gog informs us is the beginning of a maze. Not far down the hallway I find what appears to be a secret door in the stone wall. Gorin checked further and detected magic. Everyone circle the secret door, ready to fight what might be on the other side. Gorin pushed the button with his spear and the door swung open. Beyond stood a gaggle of skeletal horrors. More than we could immediately count. Two at a time they lurched out and we held our ground punishing the animated remains of warriors past until 12 skeletons lay broken at our feet. We enter the secret room and inspect the contents.

February 9, 2006
Many months it has been since I have written my journal. We have followed Harglak to the City State of the Invincible Overlord. Our leads have dried up fast and we sit here at the scholar's inn waiting for our next move. Gorin and I decide to make use of our time and take a break as Viridian mercenaries and hunt for some freelance adventuring. The two of us pool our gold pieces and make for the Sorcerer's supply house to have some item's identified. Gorin's magic longsword proves to be of the first circle of power and is of fine make. My Magic silver dagger is revealed to be of the second circle of power and my magic elven ring is a ring of Feather Fall. We had earlier found some parchements in the basement where we slayed the troll and several of the allude to temples and tomb and treasure, but we'll wait til the rest of the party feel like adventuring. As we walked through the streets of the city state a rough looking pirate approached us and offered us a quest to deliver a message to wormingford. On the way back to the scholar's Inn we were ambushed by a pack of dire rats. the were a nuissance, and most of them ran away. the man's name was Salty dagger and he gave us 300 GP immediately with more to come later. Upon asking other sailor's about Salty Dagger they warned me not to ask about him. we became slightly worried that we were dealing with a dangerous person. we made our way up the Roglaroon and told the skipper we were going to a different location than we were actually going. We disembarked on the south side of the estuary many miles up stream and proceeded across land towards Wormingford. Almost right away we had to cross through a dense forest, but it was the quickest way to our destination. As we travelled through the woods we were approached by three dire forest frogs and they leapt cruelly to attack us. I let loose a volley of arrows, constantly circling my opponents to keep a ranged distance for my bow, as Gorin rushed in and clobbered the frogs up close. With sound tactics and the adrenalin rush of our first battle in many weeks gave us a convincing victory. Not a moment passed after the last frog fell when 9 pirates emerged from the thick foliage and demand we be giving up what Salty Dagger had given us. Still feeling good from the last fight, we kept the momentum going and attacked these foul knaves before they could react. The battle raged and we were seemingly in over our heads when four of the pirates circled me and trying to bring me down. I unleashed a mighty rage up my foes and clobbered them with my heavy flail. Gorin and I took down six of them while the other three, including the leader, ran away like frightened dogs. We marched on determined to get out of the forest and we found rest at the edge of it. We marveled at a piece of Tharbrian jewelery found on one of the thugs. I estimate it to be worth around 700 GP. We carried on the next day and walked through the open plains. After an uneventfull day we force marched to get to the edge of another forest. In the early morning Gorin woke me up to draw my attention to something lumbering through the forest. A voice boombed out "Put those axes away, I don't like Axes". Gorin heeded these words and the creature left us alone. Another day and another forced march. We were within an hour of Wormingford and we were walking along the river when three large trapdoor spiders sprung out and attempted to pull us back into their lairs. I was bitten by one and grew weaker, I was already fatigued from the march, but was determined to make it to the town. we hewed down two spiders and the other retreated into it's pit. Now here we are and I'm hurtin'.

for session from February 19, 2006

Gorin and I staggered into Wormingford a little worse for wear. As we lumbered around this shanty town, we got bad vibes from everyone. As we neared the river;s edge near the moored ships some sailors asked who and what we be lookin fer. We gave the name of the ship the queen of the hagrost. claiming he was the captain we gave salty dagger's message. we were horrified to discover that we were not recieving our additonal 300GP as promised. the two of us were in no shape to be picking a fight, but we knew we'd be staying close by.

We rested for a day and were eventually followed and met up by Carnac, Scab, and Jim. Not long after we noticed the ship with our 300gp was leaving. We hurried to the river and sought out the nearest ship. curiously the ship said "queen of hagrost". we asked for the captain, but I knew we had been lied to yesterday nad that we were about to see a man we'd never seen before stand before us.

Captain Merzipal was his name and our bumbling served it's purpose anyways. The message from Salty Dagger was to find a band of sell swords to find his daughter who had been kidnapped by will hill men. we were to be paid a great sum of money to travel to Guilding, a few days south of Wormingford and rescue Merzipal's daugther. we'd get a bonus for slaying all those responsible. the money was good and it served the purpose of the do gooders in the party.

We set off through the plain of Cairns and before too long we were beset by another ambush of trapdoor spiders. with greater numbers and force of might we splattered black ichor on the stale earth. in several waves the eight leggers popped out of their holes and attempted a blitzattack. Flail and sword flung through spiders venom bulgging sac.

We spent the night in the Skandik town of Dorn. a kind farmer let us sleep in his stable and in the morning we were off. After a long march to avoid staying overnight on the Plains, we reach the edge of some woods and set up for the night. After the first hour of camp, Carnac and Gorin are on watch when we are beseiged in our sleep. Luckily the gnome and the dwarf have keen senses or this might have been a total sneak attack.

Carnac wakes me and I see him hit with three rocks to the head as I open my eyes. I hop to my feet and prepare for battle. the five of us make fairly quick work of the barely clothed wild men considering they out numbered us slightly. Scab was caught unaware and fought entirely on the ground and still staved off a coup de grace. even made a brutal morning star kill.

we carry on with the same watch and not 3 hours later we're attacked by a pack of wolves. we neglected to dispose of the bodies so the wolves could probably smell the blood. Scab was again caught prone and had to summon magical beasts to fight for him. I was awoken by an approaching wolf so I quickly swept my flail beneath it's legs and tripped it. I stood up and it tried to snap at me as I got to my feet. Again, as a confident party we made skilled work of our assailants. the rest of our night went without incident and we continued on.

We were glad to reach Guilding. The smiling dog Inn was where we'd be staying. The Inn was owned by a woman named Guilda. she is the mother of Merzipal's daughter. we introduce ourselves, stating our business and Guilda treats us well. we get right to business and in the morning set off for the ruins in the hills. the savages await and are ready to try and take more slaves.

after a few hours we come to the hills and find a large entrance in one of the ruins. the shattered remains of the buildings are very old and decrepit. Down the hall it opens up into a open roofed courtyard. three large rocks are scattered in the room. I set to work and discover that one of the rocks is perfectly balanced and will pivot nicely. a few of us move the rock on the pivot and discover a secret passage leading off in the dark. My Elven blood then perks up and I feel the need to search more of the room. In a corner I discover a handle opening up another secret way. our decision on which way to go leads us to put the rock back how it was and further explore the more hard found path.

around a couple of bends and we enter what appears to be a large tomb. we can see skeletons lying near us and obvious signs of how they died. As I'm searching for traps I set a trap off and a large hammer crashes down on my head and I'm rattled severely. After some recoupment time we move on. foot by foot I search the floor infront of me, but I fail to take notice of a large constrictor snake creeping out of the stonework.

I take a vicious bite on my neck, then a second time, as I attempt to flee, I am struck a third time in the throat and everything goes black. For what seems like an eternity I drift in an out of consciousness until I finally awaken fully after one week. As my health returns I am horrified to now discover that the snake's bites have cost my use of my voice. I am undable to speak, I am mute, permanently. I will move on and do the best I can, with another scar to remind me of mistakes that can be made.

We arrive back at the ruins in the hills. Carnac is on watch outside, the rest of us return to the site of the dead snake. the snake's body is still there rotting, while I cut out the fangs from it's severed head. More traps through the room and two floor plates that will collapse if applied weight.

In the far end of the room we come upon a SARCOPHAGO. I scribble a note to Gorin and he immediately detects magic in the coffin. I accidentally set off a magical trap and a burst of flame shoots out. some are scorched I come out unscathed. Jim proceeds to lift the lid and is hit with another burst of fire.

inside we are horrified to find a wriggling mummie in bandages lurching up to kill us. the party are set with fear and my weapons aren't doing much damage to this thing. eventually everyone comes to and summoned monsters errupt. I, like a fool, step on a floor plate and the section falls from underneath me. luckily my ring of featherfall aids me and 20 feet feels like 20mm.

While I'm attempting to climb out of the pit, Jim's body falls limp beside me and the life seems to drain from his eyes. just beforehand Jim called out "by the way my name is Lar" and in a brave cry he was felled by the mummie's claw. I climb out of the pit and hurl a couple of holy waters and scorch the creature with holy power. the reslient monster falls after a lengthy battle and the rewards are bountiful. the sarcophago is lined with near 700GP, and 800GP emerald jewel and a healing wand of some sort, plus an unidentified flask of magic liquid. The great booty will have to be weighed against the cost of losing a long time travel companion Lar, or as he will be know to most of us as Jim.

For session Feb 12, 2006:
Jim/Lar's death was a tragic, if not dramatic one. For a while I pondered my life and the lives of the others in the party outside the cave with Carnac and Gorin. We had returned from town and were we once again met up with Eadrahil and a stranger he had met named Keegan.

Scab, Keegan, and Eadrahil with wolf companion, proceeded to scour the tunnel behind the pivoting rock. Carnac, Gorin, and I heard the sounds of battle in the distant as we could tell they were getting further in the caves. Eventually they returned and had not only found the captive Grilda, but they set free five other female slaves. We were told of an intelligent Apeman cleric who they had a tough battle with but were victorious against.

Keegan, and Eadrahil decided to head off into the woods and scout it out. The rest of us heard the sounds of Eadrahil's wolf, Windstone snarling in what is most likely an encounter. Suddenly we hear howling around us from all directions. Gorin retreats towards the inner courtyard of the ruins. As he runs in a dark silhouette of a large swinging arms looms from around the corner and smacks Gorin sending him flailing. The figure emerges from the shadow and revels itslef as a large Ape creature. The Ape hits Gorin again with it's crudely fashioned bone club and the dwarf hits the stone floor hard as blood flows from his wounds. The slave girls shreak in horror and cower at the mouth of the cave. Carnac, Scab and myself react swiftly. Scab moves to help a dying Gorin, I unleash arrows and Carnac closes with the beast.

The brave gnome steps closer and the ape moves towards him. A swing of the gnomish great sword does little then the Ape blasts Carnac in the guts twice and sends the SoulKrusher to the hard ground near death. Scab revives Gorin and casts a spell on himself to repell the evil beast. Gorin is able to stand eventually and joins the fight. We fight a gruelling battle and spill the guts of our foe, but he still stands. Our enemy is still severely weak however and he flees out the cave in to the hills before we can finish him off. Carnac is looking like he might not survive. We struggle and manage to make the five hour journey back to guilding with the slave girls and Carnac's battered body.

We reach the Smiling Dog. As we enter, Gilda the innkeeper sees her daughter Grilda and is overjoyed to tears. We are treated well and congratulated by the locals. Our minds are still on clearing the rest of the caves so we decide to set off the next day. Gilda gives us a coffer of platinum pieces for our good deed and we leave the five slave girls in Gilda's capable hands. A healer brings our friend Carnac back from near death, but at the cost of permanently pierced guts and bloody stools

Early morning we take breakfast and we eat very well. We set off and arrive at the caves in early afternoon. Hanging above the mouth of the cave, the body of a man who we think we met the previous night in Guilding is battered and mutilated. I climb up and cut his body down and jump down from the top. We go in and I creep towards the pivoting rock. I near the rock and as Carnac and Gorin reach the courtayrd, the Ape beast is waiting in ambush above the doorway. he leaps down and the battle ensues. We notice that he no longer has his intestines spilling out, there's magic afoot. The creature is raging and he seems almost unstoppable. Likewise we have learned from our last encounter with this monster and are equally determined to live another day.

The creature sustains blows from our steel and bow and the attacks of a Hypogryph, summoned by Scab. The creature switches up attacks with the ingestion of a couple of cure potions. He taunts us with threats in rough broken common language, "Me kill all." "Die, kill you". The Ape dispatches of the summoned monster and turns to finish us off. Our instincts prevail, however and our foe succumbs to our might. It has another cure potion in it's loincloth, but nothing else of use.

We make our way in the secret cave where the mummy had killed Jim and proceeded down the halls beyond the throne. A finely made ancient stone door revealed a short hallway to another door. As I went through the door it closed and plunged me into darkness. I hear the other door open and then the previous one opens after Gorin hits the button. We are surprised to see a gaggle of ghouls lurching from another room and they decend upon us. After a few swings of the flail and Gorin's burning hands we retreat back to the crypt and pick them off as they exit the corridor. Eight ghouls lay lifeless at our feet and we enter the room they had been waiting in. I find another door button that leads beyond to another corridor. We head around the corridor and find a dead end with a drop into a dark chasm. we can hear water below, but there is no going further.

We go to the pivot rock tunnel and finish what the others ahad started days earlier. In one room, amongst rotting meat bones and fur I find a pouch containing 600GP. No other passages lead very far and all that's left is to enter an ominous demonic archway. At the end of the path is a glowing green statue of a temple. A removable lid that ceases to glow when taken off reveals a corroded metal plug inside. Gorin removes it and it shows a small hole leading down a deep shaft and the sound of a loud gong echos throughout the caves. Gorin replaces the plug and we all make haste back to Guilding.

Once back to town, we set to leave in the morning for Wormingford and collect our reward from Captain Merzipal. Carnac decides to head back towards the forest and try to locate Eadrahil and Keegan. The rest of us make way for Wormingford. A march across the plain of Cairns is not an welcome one. We need to force march to Dorn in order no to sleep on the plains. We come across a group of travelling gnomes who don't much like our idea of travelling together and make off from us at a quickened pace. Further along we find that one of the gnomes was left tied to a tree without weapons or armour. He claims he was betrayed by his comrades and begs us to let him free. We cautiously approach and untie his bonds and we start to walk off, but he cries about being left unarmed, so I toss him my Katar, which hasn't been of any use to me lately. He thanks me profusely and he requests to travel with us. We let him follow us 100 feet behind and he keeps his distance.

We reach Dorn and are met my the town guards who say we cannot enter the town. Apparently the gnomes had left their friend for dead because he is suspected of having the plague. We turn and see the following gnome coughing up blood. Gorin immediately turns to thoughts of killing and Scab and I follow suit. My arrows flying at the fleeing gnome and spritual weapons cut the wretched plague victim until he coughs no more. We are forced to sleep on the plains as the result of our possible exposure to the red death.

During my watch I am drawn towards the stirring of shadows from a set of boulders. I wake Scab up, but before I can reach Gorin an Ogre charges upon our camp and swings at me. He misses and I lash out with the heavy flail. Scab stands and summons the hypogryph to battle. Gorin wakes up, stands, and comes to fight. The Ogre clearly underestimates us, even with two of three asleep, and flees back into the night. The night continues and there's no more incident. We awake and set for Wormingford, by nightfall we are back in the river town and find that the queen of the hagrost is not there.

For session April 2, 2006

As the queen of the Hagrost was not there we put our reward on the backburner and made off to seek adventure elsewhere. Our destination was eastward and the first stop in the town of Oakenbridge.

The further we head away from the city state the more we find towns paying tribute to the King of Ossary (the invincible overlord's enemy) For many days we trekked across hills and plains away from Oakenbridge and found that all the towns were very distrusting of our party and turned us away at all the town gates.

First it was Mill Haven the further down the River we were able to hitch a ride on a boat headed for Ossary. For a small tax we got passage on the ship. Upon arriving in Ossary we were again denied entry, despite our claim that we seeked work from the king. There was talk of an rebellion or uprising against the king and for this reason it was the king's decree that no outsiders be allowed in, so we were escorted out of town.

Two guards were ordered to escort us many miles oput of town. The guards has peculiar sounding names, almost gishmesh in origin, but the men were skandiks. They were fair and honest men and they took us halfway to Swarin's Cairn along the coast of the Winedark Sea.

We continued unimpeded to Swarin's Cairn, a town rumoured to be the source of the rebellion. We met with the town magistrate, Ablicar, and talked of a man who might be the source of the uprising, but he's in exile. We gathered some information and set out to find the knave.

Our path took us along the shoreline and for many hours nothing happened, until we happened upon a GIANT, fishing by the sea. It wasn't too long before the Giant noticed us and began hurling dire rocks at us. We gathered behind a rock and waited for him to close with us.

As the Giant ran in, Scab McClure cast summon monster and the Hypogryph appeared in front of it. Corgin launched two unsuccessful arrows volleys at him while I ran out and took aim at the engaged Giant. After 1 arrow of mine I saw the Hypogryph get crushed and disappear. Luckily for me the Giant closed with Corgin, but Corgin had one of his swords sundered and completely destroyed by the Giant's great club. Gorin jumped up to Corgin's aid and used his dwarven knowledge of fighting Giants and his cleric ability to deal some severe damage. Scab layed into the Giant with a spiritual weapon and my constant barrage of arrows landed the killing blow with an arrow in the ear, piercing it's brain.

The fight left me feeling particualrily spry and much tougher. I feel like I could endure quite a bit more punishment and still be standing. Along our long walks this week, Gorin and I made some weapons trade. Gorin had purchased a buckler to better his fighting tactics and so he gave me his steel shield. Also Gorin felt like lightening his weapon's load, so I traded my magic silver dagger for Gorin's Magic elven longsword. I feel like I've obtained a great weapon. I can now decide to either fight two handed with my heavy flail or use my two hands to wield the shield and magic longsword. I will continue to look for a composite longbow to further sharpen my arsenal and the 600GP the Giant had should help.
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That write-up was AWESOME!

So when's the second book coming out? =D
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