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Into the Dragon's Lair
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TOPIC: Into the Dragon's Lair
Into the Dragon's Lair 5 Months, 4 Weeks ago  
As I've mentioned in a few other discussions, in our current campaign (4e) our most common use of DF Game Tiles is to have the DM describe the area we've entered and the players all build something based on that description. It really engages our imagination and gets everyone involved in the setup. And since 4e is very encounter and grid based, this works well with the mechanics of the system.

However when circumstances permit, sometimes our DM builds the layout ahead of time. Such was the case last Saturday night since we had left off the previous session just outside the entrance to the red dragon Mekkalath's lair. When we showed up to play, John had put together this awesome layout for the confrontation:


The battle went well, all things considered, with some hilarious moments, some groans of despair, and much slaying of kobolds (almost 20?).

I'm looking forward to my turn in the GM's chair so I can put some of my ideas for DF to use with Dungeon World.
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