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TO ALL DF GMs: Regarding Meta-Gaming..
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TOPIC: TO ALL DF GMs: Regarding Meta-Gaming..
Re:TO ALL DF GMs: Regarding Meta-Gaming.. 4 Months, 1 Week ago  
It's an old topic, but I just started using Dwarven Forge a few months ago, so it's new to me.

I'm DMing and have the terrain, but my group meets at another player's house. As such, I need things portable. My solution has been velcro. The soft side of the velcro is glued to the underside of the terrain, while the hook part is glued onto thin boards cut to about 12" by 12". Keeping the boards small makes them easier to transport, and lets me pull the pre-built rooms directly from my duffel bag and onto the table. No metagaming there.
With a little blu-tack, I can also put in furniture/decorations. Enemy figures I add once the board is on the table.

Overall, it's working well for me. The glue can be a bit messy, and I changed from spray adhesive to contact cement recently. With the spray, the velcro would sometimes pull off the piece when I pulled the piece off the board. The contact cement is stronger and less messy to apply, though un-velcroing still needs to be done carefully.

I feel a little bad about peeling the brown felt off my Master Maze pieces, but figure playability is more important than keeping them in "like-new" condition.

For secret doors, I also use normal walls and then sub in the door tile when found. However, last session I had a Master Maze secret door in a room. Despite having combat in the room that lasted over an hour, no one noticed the secret door. I was amazed how well it blends in under normal gaming conditions.
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Re:TO ALL DF GMs: Regarding Meta-Gaming.. 4 Months, 1 Week ago  
Sounds to me like you're the target market for Game Tiles and sets in Dwarvenite.
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Re:TO ALL DF GMs: Regarding Meta-Gaming.. 4 Months, 1 Week ago  
This is a good thread. Glad its resurfaced.

Covering with cloth, or building sections on a board that you only bring out for the encounter look like great ways to surprise players, and avoid showing them too much.

Someone in the KS2 comment section mentioned getting bakers racks (see pic), and laying out sections on boards/trays. Having a rack like that beside the table, maybe with a cool cover, would give easy access to sections when needed.

This deals with DF set up meta-gaming, by just not giving them the chance to do it.
Remember though, just because players don't choose to do things the hard way, or create a short cut with a little meta-gaming, doesn't mean you should always say no.

If players want to bust down dungeons walls to get to the "end" faster, I say let'em....but don't let them do it without consequences.

Perhaps they cause a cave in which blocks a path, or changes a room which makes things way harder for them....or just collapses on their head.

Perhaps the vibrations attract sleeping monsters like a bulette.

Perhaps they do make it to the end villain faster.... make them arrive before the buffing spells a demon cast on the villain had worn off, so the villain is all megazorded to the tits.

Or lets say players see a section of DF still covered with cloth because they missed it the first time through.... let them walk back.... but perhaps walking through the first time activated traps, to kill successful hero's on their way out.

My point is, don't say "No, because DM say's so".
Say, "Yes....but because DM say's so.....muuwaahahhaha"

These are the moments that make DnD really fun to DM for me.
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