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Modifying Pieces/Customizing
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TOPIC: Modifying Pieces/Customizing
Modifying Pieces/Customizing 5 Years, 4 Months ago  
I love the Advanced Builder II set. It's awesome. But now I want more.

I did see the thread about the 3-D printer. But I did the math and realize I can't do it, my fortunes are tied up in Dwarven Forge.

So, back on point: Does anyone know of a good thread around here about modifying Dwarven Forge pieces? I'm contemplating hacking up an old "bowtie" piece or two so I can create a couple of new shapes. I can't really expect DF to be making a "diagonal wall w/ arrowslit" (or whatever) any time soon, but what if I really wanted a few? I've seen the Hirst Arts stuff, but it seems the best mods I've seen have been on actual DF pieces.

I followed the instructions in another thread on filling in and painting a couple of my older bowtie pieces and they turned out pretty well. But now I think I'm ready for a bit of actual modification. I've found a couple mentions regarding the use of a dremel or saw, but nothing with any real detail. It seems like cutting the pieces would be a real hassle (and messy), but is that easier than molding a new piece (with more malleable material) from an old piece and working on that?

I honestly don't think I want to do anything THAT difficult, more of a "cut a piece there, glue on that piece, fill the cracks, and paint it" kind of thing. I want to make functional pieces, like a quartered floor piece (about 1" x 1", someone has mentioned this a few times) or cutting one of the walls off of a short passage piece.

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