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Flukey flaws - Using "defective" pieces in a useful way.
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TOPIC: Flukey flaws - Using "defective" pieces in a useful way.
Flukey flaws - Using "defective" pieces in a useful way. 8 Years, 5 Months ago  
Hi all, I want to share my experience with some flawed and broken dwarven forge pieces and would like to ask anyone else to share similar experiences. I have two I would like to share with all

1) One of my Orc Leader's with the double headed axe had one of the axe heads cleanly snaped off when i first recieved it. I was going to post on these forums asking the best glue, when I realised that if I had wanted to convert this to a single headed axe I could not have done a neater cut nor in a better position that where it had broken. As I alread had another of the same figure, I decided the keep the broken one as is, and with a quick simple dab of paint it became a modified miniature.

2) A simple straight edge lake piece I have has something floating in the top of the resin. I don't even know what it is is but it is well embeded and it looks exactly like a floating small piece of broken wooden plank. As I have eight other of this same lake piece, this one adds some interesting minor variety to my lakes.
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