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Instruction Sheet - time for update.
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TOPIC: Instruction Sheet - time for update.
Instruction Sheet - time for update. 8 Years, 5 Months ago  
I was most suprised with the instruction sheet that come in each of the lake sets, It was the same one that came with my second hand rooms and passages set. Don't get me wrong. I don't think a huge amount of resources should be put into a glossy instruction sheet, but I do think it is probably time for an update. Here's: the issues I had:

1) The examples of what you can do with extra sets include using the octagonal room set, a set I undestand has not been available for some time and is not on the plans for a comeback.

2) The way the instructions are worded it assumes bow ties are in all sets, where now there are several sets that don't have them at all

3) The instructions assumed passages included. This may be common for dungeon settings for people to start with a room and passages set, but for SciFi or Cavern while they are passages available for these sets they are not included in the "basic" sets.

My suggestion is to develop an instruction sheet for each of the main categories currently available (Dungeon, SciFi and Cavern) showing use of the each of the main sets individually and what you can do by combining with others in their own and other categories. The quality need only be similar to what is there currently. It would not only avoid confusion amoungst new users, but also enable DF to advertise to the new owner sets that work well with what they have just bought.
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