Atmospheric Sound effects & Background Sounds

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Atmospheric Sound effects & Background Sounds

Post by dandare » Wed Apr 03, 2013 8:13 pm

I really enjoyed the thread where people posted ideas for role playing background music.

This is the same idea, but for Atmospheric Sound effects & / or Background Sounds.

Here are two of my mainstays:

(1). I have this rather unusual CD that came with: 'Karameikos: Kingdom of Adventure' (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, 2nd Edition : Mystara Campaign)
It is meant to be used as a DM aide is setting the scenes in this 'First Quest audio CD' by TSR.
The acting can be a bit hit and miss - but fine! I have several that I still find useful.
ISBN-10: 1560768533, ISBN-13: 978-1560768531

(2). I also own several of BBC sound workshop sound effects CD's.
These are pretty famous in the UK and offers an almost unlimited range of sound effects from Door squeaks to lightning to sword fighting to running to rain to wind etc etc.. Pretty much everything.. (There are over 30k different sound effects available and growing!!)
They are now available on iTunes !! ... d479855075
(I have the Horror, some of the Sci-Fi, some of the weather and animal ones. Now you can 'try before you buy!!)
On their own these are not enough - but added to some great atmospheric background music. Works perfect!
Get the party relaxed to a nice bit of music from Lord of the Rings and then throw in a distant blood curling screm or two!!
Or as the party settle down for camp. get some background fire crackle sounds going and throw out a distant wolf howl...
You get the idea. :)

And I now want to add a third:

(3). Here is a 'Fully funded' Kick Starter where you can get some really good quality 10 minute MP3 files that seamlessly loop. Non distracting but total scene setters: ... le-playing

It is still in its kick starter stage but for not much money you can get a dozen or so files.
(He has several demos for you to listen to already posted)
So whilst this third one I can not yet 'recommend' I am very excited by it.
Love the 'Dwarven City', 'Pirate Ship' and 'Fantasy Medieval Inn' ones.. Can see me using them all the time to set the scene and mood quickly putting the players into the realm in which I try to create.
(Yup - I am already backing this one as well ;) )

I would love to know about any others that you guys use as well as just reading about your experiences if you have played or DM'd with sound effects...

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