New Catacombs — Ideas?

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New Catacombs — Ideas?

Post by Hekaton1 » Tue Mar 06, 2018 12:31 am

I was talking to DF customer support about if they planned to start selling resin sets in Dwarvenite. What I got is two things: (1) they implied that they’re not making any more resin sets than Catacombs, because they want to get rid of the others. (2) This quote:

“(As for) the Catacombs (sets), I think we will get to (making) it (in Dwarvenite) eventually. But since we would need completely new tooling (.) (L)arge steel molds are required for Dwarvenite, which resin needs very much simpler silicone molds, we need a very large upfront commitment in order to warrant the tooling costs and minimum orders required for the Catacombs. We’d almost certainly resculpt them and update those pieces at the same time.”

This got me thinking: what might a Catacombs I set updated/remastered look like? I remember Stefan mentioning that the dais of the dead skull ossuaries (from DoD) were designed to be compatible with the Catacombs sets. So if I were in charge of making the new set, I’d add two of those. I’d also switch one of the archways with a door from Catacombs II — they’re pretty cool. I’ve also noticed that four of the freestanding corner pieces seems like a bit too many; how about taking two out? To replace them, I’d add a (large sized) bone golem mini (because goddam, that’d be awesome!). As for the remaining two pieces, I’d add skeletons into them, for consistency. And I’d make the LED corners have removable fire pieces, and finish the remastered set off with new molds for everything, two large clear skulls from Catacombs II, two corner skull pillars (also from II), and 2 more floors, 1 more of each of the 2 walls, and 2 more non-LED corners.

The changes:
- 2 skull ossuaries added
- 1 catacomb door added
- 1 bone golem mini added
- 2 large clear skulls added
- 2 corner skull pillars added
- 2 floor tiles added
- 1 shelf wall added
- 1 skull wall added
- 1 curved wall added
- 2 freestanding curved walls removed
- skeletons added into the nooks of the remaining freestanding curved walls
- LED corner pieces separated into corner piece and removable fire
- new sculpts for all the pieces

So the all the pieces in the new set:
- 2 skull ossuaries
- 1 catacomb door
- 1 bone golem mini
- 2 large clear skulls
- 2 corner skull pillars
- 12 floor tiles
- 5 shelf walls
- 5 skull walls
- 5 curved walls
- 4 LED corner walls
- 4 clear fires
- 4 pillars
- 2 bone piles
- 1 rubble pile
- 2 freestanding curved walls
- 1 archway wall
- 4 freestanding walls
- 4 narrow freestanding walls

In total, that’s 61 pieces (57 if you don’t include the deattached flames)! Since most unpainted DF sets cost around $1.5 USD per piece, this set would probably be worth around $95 (slightly higher due to LED elements) unpainted. That’s much cheaper than the resin set! I’m gonna assume it would cost around 35% the base price to paint this, so it’d be worth about $130 painted! That’s STILL cheaper than the resin set for more stuff!

What do you guys think about this? I’m worried 2 more walls, corners, and floors isn’t enough more room for the new features, so maybe it should have more? Post your suggestions on how it should be done!

(And for you, Stefan, if you’re reading this: feel free to use our suggestions once you get around to it! Especially the bone golem, that’d be awesome!)
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