City Campaign

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Re: City Campaign

Post by kitenerd » Mon Jan 02, 2017 2:51 am

Sweet setup - i look forward to following this campaign and want to hear how you resolved the magic in public issue - thanks for letting me live vicariously ;)
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Re: City Campaign

Post by Kryzsko » Mon Jan 02, 2017 12:10 am

Love it! Thanks for posting all the pictures. Looks fantastic.

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Re: City Campaign

Post by AnimeSensei » Sat Dec 31, 2016 7:24 pm

No one from my group visits these boards so I'm going to post some stuff. The next session will lead them to this house where they will need to sneak in and go from top to bottom trying to find something. They will start on the second floor and end in the sewers.
Sewers1.jpg (264.44 KiB) Viewed 3180 times
1st floor1.jpg
1st floor1.jpg (322.01 KiB) Viewed 3180 times
1st Floor2.jpg
1st Floor2.jpg (378.39 KiB) Viewed 3180 times
1st floor3.jpg
1st floor3.jpg (309 KiB) Viewed 3180 times
1st floor4.jpg
1st floor4.jpg (365.04 KiB) Viewed 3180 times
2nd floor1.jpg
2nd floor1.jpg (319.68 KiB) Viewed 3180 times
2nd floor2.jpg
2nd floor2.jpg (366.36 KiB) Viewed 3180 times
2nd floor3.jpg
2nd floor3.jpg (343.79 KiB) Viewed 3180 times
2nd floor4.jpg
2nd floor4.jpg (327.3 KiB) Viewed 3180 times
final1.jpg (341.38 KiB) Viewed 3180 times
final2.jpg (326.96 KiB) Viewed 3180 times
final3.jpg (322.3 KiB) Viewed 3180 times
final4.jpg (296.38 KiB) Viewed 3180 times
I'll put something around the bottom like a tablecloth to hide the platforms and sewers, I'm just hoping no one knocks everything over. :P More to come when it comes!
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Re: City Campaign

Post by AnimeSensei » Sat Dec 31, 2016 7:13 pm


Weir - Male human mesmerist. Pickpocket gang leader turned unexpected freedom fighter.
Weir.jpg (60.22 KiB) Viewed 2452 times
Ashe - Female gnome alchemist. Penniless former noble who can't hang on to money. No magical talent and raised in a magic family. Looking to find a way to make herself magical.
Ashe.jpg (60.54 KiB) Viewed 2452 times
Dante - Male human ranger. Ranged with a panther animal companion. Married to Almaris.
Dante.jpg (62.8 KiB) Viewed 2452 times
Almaris - Female Half-Elf Feral ranger. Runs an underground adventure company with her husband Dante.
Almaris.jpg (57.41 KiB) Viewed 2452 times
Prettz / Margit - Old wizard trapped in a marionette body when his soul was sucked out. Now has no access to his magic and is somehow learning to to be stealthy and quick by way of his new host. (Rogue)
Prettz - Margite.jpg
Prettz - Margite.jpg (54.99 KiB) Viewed 2452 times
Maka - Male human vigilante. Rich kid from The Sharp. Looking to find his family's ancient sword that he lost. (Formerly Gray Thorn before player changed his class)
Maka.jpg (49.45 KiB) Viewed 2452 times
First session:

Dante, Almaris, Margit, and Maka are in the Churl district heading down to the Hollows to look for Maka's family sword when suddenly they run into Weir and Ashe who are being chased by some ruffians. (Everyone knows each other at least casually due to some backstory work) Weir tells the party that these people are after them but he doesn't know why. The men are ruthless and don't care that they are out in the open and fully attack the whole party. The party is assaulted by alchemists fires and hand-to-hand combat until Weir uses his abilities to confuse the attackers and take all but one out. The last one runs away, leaving the party to deal with the aftermath.

Because the district is constantly in a series of unrest and riots, no one pays much mind and luckily Weir's use of magic wasn't noticed. They throw the bodies down into the sewers but first discover a note with 30 or so names on it and a fish hook. The names include every member of the group and the rest are individuals they don't recognize. After some investigation, the (plot) hook leads them to a store between the Lakefront and Bartertown districts to a female shopkeeper named Kressle. She is closed for the night stocking the store with her associate but the party silently unlocks and opens the door and lets themselves in. After much discussion about them leaving the shop as she is closed, they are breaking and entering, etc. she finally admits that she sent the thugs to collect Weir and Ashe. She states she has been contracted to collect the people on the list, likely for slavery, but doesn't know the identity of her patron. She advises them to check with the local magical guilds as that is where a lot of her work comes from and gives them some names to ask for. End of session.
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City Campaign

Post by AnimeSensei » Sat Dec 31, 2016 6:57 pm

Wanted to post some pictures of my City Campaign and chronicle it. Here are the ideas for the world:

World rules:
Magic in the shadows. Magic is forbidden and thought of as myth; secret societies still hold knowledge but do not allow outsiders to know of magic and suppress any knowledge. These societies/guilds vie for power as there is no central group that holds sway over the others enough to become a governing entity. No faction is obviously “evil” though each has their virtues and their taints. These groups however, keep themselves and those with the gift of magic in check (the “Secret Peace”) as it is feared that if they are outed, the majority of people will find them a threat and either a cause for study or eradication. If someone uses magic in a way that can notify the populace, they are subject to strict disciplinary action.

The world itself supplies magical energy, however that energy is now weak and can be drained/depleted when large amounts of magic are used. Less than 1:400 people are known to have the spark of magic; many go through their lives never knowing they have a gift, thinking they are just lucky, have a knack for a situation, or are can easily become adept at a skill. Though there are guild records, there are no registries or censuses of those that can use magic.

There is no machinery, guns, or gunpowder in this world. Additionally, there is no magic that can identify items for properties. Magic in this world is one of wonder, of touch and feeling, and to be experienced.

City Name: Almus
Almus is an ancient city founded before records exist. It has ruins and tunnels stretching beyond comprehension beneath it. Some say they are all ancient parts of the city, covered in time and ruin, others say they are chambers carved by malicious beasts, and some dare not speak of them as they feel the hollows below are cursed. It is said that the Ancients chose this city spot for a reason, but no one really knows why. The city sits on the ocean in a half-moon bay, flanked on all sides by ocean or nigh-impenetrable mountains. It is heavily isolated but still large due to it being a central hub between world powers from beyond the sea. It is host to a wide variety of races, nationalities, and species due to its central location in trade and navigation. The city is said to be cursed, as every generation seems to deal with a natural disaster that has engulfed the area; whether it be floods, storms, fires, or earthquakes, the city never seems to be able to rest easy as these are not predictable. Still, it is said that the outside world past the mountains is much less hospitable than the city and those that journey across them seldom return. The sea is less dangerous but many choose to stay once they have set roots in Almus. Perhaps this has to do with why the people feel a need to rebuild after tragedy strikes; no one knows why many feel compelled to stay and rebuild but for millennia the same cycle has been repeated and the population has steadily increased.

The city is currently occupied by the nation of Killiam. This happened 2 years ago; the world has been caught in a struggle between Killiam and the nation of Thavel for the past generation. Almus was neutral in the conflict, but Killiam invaded, requiring the port for supplying their fleet. Traveling the sea is dangerous due to storms and horrors that come up from the deep, so safe ports are valuable to keep journeys shorter. Killiam has instituted a government to run both the military and the local affairs and has an enforcement division to keep the peace (hence their name the Peacekeepers); they do not trust the old local governments and police forces and have their own officers installed in the city. The local guilds have little to no sway and are trying to change that by way of infiltration and information networks, however each has their own and they compete against each other.

Lakefront – Port district, currently infested with minions of an aboleth that has claimed the district. Some seedy bars/inns.

Lighthouse District – Rocky shores and a lighthouse on a peninsula or jagged rock. Local teenagers say it's haunted.

Churl – Recent hotbed of unrest; currently barricaded as the citizens revolted trying to repel the Killiam Peacekeepers.

The Hill – A small hill that has the governmental palace and meeting halls. Where Killiam's governor is located.

Bartertown – Merchant district, much like a bazaar filled with wooden and stone shops of all kinds, along with tents carrying goods imported from overseas or perhaps down below in the tunnels. Some bars/inns.

Gardens – Wooded area (think Central Park) filled with ponds and wildlife. The city also has a zoo here which irritates some people in the city.

Edge District – Noble quarter, notable members known as “the Sharp.” To prove their worth to the nobility, youth looking to show rank do so by “purging” the city of its filth (bandits, rifraff, urchins). Located on the cliffs of the mountains surrounding the city.

The City – Peasantry. Small but neat homes. Area where those employed in general areas (small wares stores, crafts, services, etc.) are located.


Upper West Quarter – Area in the undercity where some beggars and ruffians called home; where Dante eventually ended up. Cleared out by Killiam after the invasion.

West Quarter – Area where the more respectable of those in the Upper West Quarter ended up after Peacekeepers cleared out the area.

Deep Gates – The last barricade where things are relatively safe in the undercity; beyond the gates lie unknown passages, monsters, and treasures.

The Forbidding Deep – Area beyond the Deep Gates.

Outside City

Some farms, not much.

Magic Societies/Guilds
Sapient Consensus (like Boros in MtG) – Militaristic group that feels that brute force and law is the best way to keep magic in check. They are constantly annoyed by the White Conference and their deceits and spies. The Consensus's opinions are based on logic, fact, and they are hard to sway. Works well with the Delvers in expeditions under the city but can be at odds with their openness in using magic in a less than judicious manner.

White Conference (like House Dimir in MtG) – Group that takes a more inactive and political stance while dealing with other groups. They prefer subterfuge and spying over brute force. Main rival is the Sapient Consensus because they are fun to mess with and are easy to prod and control. Full of old houses, deep rivalries, and ancient secrets. Frustrated that the Delvers don't respect the rules to try to keep magic under wraps as much as they feel they should as they keep bringing up items and creatures from underground. Some things were left in the tunnels under the city on purpose and should not be found again.

Delvers (like generic fantasy dwarves without the the tribalism) - Group of miners/explorers that feel that the source of all power lies deep below the surface of the earth and should be explored. They feel that magic maybe shouldn't be in the open but shouldn't be hid either as it's a gift for those that use it correctly. Their specialty is finding areas and resources those without magic can't find/get. Good supplier of interesting animals for the city zoo. Not friendly with the White Conference or Defenders of the Mother.

Brewers (friendly but cautious of business interests, think Masons with an open market) - Tradesmen who like to use magic as a tool of the trade to get a leg up on competition. Works closely with the Delvers for raw materials and goods from areas those without magic can't venture to. Works sometimes as well with the White Conference to move goods. Frustrated with the Sapient Consensus and all of their rules to make trade difficult, especially "interesting" items. Most visible group with the most to gain and lose from members being outed to the non-magic community.

Defenders of the Mother (like Selesnya in MtG) – Peace loving naturalistic group that values nature over civilization. Finds the Delvers to be a blight with their robbery of items and resources from The Mother and also don't like how the Brewers profit from it. Feels unless magical beasts attack, they should be left alone. Does not like the zoo. Works with the White Conference to achieve some goals and the Brewers for trading of goods.

Other Nations
Killiam – Nation that has currently invaded Almus. At war with Thavel. Their rationale for war is to help those that want to overthrown the Thavel government as they feel the current leadership doesn't do enough to support its people. They see it as a war to equalize the disparities between rich and poor in Thavel. Killiam is the aggressor. They have occupied Almus as a waypoint to the Thavel homeland as the seas are dangerous and the overland journey is long, arduous, and dangerous. Their militaristic peacekeeping arm (the Peacekeepers) in Almus have a small unknown group that knows of and practices magic and has heard rumblings of something under the city that is powerful. The Peacekeepers as such are pushing to keep this city under Killiam control as long as possible as it may be something they can use in the war.

Thavel – Nation currently at war with Killiam. Invaded after a peasant uprising as the nobility is rich and the commoners are very poor. While there is a disparity between the two, the people are rarely hungry due to the plentiful countryside they live in. The Thavelian rationale for the war, besides the obvious change in government, is to beat back Killiam and stop their use of slaves in their everyday society. (Slaves are lower and poorer than the poorest Thavelian, you know!)
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